(crawls from behind her rock and looks around to dodge the flying tomatoes)

So….been a while…so here goes…..lots of things happened in real life and I kinda got back logged. Unfortunately writing took a backseat and developed into writer's block when I finally got the time to have anything to do with a computer again. Sadly, for right now, I find myself blocked on The Devil You Know. To try and unblock I started the first chapter of another story. Miracle of Miracles….I can write again! So here's just a quick message to let you know that I didn't die or get run over by a rabid elk. I will likely finish chapter two of the new story before trying to refocus on TDYK again. Probably do the 'write one chapter for one, then one for the other, before going back again', thing to get back into a schedule. I'm sorry to disappoint everyone, but real life wasn't so kind lately and it took a while to get things back into order.

This a.n will stay up for a week before being deleted….and to keep from having a previous issue where people (kindly!) left welcome back messages and then could not review later, please just review anonymously (sign off with your usual name so I know who you are and can send you all the love in the world for sticking with me!) and we will see if that gets around the issue!

- Sidhe