A/N: Well... This is based off of the current "Pie Hard" Event. The main characters are Mirona Rukia (Me, I will mostly refer to her as just Mirona) and my friend Rayne. (she doesn't know what she wants her name to be right now... she wants to change it.)

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Mirona took a deep breath in and walked slowly into Rina's Bakery.

"Oh hi there, Mirona Rukia!" Rina smiled brightly at the pink haired girl.

"Hi Rina."

"Are you going to be helping anyone win the pie contest?" Rina asked.

Mirona though about this carefully. Who did she want to win? Did she want to help at all? She needed to save her gold but...

"Well?" Rina asked, eagerly awaiting Mirona's answer.

"I... am not sure Rina. May I see the contestant list?" Rina disappeared for a few minutes and came back holding a piece of paper.

"Here you go!" Rina said.

Mirona's eyes scanned the paper, looking for someone she would like to support. And her eyes landed on Kanoko.

"Hmm, I think I'll help Kanoko... But then again Ian & Rufus are entering too. Who do I support?"

The pinkette eventually gave up trying to decide, and played Enni Meeni Miney Mo, and it landed on Kanoko.

"How much do the pies cost Rina?" Mirona asked, not really paying attention. She was more focused on making sure Kanoko was the person she wanted to support.

"500 gold for a full one and 100 gold for one slice! Have you decided who are you going to help?" Rina asked again. She really wanted to know.

"Hmm, I'll buy a few cherry pies please. And I have decided to support Kanoko." The pinkette told the excited brunette.

"Good Choice! Here's your pie for Kanoko," Rina handed the pie to Mirona, "Oh before you go, take this. Every time you buy a full pie, I'll give you a stamp if you fill it up, I'll give you an item!"

"Thank you Rina!" Mirona called over her shoulder as she left to deliver the pies to Kanoko.

"Have a good day!" Rina called back.


Mirona stretched and walked back into the bakery.

"Hi Rina!"

"Oh Hello Mirona!" Rina said as she turned around.

"Do you have anymore cherry pies?" Mirona asked

"Oh sorry, I'm baking as fast as I can. But I'm all out. Come back in a little bit" She said, sounding a tad bit tired. She must've been baking all day.

"Okay Kay. I'll be back later."


It was 8:00 when Mirona started going to get pies. It was now 6:00 and she had gone back at least 6 times, and had only got any pies one of those times. She was Going to try one last time. She was feeling to tired to really keep going back and forth.

"Hey Rina, got any pies?"

"Sorry, All out."

Mirona smacked her head against the wall. The bow covering her forehead softened the blow but it still hurt. She smacked her head against the wall again,frankly not caring about the pain nor the fact it was messing up her bow. Why did luck not seem to be on her side?


Meanwhile Rayne had also been back and forth several times. Only she was supporting Diedrich. He was so cute in her opinion. She had been lucky enough to fillher first card.

Mirona had already called to tell her best friend of the situation she was in,which was barely getting any pies. Rayne laughed and invited her over. She briefly wondered why Mirona seemed to always get the unlucky side of things, but this thought was dispelled when her doorbell rang.

"Come in, Mirona!" She called, not wanting to get up.

Rayne heard the click of her door closing, and saw the same annoyed pinkette that had called her only 20 minutes ago. Rayne reached over and adjusted Mirona's bow , the red mirroring her own white one. Mirona leaned back, putting her legs on Rayne's lap.

"So what do you wanna do?" Mirona asked white haired girl she was resting her legs on.

"Wanna eat apple pie and watch T.V.?" She asked in response, pushing Mirona's legs off her lap and brushing off her outfit. She knew Mirona wouldn't turn down pie, even if apple wasn't her favorite.

"Of course! But how did you get the pie?"

"Oh Rina gave it to me since I filled up my first card."

Mirona grumbled something incoherent, but still accepted the pie when it was handed to her.

The girls sat around for the rest of the day, eating pie and watching T.V.

The two continued to buy pie through the next few days. Mirona finished her first card, and got a bunch of cherry pie. (She was very excited to get that.) And Rayne finished her second card.

The two they were rooting for held on too the top 2 spots, With Diedrich leading and Kanoko not far behind. Everything was right. And the next round of the contest was eagerly anticipated


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