Sam woke up with a killer headache and . He turned to see that Ruby was still asleep beside him. He had went looking for her last night to say goodbye to her. Dean had talked him into believing that this was the right thing to do. He had told him that breaking off all connections with her would help him get over the whole demon blood thing. But instead, Ruby had found him. She had told him that she needed to tell him something But they had never gotten that far. Instead they had ended up in some cheap motel, in bed. Sam knew that Dean was worrying about him, although Dean would never admit it. He knew that he needed to get out of this room and back to the motel where he and Dean had been staying. Goodbye would just have to... not happen. So he gently got up, being careful not to wake Ruby, and searched around for his clothes. He had found his boxers and shirt when Ruby stired on the bed. He turned around to see that she was now sitting up.

"Sam? What are you doing?"

"Leaving Ruby."

What," she asked, genuinely suprised by his answer.

"I'm leaving Ruby. I have to go back to Dean. And before you say anything, yes. I know what that sounded like." Ruby almost cracked a smile at that.

"Well... when are we going to see each other next?"

"We're not Ruby."

"What? So you were just going to leave me here, asleep? You were going to just walk away with out me being any wiser?" Ruby looked upset, and Sam knew that she was.

"I'm sorry Ruby. But I have to go. You'll be fine."

"You were never going to say goodbye. And I was never going to know until after you left. That destroys me inside," Ruby screamed at Sam.

"I can't do this Ruby. We can't. This is not right and we both know it."

"Why? Why not Sam?" Ruby seemed as if she really didn't know the answer.l

"Your a demon Ruby!"

"And you have demon blood in you. So you see, we are not really all that different."

"This is goodbye Ruby."

"Look Sam, I... I'm pregnant okay."

"Wh... what? What do you mean pregnant? Is that even possible? Demons can't get pregnant. Can they?" Sam didn't think that it was possible, but the look in Ruby's eyes made it hard not to believe.

"Yes, it is Sam. And I want this baby. I won't get rid of it."

"I... okay. You don't have to get rid of the baby Ruby. We... we'll raise it. We... it'll be okay."

"You don't have to stick around, Sam. It'll be a lot of work for just me to stay hidden. It will be even harder with you too."

"Hidden? Why do you have to be hidden."

"Sam! Half demon half human baby."

"Right. Right... well we can do it. I mean... it will be hard but we can do it. We can run, stay hidden. For as long as we need to."

"Sam... hunters will be after me, after this baby. Heaven and Hell too."

"Yeah well, Heaven and Hell are already after me and Dean, so it will be nothing new."

"Sam... Dean." She paused and waited for this to sink in for Sam. "Dean will be after me and the baby too. If you go with us, then Dean will be after you. Are you sure that this is what you want?"

"Let's go." Sam had only taken a few seconds to consider his answer. He knew that he wanted to be with his baby, even if it meant that his brother would be hunting him.

Seven long months of running had taken a toll on Ruby. She was nine months pregnant, and tired. She was tired of laying in the back seat in the car, which at this point in time was a red 1998 Toyota T100. She was tired of never stopping in one place for more than a day. She was tired of running at night in the car and sleeping during the day in the car. She was tired of the contractions that occuring closer and closer together. But most of all, she was tired of Sam telling her to push. They had been in the bed of the truck for over thirteen hours, waiting for the baby to come, and Sam was getting more and more anxious. He was worried that someone was going to find them. If only he knew how right he was.

"The baby is coming right now, Sam!" Ruby had a look of excitement behind all the pain in her eyes, and Sam knew that she just wanted to meet her baby. Sam got in postion, and saw that the baby was crowning.

"I can see the baby's head Rube," Sam said, with excitement in his voice. "Push Ruby. Just two big pushes and we should have our baby." Ruby pushed two big pushes, and Sam had the baby in his arms. But what he didn't hear was the familiar purr of the engine of the Impala. "We have a baby-" But he was cut off when Ruby was suddenly pulled from the truck by her ankle. Sam quickly put the baby down on a blanket before grabbing his gun and turning around. When he did, he saw Dean holding Ruby's knife to Ruby's throat.

"I've been chasing you for a long time Sammy. It's over now. Just give me that thing," he said, gesturing to where Sam had laid his baby just seconds before," and you and Ruby can go free."

"Hell no Dean. She's not a threat to you, or anyone. She's just a baby Dean. Let us go and we can pretend that this didn't happen."

"You'd like that wouldn't you Sam. You would like for me to let you, the demon, and the demon spawn go so you can live your happy demony life. Not gonna happen." Sam shook his head and jumped down out of the bed and onto the ground. He took a few steps toward his brother and Ruby.

"Just let her go Dean." Dean shook his head no, and pushed the knife even harder against Ruby's throat. "What, your just going to kill her with her own knife, and then kill our daughter?" Ruby's eyes lit up just a little bit when Sam said daughter, and Sam promised himself that he would make sure they got the baby out of this safely.

"Yeah, that's the plan." Sam took a few more steps closer to his brother, but all Dean did was back up more. Sam dropped his hands to his sides and acted like he was giving up. The second he thought Dean's guard was down, he jumped at Dean and smacked him over the head with the butt of his gun. Dean crumbled to the ground, but not before managing to slit Ruby's throat.

"NO," Sam screamed as Ruby fell to the ground next to Dean and he saw all sign of life leave her. That was not what Sam had planned on happening. Ruby was not supposed to die. But before he could think or panick about being a single father on the run, or about having to raise a baby in the back seat of a car, he jumoed up and ran to the truck. He grabbed all of his stuff, all of the baby stuff that he and Ruby had collected along the way, and after some slight hesitation, he grabbed all of Ruby's stuff too. It wasn't much, just a few articles of clothing, a hairbrush, a toothbrush, and a few lore books on random demons, but it was all that he had left of Ruby... not counting his newborn daughter. He put all of the stuff in the backseat of the Impala. Then he returned to the truck and grabbed the carseat that Ruby had insisted they buy a week ago. He strapped this into the backseat too. Finally, he went to the bed of the truck and picked up his daughter, blankets and all. He strapped her in and hit the road. He felt bad about leaving Dean laying there on the ground, but he felt even worse about leaving Ruby's body behind. But he didn't have much time to feel bad. He had to make a plan. He decided that he would drive as far as he could before day break and then ditch the Impala on the side of the road, but not before stocking up on weapons and ammo. Then he would find a place to hide for the day, steal a car as soon as it got dark, and then Sam and his daughter would be on the run. From Heaven, Hell, but most of all, from Dean.