Eric was at his desk, organizing the papers and folders that Bill and Jason had made such a mess of the previous night. Without a knock, the door cracked opened and before him entered Pam on heavy heels.

Eric raised his eyebrows. "What?"

Pam simply rolled her eyes and huffed. As she walked away, Bill was left behind her. He entered the office hesitantly, still looking like a condemned man. His jaw a little more set, his eyes a little icier.

"Oh, relax, Bill," Eric assured. "I didn't tell her. I decided that would be more embarrassing for me."

"That's not why I'm here," Bill stated tightly. "You fed him more blood last night."

Eric sighed and pulled more papers into a pile. He knew Bill couldn't let this go. "I had to Bill. You dragged him to those ruins. I couldn't have my pet riddled with methane emissions. Or do you need a firmer reminder?"

Of course, Eric didn't expect more of an answer then Bill tightening his jaw. He never was one for witty conversation.

"I simply want to know your intentions," Bill inquired.

"Why must I have a long-term plan? Can't I enjoy the now? With humans, that's all you can ask for… even with Sookie."

Eric didn't quite know how to read Bill's reaction that time. His shoulders seem to slump and he turned away miserably.

"The Magister never ordered that I turn Jason," Eric added. "I have every right to change my mind. Considering your relationship with Sookie, I thought you'd be more understanding. What is better than a warm, human body?"

That was only a small condolence to Bill. "Is that all he is to you?"

"No…" Eric swiveled in his office chair. His office was now filled with memories of Jason; his body warm and willing. That wouldn't be an easy thing to give up. "You were right about Sookie Stackhouse. There is definitely something alluring about her family blood."

"I apologize for wasting your time."

Bill left the office, slowly closing the door behind him. But it didn't stop Eric from answering.

"No. You haven't."

He looked down at his desk, remembering bending Jason over it. Smacking his ass before plunging his cock deep inside his warm depth. This wasn't the consequence of the Magister. This was the inevitable.

Spending an eternity teaching Jason to be a strong vampire would be a delectable task… when the time came. For the time being, he would simply enjoy the feel of his warm, vulnerable body. Jason had many gifts to share and he planned to take full advantage of his mortal body while he still had the time.

Even though Jason was easy to take advantage of, he still had a mind of his own; the typical, stubborn mind of a human. When the time was right, he could still make him a vampire. Still make him truly his own.

But with or without his mortality, Jason was still, and always will be, his.