Dear Lovi,

yup I can't wait! New York and I are going to go "dress shopping" with him.

Alright I'll bring my coat with me( Ihatethecoldsofuckingmuch! .). I think 'Laska's going to go see them sometime next weekend so I get another trip to Europe. I have to go visit other family, and keep an eye on my baby brother, that otta be fun...

Yeah being sick sucks. This is why I am mad at dad at the moment...


Dear Raquelle, Have fun with that torture~ Send me photos will you?

Good. That sounds like fun, but be careful alright? I'm sure it will be fun. Even if you say it like that, I know you'll end up enjoying yourself somehow Raquelle. Aren't I right?

Well i think it's a minor offense compared to what some people are mad at your father for...


AN: Hmm...dress shopping eh?~ Oh the horror~