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Layla growled as she started to wash her hair for the third time already. No matter what she did, it felt incredibly greasy and gross. "I swear, I can kill him!" She mumbled, scrubbing her scalp with her sharp fingernails. "This will never come out!" She whined, her arms feeling terribly tired from so much scrubbing. Not to mention where she found noodles. Definitely no place noodles should ever be found.

She sighed and just settled for what she got. She lazily rinsed out her hair and quickly finished the rest of her power shower. "I hope that man cleaned up the place." She hissed.

Layla reached out to grab a towel and ended up grabbing at air. Don't get me wrong, Layla loves air as much as the next living being, but she needed a towel. "Of course…" She scoffed, carefully stepping out of the tub, walking to the door.

She took a deep breath, putting her hand on the door knob tentatively. "No choice…" She whispered to herself, a pathetic attempt to motivate herself. "Unless you wanna hide out here. You have a toilet, a tub… you can eat the soap bars!" She mocked herself cruelly. She sighed one more time, turning the knob slowly, peeking out with one eye, scoping the hall as best she could from her angle.

"Warren!" She called out. It sounded like a terrified squeak. She took a breath, getting ready to call again but somehow he had heard her.

"Yeah?" He called back. "Finally done in there?" He teased. Layla panicked when she realized he was right next door in his room. She could hear his heavy footsteps clearly, walking toward the door. She closed the door so there was no way he could look inside, and took a deep breath. "Come on, I need a shower too." He complained, tapping the door with his knuckle.

"I need a towel." She mumbled, annoyed at him for no apparent reason. Hopefully he still thought she was mad about the noodles. She sighed, she well knew it was more her fault than his, she started it! She rolled her eyes, debating that he was the one that declared it a war! She sighed and was about to retort to herself when suddenly a hand thrust through the door, holding out a salmon colored towel.

Layla obviously gasped, covering up with her hands pathetically. She quickly snatched the towel from him before kicking the door shut, barely giving him time to remove his hand.

On the other side of the door, Warren chuckled at her expense. The poor girl trips over herself just so he won't see a little skin. He sighs, reminding himself Layla was a shy little flower and he had to respect that, not trampling over her. He had to pick her with his pinky finger, gently. Oh yeah, he's thought about how it would be with Layla Williams. A pain in the ass. But he liked the challenge. He smirked.

He's noticed how she's changed in the past month. It's bittersweet. She's not so afraid to speak up to him now. She's not so protective of herself around him. She's more playful, teasing, in a Layla way. He's glad, really. He doesn't want Layla to be intimidated by him. Just a little, it's funny.

Warren ran a hand through his greasy hair, walking back into his room and dropping down into his bed. He smirked again, thinking, he could loosen this girl up. All he needed to do was… loosen up himself. He could do that, just for her. Yeah, he's thought about that too. Come on, a blind man could see there was something between them. Something more than a strange friendship.

He sighed. Sometimes he considered it. Maybe it's just Layla. She's nice to everyone. Even the people that treat her wrong. She's a pure girl. But then again, he felt something. Something different, in the way she treated him. He liked it, whatever it was. Did she even have a hint at his thing for her? He wondered. Did he have a hint himself? What if she's just a sister figure? Warren shuddered at the thought. No brother thought of their sister in the way he sometimes thought about Layla. No one needs to know that though.

"All yours."

Warren quickly sat up at the sound of her voice, snapping out of his thoughts. He was taken aback, seeing shy little flower child Layla, cowering by his door, wrapped in just a towel, her hair dripping. All mine? Warren thought absentmindedly, starring at Layla, his stomach twisting. All mine… It ran over his mind over and over on a loop. He really liked the way that sounded.

"The bathroom. All yours." She whispered, shifting nervously under his gaze. She shifted her legs, feeling awkward. She was well aware that she was wearing underwear but somehow, in a warped part of her mind, she felt naked under his stare.

"Oh, yeah…" He mumbled, literally ripping his eyes off her, standing to his feet. He looked everywhere aimlessly as to avoid staring at her again. "'bout time." He mumbled, awkwardly walking past her and into the bathroom.

