Rated M for future violence, language and potential yaoi.
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or it's characters.


This is Lovino Vargas also known as Romano or South Italy. I'm starting this because my annoying Boss and fratello keep telling me that I need to 'improve my foreign relations' Che! As if! But, whatever. Just send in your letters and I'll (be forced to) reply. Oh, and if your reading this tomato bastard, do me a favor and pretend you never saw this! I guess that's it for now.

~ With much reluctance and irritation,


AN: Hey guys! This is my first time writing as an actual pre-existing character. I hope I don't disappoint. All letters are welcome and yaoi is allowed. I'm pretty supportive of all pairings...but I don't know if Lovi is~ *looks away*
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