Author's note: First, let me start by pointing out that I do NOT own anyone associated with the Dragon Ball franchise and am making NO money off of this. Second, this is an AU time-line in which "Goku" never existed as Kakarot was never sent to Earth so that means that this is Saiyan-centric and involves none of the Z-fighters or the demi-Saiyans, sorry. Also, Frieza has just been defeated by Vegeta and Kakarot who have both ascended to stage one and are mates. In this time line, Vegeta and Raditz are roughly the same age and are about 24. Kakarot is 22. I've changed Broly so that he is older than Raditz and is about 27. This story also contains Yaoi and some "questionable" content i.e. non-consentual elements. I apologize, also for the shortness of some of the chapters...but it is how this story is writing itself. With all that said...on with the fic!

Unwanted Mating

Prologue: No Other Choice

It was a stalemate apparently. Paragus was threatening to unleash all the powers his son had. The problem with that was...there was no one to stand up to him because Kakarot and Vegeta were exhausted from a long, hard battle and could not gather the energy it would take to put the male out of commission. King Vegeta looked weary and was rather tired of the whole damn thing. "What are his demands?" Bardock asks.

"He just wants you to suffer, Bardock."

"How orignal," the male mutters, "all I did was arrest him."

"That was bad enough, in his eyes. We can't beat his son, Bardock."

"I know. Kakarot and Vegeta are too exhausted. What option does that leave?"

"Raditz is unmated..."

Bardock tenses. "You cannot mean that, sire!"

"I don't want to have to do that to him, Bardock, because I understand the issue at hand when dealing with your eldest. However, I see no other way to settle this matter without killing everyone."

"But to make Raditz accept a lifetime of commitment to BROLY? How is that fair?"

"It's not...but we don't have a choice."

Bardock clenches his fists. "Hasn't he suffered enough for the sake of others?"

"I wish I could spare him this, Bardock, please believe me."

"Then YOU tell him because I refuse to be the one who has to witness that."

The King's eyes go sad. "I would not ask you to subject him to that, Bardock, so of course I will tell him."

The spiky-haired male looks away. "We promised him that it would be his choice."

"I know," comes the soft, sad reply, "and I hate to break our oath just as much but we have no other alternative."

Bardock really, really hates those words. Raditz had nearly broken at the hands of Frieza and his minions. He'd hardly healed after what they had done to his body and both Bardock and the king had told him that the only way he would have to be in the bed of a male ever again was by HIS choice. Bardock could only imagine how crushed his eldest was going to be when he was told what was about to have to happen. 'Why?' he silently despairs, 'Have you not made him suffer ENOUGH?'