Layla let out a breath she didn't know she had been holding, walking to Warren's bed and taking a seat at the edge. She closed her eyes as her brain seemed to reboot, trying to feel sane again. What was the big deal anyway? She's a big girl, she trusted Warren, she shouldn't feel like she wanted to faint for standing eight feet away from him in a towel, wearing underwear underneath. But still, she did feel like all of the blood left her face, like she couldn't stand on her feet, her knees weak, her palms sweating, her face practically on fire…

She suddenly remembered back at a day when she was at a pool party at Will's house. They were already together, been dating for two months already. Only for a brief moment did she feel nervous about walking out in a two piece bikini where he could see. For some reason it felt casual, even when he openly stared at her, gawking, his face filled with awe. She remembers a blush creeping onto their faces, but it was only natural. It was the first time Will had ever seen her with such a poor amount of clothing on her. But it wasn't as bad as having Warren look at her.

There was something about the way Warren looked at her. His dark piercing eyes, his close to blank expression, she didn't know what he was thinking, the light squint in his eyes that she knew meant he was contemplating something, the way he kept absolutely quiet… It drove her over the edge! She felt… terrified yet amazing at the same time. Layla bit her lip, smiling, realizing only Warren Peace could make her feel that way, without even batting an eye.

She stopped for the millionth time in the past month to ask herself… "Why?" She whispered, tugging at the end of her towel. Suddenly she snapped back into reality, jumping to her feet. Warren would be out of the shower soon to find her still in a towel, dripping wet, sitting on his bed. "Oh dear!" Layla hissed angrily at herself, frantically searching for her clothes. She knew they were somewhere in his room, in the bag he gave them to her. "Aha!" She whispered, spotting it in a corner of the room.

She ran over and grabbed it, putting it on the bed. She stuck her hands in and searched for something to wear. She was still getting used to being out of her element. No long-sleeved turtlenecks, no nun skirts, no long bell bottom jeans, no baggy t-shirts… She scowled at a pair of faded blue skinny jeans and a dark purple spaghetti strap with a tacky peace sign on it. She sighed, "At least he tried." She mumbled, pulling at a loose string of the peace sign. "Oh dear, Jesus…" She gasped, noticing there was underwear at the bottom! "How on Earth…?" Layla began to argue with no one.

She gasped when she heard the water shut off. "Shoot!" She hissed, running to the door, closing it with the lock. She frantically grabbed some horrible black lacy matching underwear, which she reluctantly noticed they were a pretty good fit, and put it on. She tripped over her own feet as she pulled on the jeans. "They don't… call them… skinny jeans… for nothing –whoa!" She squeaked, landing on the bed face first. She managed them up and easily clasped the button before fighting her way into the spaghetti strap. She gasped, noticing her midriff showing. "Warren!" She hissed angrily, trying to pull the shirt down as best she could. "Calm down, calm down, it's just a little…" She tried to reason. She frowned, "You can almost see my bellybutton!" She growled.

Layla heard the bathroom door open and somehow, with God-given ability, she tossed the bag back to it's corner, leaped to the door and yanked it open to receive Warren with a forced smile. "Hi." She said, out of breath.

Warren grimaced at her acting weird. He cocked his head and looked her up and down quickly, liking her outfit and the way her belly showed as she leaned on the door frame, trying to act cool to recover from whatever the hell she was doing. He chuckled, noticing how pasty white she is.

Layla on the other hand was fighting for breath. This guy… standing there in all his glory in just a pair of boxers, drying his hair with his towel, his muscles flexing with every move he took... Layla felt a memory nagging at the back of her mind of some girls gossiping about something called washboard abs. Looking at Warren now, she finally understood the reference. She nearly wiped at her chin.

Warren scoffed. Was she really checking him out? He couldn't help but grin at her. That obviously sent Layla over the edge. He could see her tense, her eyes slightly jumping, her cheeks reddening and the grin she gave him in return, only she bit her lip. Was that involuntary? He hoped so, he wasn't good with the teasing. He loves it when girls bite their lips. And personally, he liked Layla's lips. He closed his eyes for a second and shook his head before he got lost in his thoughts. He cleared his throat, feeling like they'd been staring for an eternity when it could have only been a few seconds.

"You should pierce your bellybutton." He stated simply, walking past her.

Layla reluctantly snapped out of her reverie and spun around to face him incredulously. Why would he say that? Well, she had an idea. She pulled the shirt down as far as she could without uncovering her chest in the process. "Excuse me?" She snapped.

Warren stopped messing with his unruly hair and looked at her with a smirk, shrugging so casually, "You should perforate your navel?" He tried smartly.

"Why on Earth do you say that?" She asked him in disbelief.

He shrugged again, pouting his lips innocently, "It'd look cute on you." He said simply.

