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It would only be fitting that I would be sitting here within the palace archives when the end of days would come to us. The betrayal of the Terrain Lords was an over sight that I had blamed myself for. I still remember when Queen Serenity had announced this to us. We were all standing in her court. Princess Serenity cringed while in the arms of Endymion, Venus tried so hard to hold her composure. As our leader she couldn't stand to look weak at the betrayal of love. Mars collapsed to her knees while holding her chest. She had received a proposal not two nights before.

And while I was crushed for letting a distraction get in my way. I still had feelings for the one I gave my heart to. Though of all of us it was Jupiter that removed herself from the room with sparks flying off her clenched fists. All we could hear was the roar of thunder and the sound of falling rain. In a way I feel that we were all blaming ourselves for a deceit that had not been of our control. Still, you can't help but wonder if we were all just too infatuated to see the truth. My hands tremble as I type faster and faster in an attempt to find something, anything that could help us. Venus and Mars stayed with the Princess while Jupiter and Endymion were on the front lines leading the army.

It just didn't make sense. How could our defenses have been breached so easily? The Silver Crystal held enough power to run the galaxy yet it still was dimming on this day. I lost myself in the self-disappointment as I threw the keyboard across the room. My thoughts were dwelling on the fact that there was a problem in front of me that I just couldn't solve. Even the daughter of Mercury can't know everything. I look up only when I hear the echo of agonizing screams from outside the large metal door. While it is bolted and barred from this side I know that they'll be here within moments.

I relax my hands and let the ice cover the ground. If I am to die here then it will be on my own terms and in a place where I am the most comfortable. The scraping of metal echoes behind me; it suddenly donned on me that they weren't coming in through the front door. I jumped out of the way just in time to miss the pieces of rubble that spewed from the wall.

From the ground, icicles rose and engulfed the first few men that walked through. Their blood stained the knowledge of the thousands of records in this archive. Their eyes were soulless in the face of a deadly winter. That is when the men stopped coming in. I braced myself for the end as my eyes rested on the man who told me he loved me. His blue armor had shone with the beauty of water itself.

"Zoicite." He merely nodded in acknowledgement before lunging in at me.

A blizzard formed around us as I moved back away from his striking range. I used my environment to turn objects into weapons. It wasn't long before I cut him with a stray icicle. This only angered him.

"You would do well to run Mercury. This is but a fallen kingdom now. Save what heritage and customs that your people have left. This battle marks the end for the royal bloodline of the moon not Mercury."

I shook my head. "Whatever happened to you Zoicite? Did she offer you riches? Immortality?"

He shook his head. "No, she offered me love." That answer hit me like a slap in the face. I didn't even feel the blade going through my torso.

He held me in a position of power and pain as my blood dripped from my chest to the ground. There was no hint of remorse in his eyes. It took all of my strength to reach the back of my belt and grasp the dagger that lay in its sheath. I quickly brought it in front of me and went to attack, but his left hand held my wrist back.

"Only one of us will die today."

I laughed. "You Earth men are just so arrogant." That is when I closed my eyes and the winter came to us in full stride. Zoicite dropped me with his sword still in my chest. He went to run, but soon fell into the deathtrap that I had lain. Even then as I slumped to the ground I knew what had to be done. Zoicite the General of the East was no more, but with his death went another. The daughter of Mercury bled out against her cold haven knowing full well of the events that were to come. The end of days had arrived.