Author's Note: I really liked Season 3, but I haven't watched 1 or 2 in awhile, so I don't remember when Jason and Eric first met. But since it's fiction, I suppose it's within my right to write whatever I want. :) This takes place in Season 2.

I have a few ideas I would like to add, so there may be more chapters later. There definitely will be one more.


The sky was completely black. Not a single star shone through the darkness. Not even the moon could be seen. While that would normally be perceived as an ominous threat, tonight was the night to celebrate.

Everyone had gathered together. Sookie returned Godric to Eric and would certainly be rewarded generously for her help. And the Fellowship of the Sun had been defeated… for now. Godric's house was full of high spirits as humans and vampires joined together to finally ease some of the tension from the past weeks.

Jason had saved the day by chance. In a desperate attempt to feel loved and accepted, he had joined the Fellowship. There, he felt respected and appreciated and it was more than just for his muscles and good looks. They actually believed in his intentions and potential.

But then he opened his eyes and saw the Fellowship for what it really was. They were willing to hurt anyone who stood in there way. Including humans. It took awhile, but Jason eventually saw through their façade. However, had his sister not been threatened, who knows where Jason's heart would lie?

Eric had been anticipating his meeting with Jason. If he could not get close to Sookie Stackhouse, he would settle for her denser older brother. Eric soon realized that it was not such a bad tradeoff when Jason entered the room. Eric noticed him immediately – a wide eyed and clueless blond.

Jason paid little attention to where he was going until he bumped directly into Eric's chest.

"Where are you heading?" Eric asked with little emotion.

"Just heading," Jason smiled. He attempted to make his way past Eric, but the vampire placed a stern hand at his chest.

"I hear you've been abusing V."

Jason laughed nervously. He wondered how so many people seemed to know that about him. "I gave that all up."

"You sure?" Eric tempted.

"Yeah. I'm over that shit."

Eric smiled. That was not possible. "Still, that's a bad habit to fall into."

"Believe me, I know!" Jason looked around for an escape. It was awkward having that conversation with a stranger, but he saw little prospect. "I'm done. Honest."

"I don't know." Within a blink of an eye, Eric had Jason backed up into a corner. "You don't seem very repentant."

Jason laughed nervously. Experimenting with V was going to be one of those mistakes that would follow him through the rest of his life. Wasn't it enough that he stopped using it? But Jason knew that it was one misstep that he could never completely put behind him. If he could think of a way to redeem himself, he would.

"What do you expect?" Jason answered uneasily. Half the time, he just didn't know what people wanted from him. "Me to hang my head in shame?"

"That's a start."

Jason raised an eyebrow and shifted uncomfortably. He examined the man before him. His face showed little emotion and his stance offered little in the area of body language. For all he knew, this person had an odd sense of humor. Jason attempted to push himself away from the man, but Eric stopped him with a solid grip.

Jason stilled. The man was cold. Not just by character, but by body temperature too.

"Shit," Jason murmured when he realized he was held in place by a vampire.

Eric's fangs descended and he leaned into Jason's ears. "Look around. We're all vampires here. Not one person is happy about you exploiting V."

Jason licked his lips and cautiously surveyed the area. He knew for certain that he and Sookie were human. He just assumed, or rather hoped, that they were not the only humans. While no one was draining blood, it was evident that everyone was indeed a vampire. Every occupant was smoldering with sex appeal that could not be accomplished by a simple human being. Every swagger was seductive and telling. It was almost as if everyone was putting on a show for him. Jason's eyes returned to Eric and they were met with a cold stare.

"V really isn't something you want to mess with," was all that the vampire said. He didn't need to say more. The threat was there.

It was enough to send shivers down Jason's spine. "…okay."

"Not okay," Eric said flatly. "Follow me."

Jason didn't have much choice to disobey. He was in a strange home. Not even a home, because it belonged to a vampire. It was most likely a nest. Did he even have the choice to refuse in a nest? He didn't think likely. And the vampire's tone was stern and filled with intent. Knowing the strength of a vampire, he knew he had limited options.

Jason followed the vampire into a secluded area of the house. Once inside the room, Eric stepped from behind him and shut the door. It locked with a loud clank. That's when Jason held his breath. Nothing good ever came from locked doors.

"Lower your pants," Eric demanded simply. However, Jason just stared at him. The command made little sense.

"It's okay," Eric assured. "The room is sound proof. Godric's been around long enough to make certain. He has very specific needs."

But Jason just crinkled his eyes. Should anything be making sense right now?

Eric moved to the bed. He slowly sat down and spread his legs, making enough room to accommodate a grown man. Then he patted his thigh. "Well?"

Jason still didn't get it. "Well, what?"

"Over here, boy," Eric spoke calmly. "Lower your pants and place yourself over my knee."

Jason laughed nervously. It was absurd. Surely he did not mean it. He ran a hand anxiously in his hair as he waited for Eric to join in the laughter.

"Now," Eric commanded more forcefully and Jason hushed. "I know you're much younger than I am. You're still naïve, but this cannot go unpunished. I am the sheriff, you know."

Jason raised an eyebrow. "You're the sheriff?"

Eric just nodded. He was obviously used to getting his way. He just assumed that Jason would comply, whether or not he knew what a vampire sheriff was.

But suddenly, Jason did what Sarah Newlin asked and grew a brain cell. "Well, than I don't answer to you. We're in Dallas and you're not the sheriff of Dallas."

Eric growled. Then he narrowed his eyes. Following instinct, Jason took a step backwards.

"You answer to me," Eric demanded. Not familiar with vampire speed, Jason found himself pinned and draped over Eric's knees and his pants lowered to his thighs in the matter of seconds. It was a move that went completely beyond Jason's comprehension. It was as if they both materialized out of thin air. Jason struggled immediately, but Eric stilled him with a single word.