Layla scowled, "Cute?!" She hissed.

He chuckled, "Alright, it'd look sexy. Better?" He suggested, knowing that wasn't at all what she meant with her exclamation.

"Not in the least." She growled. "I'm not perforating my navel, Warren." She said, using his words against him. "It took Will a month to convince me to pierce my ears!" She exclaimed for good measure. "Whoa…" She whispered, feeling the air get heavy at the mention of Will's name. Surprisingly he said nothing about. Like he didn't even notice it.

"It'd take me just a smile and 'please'." He teased, turning to her, walking up to her.

Layla swallowed the lump in her throat and lifted her head to look at him directly. Why was he so tall? She winced. She kept a straight face, "So sure, hotshot?" She mocked.

"One hundred percent." He whispered, flashing her a simple toothy smile.

Layla felt lightheaded. She adored the way his eyes lit up every time he smiled. And his smile was so perfect. Not too lopsided, not too forced, not too meek, just right enough to make her sway.

"See?" Warren spoke up after watching her stare at him, her eyes glistening with something odd. "Just a smile and you're putty in my hand." He teased.

"Oh, sure, Warren, sure." She mocked, rolling her eyes dramatically and stepping away from him, pretending to find something interesting on his desk.

Warren chuckled and went to his closet to find something to wear. He shrugged and pulled out a dark red long sleeved shirt, rolling the sleeves up to his elbows. He grabbed any old pair of jeans and pulled those on, forgetting for a moment that someone was watching him. It was only after he turned and saw her smiling that he coughed and looked away, hiding the red hue on his cheeks.

"So… heard anything from your mom yet?" He asked out of the blue. That was something he wondered about a lot too. Wasn't she supposed to be back by now? Not that he wanted Layla to leave already but he found it odd that she didn't stress over it a lot.

Layla went off as if he had pressed a trigger. She grimaced and stepped away from his desk where she had been poking random objects. "I actually haven't heard a word from her in a while..." She muttered sheepishly.

Warren gave her a curious look, "Shouldn't she be back by now?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

Layla shook her head but her face expressed she was pondering about it. "She said she'd be gone for a month." She said absentmindedly.

"Usually takes her that long to get a job done?" Warren asked, walking to his bed and taking a seat.

Layla sighed and sat on the other side of the bed, facing away from him. "No. She's done in less than a week." She mumbled.

Warren could tell she was beginning to worry. Why wouldn't she? He leaned back on his arm and turned on an angle to try and face her. "What was it that she was doing?" He asked, still sounding curious.

Layla furrowed her eyebrows and thought about it, trying to remember. With everything going on, she sort of forgot all about it. "She's doing something down in Africa. Some animals were acting out or something." She explained but her thoughts were elsewhere.

Warren nodded simply and stared down at his hand. He made a fist and sighed, "I can have you back in your house in a second, you know..." He stated quietly, trying to be as casual as possible.

Layla almost laughed at that. She smiled shyly and turned to face him, nodding. "I know." She whispered.

"I'm not proud of it." He stated awkwardly, referring to his ability of being able to break into houses. "Desperate times." He added. Layla gave him a strange look to which he snorted, "I forget my keys a lot." He said with a chuckle.

Layla was relieved at hearing that and giggled, shaking her head in mock disappointment. She sighed happily, knowing she didn't need to press on in that subject any longer. It was just as awkward and embarrassing for Warren as it was for her. Truth was, they didn't want the other to be gone. And in the far back of her mind, Layla knew her mother wouldn't appreciate a broken lock or window.

"Why don't you call her?" Warren suggested.

Layla scowled, "My cell died. Don't have the charger." She sighed. She scoffed, "Everyone must be freaking out." She joked.

Warren sat up straight as he suddenly remembered something. "Your guinea pig friend is pretty upset." He said casually.

"Magenta? I haven't called her in a while. She must be worried." Layla said, her voice pained and guilty.

"Worried, why?" Warren asked carefully, an eyebrow raised.

"My friends don't exactly know you the way I do. They're still getting used to the idea of you being a good guy." Layla admitted sheepishly.

Warren scowled, "I'm not." He barked.

Layla made her way over the bed to sit next to Warren, giving him a stern look right in the eyes. "Of course you are, Warren." She said, sounding disappointed that he'd say that.

Warren scoffed, "You're just lucky, Hippie." He whispered, giving her chin a playful pinch.

