The fields of the great Moon Kingdom would never be the same again. Blood dripped from my face and drenched the armor that shielded my body. Many have fallen to my blades, but still only one stands in my wake. I hadn't seen Endymion for what seemed like hours. I could only hope that his fate would be merciful. The storm was a dance and I was one of the partners. Nephrite stood in front of me with a look satisfaction on his face. The cut on my arm spilled slowly; however, the cut across his chest was mortal.

"I always knew that it would be you to kill me Makoto. No one else was worthy."

I sighed. "For treachery there is only death as the consequence. I hope you rot in the pits of your Earthly Hell." I then brought one of my swords above my head and decapitated the man who I had loved so dearly.

No tears fell from my eyes as the storm cracked again and again. My soldiers fought well. Even now as the battle is nearly over I feel the hope that we will be walking away from this. It is like looking at an enemy through a mirror. A shadow warrior let out a deep cry as we were the only ones standing in the field now. I thought there would be more. At that very moment my second in command spoke.

"Jupiter, our scouts count more surging from the south."

I rolled my eyes, so much for a finished battle. "And what of Endymion, Shino?"

He paused. "He is there also, as a prisoner of General Kunzite."

I nodded. "Alright boys form ranks! We're needed in the south fields." They all shouted in acknowledgement.

Time was running slow for us. Shinozaki held the ranks together as we made our way to the south side. My eyes widened instantly at the sight of the darkness. That is when I turned to the others.

"No one stops fighting until they are all dead or you stop breathing!" A thundering roar filled the air at the very moment that I saw Venus and the Princess running towards us.

"Shino take a squad and protect them."

He nodded and left.

A flash of lightning blinded those ahead of us. The storm was going to come to our aid. With both my swords in hand I spied General Kunzite in the distance; a trail of dust fell behind him. At first glance it was nothing but as my eyes focused I realized that he was dragging a struggling Endymion.

"Marcus! Bring me a horse! The first division of cavalry is with me. The rest of you hold here until you hear the thunder roar." I mounted the horse and began riding towards him with ten other men with me.

That is when I saw the archers. I closed my eyes and willed the ground to come alive. Roots of nature sprung up and wrapped themselves around each of them. As my fists clenched I felt their bones crackle. Kunzite now stood alone. He dismounted and I followed suit. The rest of the cavalry held their positions.

"It seemed Nephrite underestimated you. I will not make the same mistake."

I smiled. "Tell me General is there any remorse within you?"

He laughed. "My only regret is that I didn't kill you all myself."

I went to speak when I heard a distinct cry. Venus. I let the storm crackle with thunder and the battle commenced. Kunzite drew his sword and attacked immediately. My hands clenched my blades with might as I met his challenge. He hit me hard in the face as I cracked my kick straight to his knee. When I looked up he was surrounded by shadow warriors. My cavalry already began to engage them in battle.

My swords were charged with the energy of Jove himself as I moved in for the kill. That is when I saw Beryl throwing Venus' lifeless body across the field. A small dagger stuck plainly in her back. I suddenly felt much more enraged. Kunzite moved back as much as he could before my left blade landed cleanly across his throat. He died choking on his own blood. Venus' body was just to my right. I wasted no time in reaching it. Her breathing was shallow; I knew she wasn't going to make it.

"Jupiter… the Princess…" Her words were slurred but I still understood. As she died I closed her eyes and lifted myself to gaze at the body of Endymion that was now being cared for by the Princess. My heart started to beat faster as I saw Queen Beryl behind her. I reached my right arm back and threw one of my swords. She moved out of the way, but the distraction kept her attention long enough for the Princess to realize she was there.

I didn't waste time in grabbing the Princess' hand and pulling her from the battle.

"Shino! We've got to go!" My second in command sensed what I had from the beginning. The battle was lost. He gathered a group of men and followed us as we fled back to the palace walls.

"What do we do now Jupiter?" I let the Princess go as we entered the adjacent castle tower.

"Bar the door we must regroup. I need a scout on the top fl-" But I stopped after I heard a painful cry. I practically jumped from where I was standing and caught the Princess before she fell to the ground. A dagger still clenched in her finger tips. I held her in my arms and let a tear fall from my face.

"We have all risked our lives for you and you go and do this! You've wasted men's lives!" The anger was surging much harsher than I thought it would. Shino put his hand on my shoulder as the Princess spoke.

"A world without Endymion is nothing to me." She then gradually got lighter in my arms.

"How dare you? We've bled for nothing!" I saw the looks on the men's faces. They were more defeated now than before. I dropped her and punched the wall. Blood trickled down my knuckles.

"Mako we can still get these men out of here." Shinozaki's words echoed in my mind. I was just too angry to say anything. The men have fought and died for nothing. I closed my eyes for a moment.

"My duty is forever here. Take the tunnel under this tower back to the far garden gates and head towards the teleportation pad on the far side. I know you might not make it, but it's the best chance you have. Go back to Jupiter and inform the planet of what has happened." He then looked to me.

"Mako, you don't have to do this."

I smiled as a tear fell from my eye. "You'll need a diversion if you're going to make it."

He closed his eyes for a moment then turned to face the others. "Alright men let's get the Hell out of here." I watched as all of them disappeared down the hall.

No one could have told me that the end of days was going to be like this. If only I knew that I was meant to outlive the others. I waited for several moments before grabbing my sword. I was drenched in the blood of soldiers, both enemy and friend alike. My Princess is gone and with her my duty extinguishes. Still the storm will rage long enough to warn others of this plight. I held no regrets as I stepped out and faced Queen Beryl. Her eyes were filled with death, but I didn't stagger.

"A warrior Princess cannot kill the most powerful Queen to have ever lived."

I smiled. "We'll see about that." That is when our worlds officially collided and I fought until my last dying breath. A crackle of thunder brought the storm upon us all as I fought and died for my duty.