AN: So this is a story about Sirius' life in Azkaban, from him getting kicked in prison, to his daring escape. Includes some swear words and lots of angst. Ye have been warned!

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The street was crowded. Muggles bustled about doing their daily shopping or other mundane things. Sirius Black pushed past them all, walking with purpose, keeping his target in sight.

Sirius watched him from a distance as he scurried across the street. His movements showed that he was in a hurry, pushing and shoving through the crowd, occasionally glancing over his shoulder. Sirius grinned, knowing the little rat was on the watch for him.

Sirius' pace quickened, not out of fear of losing his target, more because he wanted to get it over with. He needed to finish this, needed to get the revenge James deserved. Lily deserved. Harry deserved.

Finally he was close enough to call out, "Peter!"

The rat stopped stock still and spun around slowly to find Sirius only a few feet away. "Sirius," he gasped.

"Been expecting me have you?" Sirius asked, grinning maliciously.

Peter stood, eyes wide, not moving obviously thinking deeply. Then suddenly he burst into heart wrenching sobs.

"What?" Sirius muttered as passerby stopped to stare.

"Lily and James, Sirius!" Peter gasped through his sobs, "How could you?"

"Oh you wouldn't." Sirius said to himself as he watched Peter pull out his wand. Just as Sirius hand plunged into his robe to grab his own, Peter gave him a fleeting smile.

Flicking his wand behind his back, Peter cast a blasting curse blowing a large crater into the street, while simultaneously cutting off his right index finger.

Peter gasped at the pain, "See you Padfoot." With that he transformed into a rat and scurried off towards the sewer.

Sirius gazed after him, completely shocked. Who knew little Peter had it in him? It was utterly ridiculous! Now everyone would think Sirius had killed Peter, and all the muggles that were currently screaming and running would be able to testify to it.

Sirius started to giggle, Peter the joke, the loser, had beaten him. The giggle slowly escalated into full blown hysterical laughter. Wormtail had gotten the best of them all.

"Stop where you are!" Sirius turned around to see several wizards pointing their wands directly at him. "I am Cornelius Fudge, Junior Minister of the Department of Magical Catastrophes, and you are officially under arrest by the Ministry of Magic."

Sirius laughter increased, he could barely contain himself, after everything he was being arrested by a man named Fudge!

Fudge blinked nervously, "Surrender your wand!"

Sirius pulled it out through his peals of laughter and tossed it to Fudge who caught it with utter astonishment.

"Take me away." Sirius giggled, "Send me to- to Azkaban."

Fudge looked at him as though he were mad, maybe he was, "Well, go grab him!" He ordered to two of the other wizards. They looked nervously at Sirius before hurrying over and snatching him.

"Let's be off," Fudge ordered and Sirius felt the wizards on either side tugging him into apparition.

When they arrived at the Ministry Sirius' laughter had subsided into only a giggle every now and then.

Everyone stopped what they were doing as Sirius and his entourage passed. Sirius was pulled forcibly to the elevator. It was a bit smushed inside and there was no sound except for Sirius' occasional titters.

When the lift's voice said, "Level Two, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, including the Improper Use of Magic Office, Auror Headquarters and Wizengamot Administration Services." Sirius was pulled off and escorted through the level to an office marked, Bartemius Crouch, Department Head.

Inside the room was very plain. The walls were stark white and everything was in impeccable order. On Crouch's desk there was only one picture. It showed Crouch with a woman and a young child all three smiling happily at the camera. Behind the desk sat Bartemius Crouch himself. He had dark brown hair flecked with gray that was carefully placed on his head, and a straight mustache the same color as his hair.

"Hello Mr. Black," he said in a haughty voice. "I have learned a lot about you in a very short amount of time.

"One of the most interesting things I learned involved you being the secret keeper of Lily and James Potter. Do you deny this?"

"Yes." Sirius said with absolute certainty.

Crouch looked at Sirius with a hard gaze, "Unfortunately for you Mr. Black. I do not believe you."

