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One: Love Note

It was troubling, really.

Fenrir let out a quiet breath as he shifted, the large, king-sized bed creaking under his weight. The deep, burgundy sheets pooled low around his waist, and the cool air coming from the air conditioner blew steadily against the bare, olive-toned skin of his chest.

"…hn…" He grunted, staring down at the object of all his troubles once again. The green-eyed pup had left in such a hurry after they'd finished, he definitely dropped it on his way out. Small, pink, and lined with tiny, red and white hearts, the envelope lying on top of his lap was most definitely a love note. He'd have been able to tell it was, even if it didn't have the word 'beloved' written on top of it in curly, fancy writing.

Leaning back against the headboard, the massive man was very much tempted to just rip the paper into tiny little pieces. However, he quickly stopped himself, stilling his fingers as they poised themselves on each end of the envelope. It was none of his business who Harry liked. They were just casual fuck buddies. It didn't really matter if the smaller male wanted to call it quits. Really, it didn't. Neither of them were in it for the long run, so what was the problem?

Well, Fenrir knew what the problem was fully well. He was never the type who shared what was his. And that's exactly what Harry was. His. It didn't matter that they weren't "exclusive". He was the only one who could kiss those soft, oh-so-kissable pink lips, to bite and nip at them until they were swollen and red. He was the only one that could make the boy writhe beneath him in pleasure. The thought of anyone else even looking Harry in any sort of non-platonic way made his blood boil.

Running a large, calloused hand through his hair, Fenrir tossed the envelope onto his bedside table, and laid back against his pillows. He laced his hands together behind his head, and stared up at the ceiling.

"Dammit…" He grumbled, his piercing, blue eyes drifting closed as drowsiness slowly overtook him, "…when did I get so fucking soft?"


Harry fidgeted, shifting his weight onto his other leg as he straightened his clothes and combed his fingers through his thick, unruly black hair. His cheeks were a bright, appealing shade of reddish-pink, and his jade green eyes appeared even larger behind his thick glasses. As he waited outside the door leading into Fenrir's apartment, his fingers fiddled with the hem of his sweater, which was rather large, and made him look as if he was being swallowed up by the light brown material.

It wasn't like Fenrir at all, calling him over in the middle of the day. Usually the older man called him much later, around early evening, since Fenrir didn't really get much sleep what with his type of work and all. After a few more minutes of waiting, Harry looked nervously around before leaning forward and knocking on the door once again. He definitely didn't mishear the man when he'd called him. Glancing at his watch, Harry jumped up in surprise, a small yelp leaving his lips as the door swung open to reveal a large, scruffy, grumpy-looking Fenrir.

The man examined him with those pale blue eyes of his that never failed to make his heart skip a beat. With a grunt, Fenrir stepped aside to make room for Harry to get through the doorway and nodded in his living room's direction.

"A-ah…" Harry mumbled, his cheeks burning a little bit brighter as he nodded quickly, and brushed passed the man. He kept his eyes on the ground, avoiding the intense gaze as he walked into the apartment. The scowl that formed momentarily on Fenrir's lips went unnoticed, and soon, it melted back into a look of indifference.

Awkwardly, Harry settled himself down on the very edge of the large, leather couch, placing his small hands on top of his knees. "So…" He began, glancing quickly in the other's direction, "…did you need something from me?" His fingers began to tap nervously on his knees as the spot on the couch beside him dipped beneath the large amount of weight. Fenrir's presence was almost overwhelming, and even more so when he was this close to him, with their legs almost brushing against each other. Nevertheless, the smaller of the two wasn't very fond of the heavy silence between them, and pressed on. "You rarely ever call m—!"

Large, jade green eyes widened as suddenly, a pair of slightly chapped lips captured his in a possessive, hungry kiss. He was pulled close into a hard, muscular chest, large arms wrapping tightly around his waist. Taking advantage of his shocked, parted lips, a skilled tongue slipped inside his mouth, exploring every surface of the moist cavern expertly, as it had many times before. His eyes fluttering closed, Harry lifted his arms and wrapped them around Fenrir's thick neck, his hands burying themselves in coarse, graying hair.

"Nngh…" He moaned as Fenrir bit down on his bottom lip, allowing a small amount of blood to seep through. He felt a shiver run down his spine as one large, rough hand slipped beneath his shirt and began teasing a pale, hardened nipple. As the man pulled away from him, Harry mewled as another hand found its way to somewhere much lower, teasing his arousal through his suddenly much tighter jeans. "…Fenrir…please…" the boy mumbled, his eyes meeting Fenrir's momentarily, "…don't…"

"'Don't'?" The other echoed, an amused smile spreading over his thin lips, "Don't what?"

"You…you know…" Harry's flush deepened, his eyes focused to the side.

And he did. Very well. He would've even prolonged his light teasing, if he didn't feel so impatient already.


Somehow, both of them had ended up in Fenrir's bedroom.

Fenrir was leaning back against the headboard with Harry curled up against his side, one pale, thin arm slung over his waist. The silence between them was no longer awkward. It was sated, comfortable.

Harry drew imaginary circles on his chiseled abdomen with his forefinger, while his eyes were closed. His body was entirely relaxed. However it was a little hard to fall into that wonderful, post-coital nap when his lover(?) felt so tense.

He was just about to ask what was wrong when a familiar, pink envelope appeared in front of his face. Shifting his eyes over to Fenrir, who looked a tad disgruntled, Harry's head tilted a little to the side as he put things together. The sudden call in the middle of the day…the unexpectedly rougher-than-usual (though very good) sex…all the new hickeys left all over his neck, chest, and inner thighs… It suddenly became very clear to him.

With a tiny smile, Harry pulled himself up with a bit of difficulty, and plucked the envelope out of the large hand. He leaned back against the headboard as well, keeping his eyes on Fenrir's profile. "Thank you…" He said, his smile widening, "I was looking for this yesterday…it took me a very long time to write it." Harry shrugged, turning the letter over in his hands. "I was really worried that the person I wrote it for would never get the chance to read it."

He couldn't help it. A quiet laugh escaped through his lips as he saw Fenrir's brow furrow, and the scowl on his lips deepen. Pushing himself up more on his arms, Harry planted a chaste kiss on the man's stubbly cheek as he dropped the envelope onto his lap.

"It's for you." Harry said, lying back down in bed as he stared up at Fenrir, whose eyes were wider than he'd ever seen before. The man's mouth hung ever so slightly agape, and his large hands held the envelope as if it were something incredibly fragile. He was soo cute.

"Oops…" Harry murmured, a teasing smile spreading over his lips as Fenrir shot him a half-hearted glare. He must've said that out loud. Laughing once again, he added, "Since I worked hard on that, I want you to read it all the way—!"

Fenrir pulled away from the breath-taking kiss a few moments later, thoroughly enjoying the flushed, flustered look he left on the boy's face afterwards. "Later." He said gruffly as he positioned himself directly over his lover, "there's something I wanna do even more right now…" If it was even possible, Harry felt himself heat up even more as Fenrir moved closer and pressed his lips against his again.



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