Layla blushed but kept her eyes locked on him, even when he threw himself back into the bed. "So, what you're saying is, I'm your only exception?" She asked teasingly.

Warren smirked, "Just like I'm yours." He shot back.

Layla scoffed in disbelief, "You're so full of yourself!" She exclaimed.

Warren chuckled, "Hey, you started it, Hippie!" He pointed out. Layla huffed and rolled her eyes. She sighed, tilting her head as she watched Warren just lay there with his eyes closed. She couldn't help but feel a million butterflies in her tummy.

Everything about Warren, Layla loves. His tough attitude, his crude sense of humor, his intense gaze, his rare grin, his knowing look, his foul mouth, his everything else. But over all, she loves the way he is with her and only her. No one else. No one else who can make him crack a smile, who can make him laugh, who can make him self-conscious even. She loves how he makes an effort to be considerate of her and make her feel nice. She loves how patient he is with her all the time. She loves how he is just her Warren.

Layla smiled and pulled herself up, positioning herself next to Warren before laying down, using his arm as a pillow for her head.

Warren opened his eyes and looked over at Layla from the corner of his eyes. She looked right back at him, a small smile on her face, her cheeks a light tint of red. He likes the way she looks when she blushes, specially when her face is red with anger. There's nothing cuter than an angry Layla in his opinion. It's why he teases her so much. That, and it's just so fun. But, he has to admit, she's cute when she's not mad too. Her soft eyes, her pink lips that are always curved into a smile even if he's being an ass, her pink cheeks. Even the tone she used to speak to him was nice. Always soft and melodic. There wasn't many people Warren liked but he's glad Layla made it to be one of them.

He chuckled, letting his teeth show through a sloppy grin as he hooked his arm around Layla's shoulders, pulling her flush against himself. Layla squeaked in surprise but didn't fight it. Instead she moved with him, laying her head on his chest, resting her hand on his stomach. They remained like that, motionless. Only the sound of their steady breaths could be heard in the room. It was awkward but at the same time, it felt so normal, as if they did it every day.

Layla's eyes focused on her hand that laid on Warren's flat stomach, trying to keep her face from catching fire. If she recalls correctly, this is the closest she's been to Warren under normal circumstances. She followed her hand going up and down on accord to Warren's slow and steady breathing. Layla tried thinking of a reason that this was wrong but could think of none. There was nothing wrong with this because it's her and it's Warren. It's them. And when it comes to them, nothing is ever wrong. Not the teasing, not the taunting, not the arguments. Nothing. And to Layla, that's perfectly right. Does that even make any sense? No, it doesn't. Because nothing between them made sense. Which is why now, when there's literally nothing between them, everything makes perfect sense.

"Layla..." Warren said, his voice low and gruff.

"Hm?" Layla hummed, still stuck in a reverie.

"Is it okay if I said..." He paused for a moment, braving himself enough to utter the words that he had mustered in their comfortably awkward silence. "...I can get used to this." He finished, trying to sound nonchalant.

Layla broke out in a grin, trying to suppress a squeal of excitement. She sighed, taking time to live in this moment. "Warren..." She started carefully. Something inside her told her to keep her cool and pause, just leaving the answer out there, floating, out of Warren's anxious reach.

Warren's entire demeanor crashed, his heart pounding against his chest, his jaw clenched in anticipation, his hand twitching on Layla's shoulder where he awkwardly held her to himself, his eyes stuck on staring at the top of her head. It drove him mad not being able to see the look on her face and at least have a hint of what she was thinking. He knew he'd screwed up. He knew he should have bit his tongue.

Layla finally moved. She shifted up so her face was at the crook of Warren's neck, her arm going across his chest, her body pressed against his side as she enjoyed the warmth he emitted. She could nearly hear his pulse, feel his heartbeat under her arm. She smiled when he moved his arm from her shoulder and wrapped it around her waist. What made her smile was the hesitation, as if he was waiting for her to deny him the move. After what seemed like forever for Warren, Layla continued saying, "...I think it's okay." She finally answered.

Warren let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and all of his muscles relaxed at hearing her answer. He sighed in relief at knowing he hadn't screwed up and also to the fact that Layla had been teasing him. She was learning quickly, how to be a bad girl. He smirked, tightening his grip around her small waist, earning a giggle from her.

"I can get used to it too." Layla whispered, snuggling up to him and closing her eyes, letting out a quiet yawn.

Warren's eyes widened. What?

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