"I'm telling you the truth. I'll prove it in my trial and I'll walk free." Sirius shrugged, "One man can't send me to prison."

Crouch smiled in an almost evil sort of way, "But that is where you are wrong Mr. Black. Have you been keeping up with recently passed laws?"

Sirius' blank look obviously showed he had not, Crouch smirked, "Well let me enlighten you."

Crouch pulled out a roll of parchment from the depths of his desk. "Legislative Act 223 as decreed by The Department of Magical Law Enforcement the Head of Department has full justification to send any criminal to Azkaban prison with any amount of reasonable doubt. Signed Millicent Bagnold Minister for Magic."

Crouch smiled pleasantly as Sirius face fell, "But you don't understand! I'm innocent! Peter's a rat! He changed and cut off his finger. He killed all those muggles, blasted the street apart! All of it!"

"You are not making any sense Mr. Black. And I don't need to hear any more." Crouch said decisively, effectively shutting Sirius up.

"Fudge, have him prepared for Azkaban," Crouch ordered. Fudge gave him a curt nod and started pulling Sirius out of the room.

"Have fun in prison Black," Crouch said to his retreating back, "You won't be leaving until the devil takes you where you belong."

Their boat rocked as the waves crashed against its' edges. Sirius sat on the bench, chained and miserable, as Benjy Fenwick pointed his wand directly between Sirius' eyes.

Around them waves crashed and rain pelted the water. Fitting, Sirius thought, for a trip to hell. Or Sirius' hell anyway. He could see it looming in the distance, growing from a speck to an entire island. Walls rose hundreds of feet into the sky only one entrance breaking the solid stone.

Sirius looked away from his prison and looked to Benjy It hurt that this was the one to bring him here. Benjy, a part of the Order, one of Sirius friends. "Benjy, I didn't do it. I swear."

"Shut up you bastard," Benjy growled eyes narrowing in disgust. "Azkaban is too good for you. You are a despicable human being and I don't want to hear your lies."

"They aren't lies!" Sirius said desperately, if only he could convince one person.

"Do you even understand the pain you've caused?" Benjy snapped, "Harry has to grow up with muggles. The Order is broken and we have no idea what to do. Mrs. Pettigrew can't stop crying no matter what anyone says. And Remus has disappeared and no one knows where he is. And James and Lily are dead. These are people you called friends, and you betrayed them. You betrayed us Sirius. The world is in shambles right now and it is all. your. fault."

"I know," Sirius muttered. If only he had been the secret keeper, if he hadn't suggested the switch.

"Disgusting," Benjy muttered. "This is your stop Black." He said as the boat lurched to a stop at the fortress' beach. Benjy pulled Sirius out of the boat and walked him to the gates where a line of Dementors stood guard.

Benjy pushed him into the line and left without a second glance.

One Dementor glided towards Sirius and took a hold of him with one of its cold scabbed hands. As soon as it touched him Sirius gasped as memories began swirling through his head…

He was five, his mother was pulling him away from his friend. "Disgusting Sirius. I will not have you associating with such filth."

"No mummy, she's nice." Sirius cried pitifully as tears began leaking from his eyes.

"Nice? It is a vile creature, Muggles are nothing but dirt under your shoes, remember that Sirius."


He was nine, his cousin Bellatrix was twirling her wand in her hands. "Auntie has told me you've been acting naughty lately."

"I have not been naughty." Sirius said crossly, "I have been telling mother the things she has to know. Muggles are not disgusting."

Bellatrix laughed cruelly, "But that's where you're wrong Sirius. They are disgusting. You know, I've been learning a new curse at school, and I was wondering if you might like to help me practice."

Sirius blanched just as Bellatrix screamed "Crucio!"


He was twelve, he stood in front of his parents just after school had let out for the holidays. "This is disappointing Sirius." His father said as he glared down at Sirius.

"We told you what you had to do and you didn't do it," his mother added.

