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"Where the bloody hell am I?" Arthur groaned, nursing his bruised elbow. He had just woken up from what felt like a train crash, and his neck and back were extremely sore.

Wherever he was, it most certainly wasn't London. It looked a bit more like New York, and if it hadn't been for the two enormous skyscrapers he knew weren't a part of the city's skyline, he would've suspected Alfred of kidnapping him or something of the sort. He wouldn't put it past him, at least.

Finally, he saw a tall black man in priest's robes with a very large afro walk past, and he called, "Excuse me sir! Yes, you- Where might this be?"

"Hm?" The afro-priest grunted, turning to face him. "This is Dalten City! Where evil consumes the hearts of people without them knowing it, and the ang-"

"Right yes, thank you. Do you happen to know what country we're in?"

"The city lies between Heaven and Hell!" He replied soulfully.

Arthur frowned. Well that wasn't very helpful...

Two girls approached the man on either side, a smirking blond wearing a short and very tight red dress and a girl with long black hair and wearing- what did Japan call it? 'Gothic Lolita'? "Yo Garterbelt," The blond said, "Who's this?"

"Don't tell me he's another fucking ghost?" The other girl said, squirming in delight as she licked some cream off a plastic spoon. "Mmmm! The new pudding from heaven is so good~!"

Arthur stood there awkwardly for a few seconds, taking the silence as a chance to introduce himself. "Hello, my name is Arthur Kirkland, and might I say young lady, you really shouldn't curse like that."

"Panty." The blond said, her eyes running over him.

"You can't mean that's your name?" He said aghast. What type of parent would name their child after an undergarment?

"Fuck yeah. This is Stocking." She replied, pointing her thumb in the general direction of the other girl "Hey, you're kinda cute. Wanna fuck?"

Arthur temporarily forgot the pitiable names and gaped at her, "What? No! I certainly would not like to shag at the moment, especially considering I seem to have amnesia!" He shook his head, wondering why the priest standing between them was okay with their speech.

"Ladies!" He boomed, "This man is obviously in need of our help! We will take him to the church!"

"Shit, we gotta go back?" Stocking whined.

"Yeah, I was gonna go 'shag' some guys. Only a few hundred more till I reach a hundred." Panty said, winking at Arthur when she said 'shag'.

"You don't have to do that sir," England said to, presumably, Garterbelt. "I should be getting back to England anyhow."

"Engwanf?" Stocking asked, her voice muffled by the donut that had mysteriously appeared in her hand. "Newa heaf o' id."

"Well isn't that peachy." Arthur groaned, rubbing his neck before retracting it with a wince when he felt it sting. "I suppose I could use some sleep..."

Garterbelt grabbed him by the back of his previously tucked in shirt and lifted him, walking up the hill they were on to a church/mansion-esque building.

"I can walk on my own, thank you."


And so he was carried up to the house, where he quickly fell asleep on the couch he was dropped on.

"Iggy! Hey, Iggy!"

Arthur's eyelids fluttered open and he came face to face with a worried Alfred. "America? What in the Queen's name are you doing?"

"You were spazzing out in your sleep or somethin'!"

He shook his head to clear it, before noticing the small clear dvd case. Oh right, Kiku had lent him another anime... "The pictures looked like Powerpuff Girls..." He whispered in horror to a confused Alfred.

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