Growing up I knew I was different.

First off, was my spiky hair. Bright as the sun, and as spiky as a porcupine. I stood out so much, I never made any friends.

Next thing I noticed was that I had a "time of the month". I would overhear conversations with girls talking about it…but never with boys.

So when that crude time came, I had to fend for myself. I had to work out in the field with that bloated feeling. My manager did nothing about it.

That's right I said manager. Because in this cruel world, children of any religion, age 6-15 count as sellable slaves. They own you from the moment they buy you, if you are that young. But they can't just buy any kid 5-16, you have to have at least one of your parents deceased. They bid on kids like us, sell us, rape us, do whatever they want with us. No one does anything about it.

So when I told boss about my problem, he laughed in my face. He thought I was trying to gather any sort of supplies and sort of middleman my way some money, which just didn't sit with him.

He did agree to take me to see the family doctor to see what the matter with me was. What he told me sure did shock me. He said I was born a baby boy that could have children. I then realized…manager could have impregnated me already...or he could do it in the future.

That was 5 years ago when I was 10. I hate that this happened to me, and I hate that I have been living like this for 10 years, but the thing is, I don't really know what I go back to.

I don't remember my parents, or if I had any siblings, or even my last name. My manager only knows that. All I know that my first name is Ichigo.