Chapter 1 ~Angelina~

I sat on a brick wall in (Place in Italy), Italy. I am a sixteen year old girl and currently living with one of my father's friends….

"Angelina come inside already. You'll catch a cold if you stay out there too long" The caretaker yelled from the small house

"Okay" I yelled back, I stared up at the cloudy sky one last time then headed inside before the rain came down.

The caretaker, whose name was Tony; I never got his last name. He would always cook me cook since I always worked to pay the bills. Tony was retired, he says that he is old but he looks no more than thirty.

I find that strange...

But anyways he retired when my parents, and older brother disappeared, so he took me in and to me, he's like an uncle.

The rain began to come down even harder, I sighed as I put Tony to bed, each day he seemed to look a bit older. But it was odd since it was happening rapidly. I found that strange as well. I shrugged and went to bed, I was exhausted.

Tonight will be peaceful right?

Or so I thought…

Tony's POV

I struggled to resist for the past eleven years, ever since the incident with the Vendero's.

I listened to as Angelina's breathing calmed, I sat up to rub my forehead, "Eleven years huh..." I mumbled to myself. I've waited to that long to feast again? I sighed as I stood up. My back began to arch in pain, I groaned as a burning sensation started within my throat "I may be her uncle...But I'm still going to do it…."

…Did I really want to?

I would be forced to leave afterwards….

..I'm going to carry on with my plan….No matter what….

I quickly went to Angelina's room. I stood beside the bed; I brushed her hair back to reveal her neck. I tilted her chin up and leaned down, swallowing hard, and bit into her neck and started to suck.

Angelina's POV

In my dream I saw my parents standing before me, they mouthed my full name, than mouthed 'goodbye' then waved and disappeared. My eyes widened, then I ran forward, hoping to catch up to them, "Mama! Papa!" My voice was faint, my vision began to blur as I felt a sharp pain in my neck. My eyes sprang open; I couldn't see much since it was still dark outside. A scream choked in my throat

"Who…are…you" my voice was weak, I felt really light headed "Stay quiet and listen… " I knew this voice, it was Tony's. What was he doing? And why?

"You've known me as your father's best friend right? Truth is…I am you're uncle…" he spoke quickly; it was like, like he only had moments left to live.

"But Listen now, after the flames disappear, someone will come to pick you up…And watch over you…" he said "When you awaken, you'll discover your true self….."With that said the hands and body heat left me.

Then suddenly a rush of heat circled my entire body, my eyes opened slightly, and then my head turns slowly to see that the house was on fire, "T-T-Tony…." I whispered as my hand was outstretched then my eyes closed, letting the darkness take over me.