This story is exactly what the title says. Wicked. This is a story deep from the depths of my darkest fantasies. A very easily offending story. DO NOT READ IF YOU GET OFFENDED EASILY THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING! I really don't want people who hate stories like this and leave bad reviews. Unless its good do not review!

Bella's POV

I was sitting in the back of this van tied to the chair and naked. Like the other two girls with me. I was scared, gagged, bound, naked and freezing. The men driving had splashed us with cold water.

My body was in pain from the beatings. These men in the front seats had beat us to basically nothing. And we still had like a hundred miles to go till we reached our new 'homes'. The men driving us were evil and I knew it.

The had red eyes sharp teeth and cold hard skin. When they grabbed me I could feel their cold skin through my long sleeved shirt.

I had tried to go to sleep but the men kept throwing cold water on me. I had tried not to cry but the little girl with black hair in the back was sobbing through her gag. When they had brought her in she looked so young. It made me so angry seeing the men harshly undress her and beat her.

I stared out the window watching my past life fly by. I let a tear slip down my cheek.

A Few Hours Later….

We arrived at a huge manor, which was guarded by very high iron gates that had guards guarding the front gate. They had scary looks on their face. The bigger one winked at me through the window, I shied back into the seat. The little girl started crying harder.

We drove through the gates to the front door where we were greeted by maids. They pulled us out of the van by our leashes, the more we resisted the more the collars choked us.

They walked us up the stairs and I lost my balance. The maid didn't bother to help me up, she just let me crawl on the ground like an animal. I was crawling slow, a boot kicked my ass sliding me forward across the marble ground. We were brought to a large room with five people waiting. Three teenaged boys, and two adults.

My knees started to quiver a little. The bronzed hair with electric green eyes glanced down at me. Smiling in approval, I felt lower than a dog. I cast my eyes downward. The older blond haired man nodded and paid the two men who captured us.

"Thank you, I trust capturing them wasn't so hard." The two men nodded and stalked off with their pay. I was still on the ground.

The bronze man kneeled down to me, patting my cheek. He lifted my chin expecting my face and body. I felt so ashamed as he hummed in approval.

"I want this one. She's perfect." He said standing up and grasping my leash. I looked back at the other two girls.

The man with curly black hair and dimples was slowly rubbing the beautiful blond haired woman sensually. She wasn't looking at him, she was glaring at him.

"This one will do. I like 'em feisty." He said smacking her ass.

The younger boy with blond hair was stroking the young girls hair. But his look was kinder than the other boys.

I looked back to the older man trying to read his face. He just nodded again and looked down at me raising his eyebrow. After a moment he looked back at the boys.

"Are you all sure your ready for this? Bitches need a lot of training and attention and patience. You cant kill them after you decide, you have to commit to this." He said, just by the way he talked to them and his demeanor made me think he was the father of this household.

The boys nodded and gave our leashes back to the maids. The maids walked us off to a large bathroom.

Carlisle was reffering to the girls as 'bitches' like dogs. because the Cullens are very sexist in this story. its going to get more naughtier along the road. :p hehe lemony goodness.