"I didn't do anything wrong," Sirius insisted. "I didn't choose to be sorted like this!"

His mother glared at him, "Gryffindor. The house of the brave. Are you brave enough to leave your family? To turn your back on our ways?"

"No, I don't want to leave. Can't you see Muggleborns aren't so bad?" Sirius begged, "They're nice people."

"What a pity," his mother snarled, "To lose such a smart boy to the Mudblood lovers."

"Lose?" Sirius asked in confusion, "I'm still your son."

"No," His father replied, "I will no longer call you a Black. We are related in nothing but blood."


He was fifteen, in the Shrieking Shack for the first time. He, Peter, and James sat on the floor as Remus paced. "It's almost time," Remus said as he paced. "Any moment now."

Suddenly his pacing stopped. Remus gasped as he doubled over in pain, "Change," he moaned, "Change NOW!"

Sirius watched as his friend began to scream, writhing in agony as his body began to change grotesquely. Fur sprouted from his back and sickening crunches sounded as his bones broke and elongated turning into that of a wolf. As his screams morphed into howls James prodded Sirius' side, "transform." James muttered not taking his eyes off Remus either.

Once Sirius was a dog he was looking into the fierce yellow eyes of a werewolf.


He was sixteen, standing in his parents living room screaming at his mother, "I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!"


"FINE!" Sirius retorted, grabbing hold of the trunk at his feet. "I'LL LIVE WITH JAMES! HE'LL TAKE ME. HE ACTUALLY LIKES ME! MRS. POTTER IS MORE OF MY MOTHER THEN YOU EVER WERE!"



He was sixteen, sitting in his dorm room explaining to Remus what he had done. "…So, it was all an accident you see. Can you forgive me?" He asked hopefully.

Remus sat on his bed staring at Sirius. For what seemed like hours he didn't respond then, "No. I cannot forgive you."

"But Remus-"

"No." Remus stopped him, "what you did was unforgivable. I trusted you and you betrayed me."

"I swear I didn't mean to Remus." Sirius pleaded.

"It doesn't matter if you meant it!" Remus said angrily, "Snape could have died. I could have killed him. Or worse, turned him into something like me.

"Do you know what they do to werewolves that kill Sirius? I would have been executed. And it would have been all your fault. I will never forget what you have done tonight."


He was nineteen, he had just returned from an order mission to find a note on his kitchen counter,


Mr. Potter has passed away. James needs us. Come over as soon as you get home.



He was twenty, He and the Prewett twins were hidden behind a bush as Death Eaters cast spells at screaming Muggles.

"Sirius you have to get out," Fabian said.

"What?" Sirius asked, "No. I'm not leaving you here."

"Sure you are. We'll take these idiots. You go back to headquarters and get help." Gideon said as he peered around the bush, just to dive back in as a flash of light flew past.

"But-" Sirius tried to argue.

"No buts." Fabian said, "Just go."

"Oh, and just in case, make sure Molly and the kids know we love them." Gideon requested. "But I'm sure we'll be fine."

"I can stay." Sirius said, "Really."



He was twenty one, staring into the cold dead face of his best friend. "James," he whispered through a heart broken sob.

"After everything, you can't be gone James." He said, shaking his friend, "C'mon Prongs wake up."

But still his hazel eyes remained glassy and blank, never again to be filled with mischief, "PRONGS WAKE UP!"


He was twenty one, standing in Mr. Crouch's office, "But you don't understand! I'm innocent!"


I'm innocent.


I'm innocent.


I'm innocent.

Sirius broke back into the present. He found himself being locked into a cell. It was small, slightly larger than your average broom cupboard. In the corner was a small pile of straw, a bed assumedly, and in the other corner a pitcher of water and a glass. There was one window. Just large enough to get a glimpse of the moon.

He sat down on the floor and put his face in his hands, "I'm innocent." He muttered to himself. "I'm innocent and I'm still stuck here. Forever probably. Damn you Wormtail."

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