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Mirona skipped along happily, her pink hair tucked under a bunny hat, and a stuffed Huey clutched in her hand. She wore a half pink half white dress, the colors splitting right down the middle, and a pair of black pants were under her dress.

Rayne walked alongside her overly energetic friend, the same white bow still holding her snowy hair back. She had a white pants and a white shirt on, and she was once again eating a piece of pie.

The girls were headed back towards Barton. Mirona had insisted they go exploring, and see if anyone was having trouble with animated, although Rayne had a feeling Mirona just wanted to attack some animated. Rayne didn't mind to much... That is until Mirona dashed out of Zen Gardens (They had wondered pretty far... Mirona wanted Rayne to upgrade her rings) and into Bass'ken Lake. Now if it were for fishing, Rayne could have managed but since they were fighting animated...(1)

She decided maybe she would just go home when they got back to town. Mirona, as far as Rayne knew, had more powerful rings then Rayne did. Rayne was almost constantly sent back to the null, and Mirona followed a few times too. And all those trips left her exhausted

Mirona had other plans. As soon as they stepped foot into town, Mirona tore off towards... Rayne wasn't really sure where. The white haired girl sighed and followed, just to make sure Mirona didn't get into any fight or trouble. There went her plans of going home.


Mirona slid to a stop outside of Rina's bakery. In the past week, Mirona had filled her next card. She had actually gone out to kill animated for the gold to buy pie with.

Rayne, walked up to the pinkette, and muttered to herself, "I shoulda known this was where Mirona was headed."

"Rina! I'm baaack!" Mirona called as she stepped into the bakery.

"Heya Mirona," She could hear the brunette call from somewhere in the bakery.

"Hey Rina," Rayne called her own greeting.

"And heya to you too, Rayne!" This time the brunette stepped out of the kitchen and walked to the counter.

"We're here to buy pie!" Mirona exclaimed. Rayne had to roll her eyes at her friend and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like obviously idiot.

Rina read off the flavors, and Mirona managed to buy 1 of each kind. Rayne also bought 1 of each kind.

The two girls turned to leave with the pie they bought.

"Oh girls," Rina called to get they're attention.

Mirona spun around, followed by Rayne.

"Don't you wanna see who was disqualified?"

It became totally silent for one second, then...

"PEOPLE WERE DISQUALIFIED?"they shouted at once.

They scrambled back to the counter to read the list.

"Whew," They sighed in unison. Their favorite contestants were not out.

"Don't scare us Rina," Mirona breathed. She was actually worried that Kanoko would be gone.

Rayne felt the same way. She had almost thought that Diedrich was gone.

"I wasn't trying to scare you two," Rina said, an innocent look on her face, "I just said that some people were eliminated.

Rayne and Mirona smacked their heads on the counter, softened by their head wear. Those two are going to give themselves brain damage one of these days.

"Have a good day!" Rina called as the two friends turned to leave. Rina blinked and the two girls were gone.

Rina almost went back into the kitchen before she realized something: She never stamped their cards.

Rina reached for her phone. Wouldn't they want their stamps?


The two friends collapsed on the couch of Rayne's house.

A few minutes later the phone rang. Rayne stood up to answer it; it was Rina.

Rina told her that she and Mirona forgot her stamps.

"NO WAY!" Mirona shouted when Rayne told her what the call was about.

"I agree," Rayne said, sitting back down, "We'll go again today, but only if pigs fly."

A pig flew by the window wearing a jetpack.(2)

"Just friggen... Let's go," Rayne said, walking out the door. This just wasn't their day was it?


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(1) References to zOMG for those of you who don't know

(2) Sky Pigs reference.

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