Chapter 6 Death

Sly and Carmelita went into the temple. it was purple.

"I tell you this is the gayest temple I ever seen." Sly said.

There were jumping platforms.

"Let's jump on them." Sly said.

"Be sure to jump and fucking hit the circle button sly. I'll protect you." carmelita said.

Sly jumped to the first platform. It fell down into the dark darkness of the dark.

Sly woke up in a platform. the natives were surrounding him.

"You sly cooper."


"we were ordered to kill you."


Sly used his gatling gun and shot the fuck out of them bitches. he jumped back up.

"Sly you're okay." Carmelita said.

"Yeah, I'm ok."

"No, you're not." The Safari Dentist said. he shot sly. Sly fell down.

"Come with me Carmelita. We're going to find the energy of the temple."

Carmelita left.

Bently and murry were back at the safe house.

"Man things are so much better with sly gone." Bently said.

"Fuck yes. and we killed nently too."

"Life is good." bently said.

then they heard sly's voice on the walkie talkie.

"help me you bitches...I am DYING! the Safari Dentist shot me and now I will be dead if you don't save me."

"hahahahah he's so gay." bently said.

"fuck yes." Murry said.

"I CAN FUCKING HERE YOUUUUUU!" sly said as he died. but then.

he was not dead.

He was healed.