"Behave." Eric's voice was smooth, but there was the hint of a threat behind his silky breath. If Jason could not hear it, then he could certainly feel it as the vampire's hand pressed firmly against his back. Eric's thigh pushed harshly into his stomach. Jason wanted to push himself away from the pressure, but Eric held him completely immobile.

"Or not," Eric added as an afterthought. It didn't matter how much Jason struggled. The vampire had him captured. But Eric was certainly up for the challenge if Jason was so determined. However, Jason knew better than to disobey. The vampire had a tight grip around his waist. Jason tried to wiggle, but couldn't even move an inch. He barely had enough room for his lungs to expand and grunt his frustration.

"I just saved your ass!" Jason reminded crossly.

"I didn't need your help," Eric responded with a snort. Help from a human? That was preposterous. "I could have killed all your little friends. Every last one within seconds." Eric's voice trailed off slightly as he imagined the slaughter. It would have been delightful…

"Oh, yeah?" Jason smiled. "Why didn't ya?"

Eric didn't answer. Jason didn't need to know that Godric ordered leniency. Godric had a soft spot for humanity and insisted on seeing it preserved. However, Eric had a stricter philosophy.

The first slap hit Jason hard. He jerked on top of the vampire's lap and cursed loudly.

"You fucking sicko!" Jason called out, but Eric easily ignored him. The more Jason squirmed on top of his lap, the more Eric wanted to continue striking his beautiful behind. The pert flesh bounced at every smack and he loved seeing his redden hand print blossom on the vulnerable backside. The sight alone was appealing enough. The human's cries just made it more enticing.

The sound of his hand slapping against Jason's bare flesh sent chills down Eric's spine. The yelps that succeeded each slap were delectably pained and agonizing. A delightful scent of panic and hurt wafted through the air and teased at Eric's nostrils. The vampire felt the rapid pulse of the defenseless human trapped beneath his grasp. He wanted nothing more than to savor the excruciating moment, but he was eager to move onto other things. To hasten the situation, Eric initiated conversation.

"V is a revolting habit to get into," he said with an eerily calm voice. He knew humans could never fully understand. Blood was life and a source of creation. It was not a drug to abuse, especially when that abuse encouraged frenzied humans to silver vampires and drain them until they withered and died. The mere thought caused Eric's hand to strike Jason's abused flesh harder.

"I told you I was through with it," Jason pleaded through tears, still flinching as Eric's heavy hand rained down on his throbbing backside.

The vampire's words were short and unsympathetic. "I don't think you are."

"I swear," Jason panted. "I promise!"

Eric felt the fight fade from Jason's body. He hung limply over the vampire's knees, whimpering as the final spanks landed on his sore backside. Satisfied, Eric turned Jason on his back, ignoring the hiss of pain as his tender posterior brushed against the firm mattress. Eric cradled Jason's upper body in his lap. His miserable sobbing wasn't as gratifying as his shrieks of pain, but it was pleasant enough. It was nice feeling a warm body shuddering against him, especially from hurt.

Jason's fearful eyes met Eric's. Still blurred from the tears, Jason didn't quite grasp what he was staring at. Eric turned his head away from Jason's gaze and tore into his hand with his fangs. Jason tightly closed his eyes at the sound of ripping flesh. When he opened them again, he saw Eric offering his hand to him.

Eric had opened a small wound in his hand; in the tiny area between the thumb and the index finger. Jason stared at the glistening blood slowly pouring from the pale hand. He looked back at Eric in confusion. When the vampire didn't say a word, Jason selfishly snatched the cold hand and began suckling the wound.

Jason hungrily fed from Eric's hand. He gasped slightly when the vampire pushed forth and forced his hand further into Jason's mouth. He had absolutely no control. The wound quickly began to heal, leaving Jason licking the last drop of blood with a whimper.

Instantly feeling the effects of the V, Jason melted into the vampire's lap. While now squirming with intense pleasure instead of pain, Eric still found the friction pleasing. It was also arousing that his blood was working its way through Jason's body. He could visually see the change within him.

"I told you that you weren't through with it," the vampire stated with a harsh growl.

Jason heard the cold voice, but could not comprehend. He moaned in ecstasy; his head brushing innocently against the vampire's erection. Eric reached down to stroke his sweaty hair, but Jason suddenly sprung up with a smile.

"Hey!" he yelled with his eyes darting around the room. "I don't feel a thing!" Jason rubbed his backside for emphasis. All his pain had disappeared. Then he looked back at Eric. "Is that a coincidence?"

"No," the vampire answered with little amusement. Then he added mockingly, "My blood is magic."

Jason evidently liked that idea as his head bobbed up and down with approval. Abruptly, he paused and snapped back at Eric with wide eyes. "Why would you heal me? Isn't that kinda dumb?"

Eric chuckled and placed a hand on Jason's thigh. "That's so I can punish you all over again."

Jason began to laugh with him until understanding suddenly fell upon him. The laughter instantly halted. "Wait… what?"

"You told me you were over V. You lied to me."

Jason's face dropped. He had been tricked. "God damned it! That's not fair!"

The smell of fear returned in the air, but it was mingled with another sensation: arousal. Eric smirked at Jason. It was a sinister, evil smirk that thickened at the scent of arousal radiating off Jason. Eric had no plans of telling Jason that this spanking would be different. He'd rather the human anticipate pain than informed him that he would be rewarded with pleasure. When Jason began to pull up his jeans in a desperate attempt to flee the room, Eric seized his forearm in a cold, harsh grip.

"Don't move," Eric ordered. There were much more games to play.