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¤Isolated Hope¤

-Allen got into a coma after what happened to Mana. Even there, just lying at the hospital, he'd gotten a certain noah's interest as well as the Order's. Which side will get to him first?

It was already midnight.

Everything was quiet at a certain hospital. Well, almost. Footsteps can be heard through the hall. The only person awake was a lone nurse. She was just newly hired. She was tasked to check on one of the patients. The said patient had been at the hospital for almost five years.

They said he's in a coma right now with still no improvements. Also almost no nurse stays in charge of him for long. No one knew why but most of the nurses simply disappears. The nurse stopped in front of the room stepped inside. The white-haired patient was still breathing shallow as usual. Little life can be seen. The nurse approached the patient...

... And there was a scream.


Allen sighed. All he can see was darkness. Darkness around him. He had been in this darkness for long. So long, he didn't knew how long it was.

"Alleeen!", someone called.

Allen turned as he heard the voice. A young teen with blue spiky hair skipped towards him. She was wearing a white long sleeved blouse with a ribbon tied and a black skirt. She had a long purple and black stripped sock and black shoes on.

"Road... I thought you weren't coming today... ", Allen greeted.

"I had to finish my homework!", Road pouted.

"Homework, huh?"

Road flailed her hands." It's already killing me!", she complained then peered at Allen."Anything new?"

Allen's smile turned solemn."No improvements..."

"Don't be sad, Allen!", Road encouraged."You'll recover from your coma!"

"Thanks, Road... So, how was your homework?"

"It was hard! I asked my uncle to help but he only made it worse!", she wailed," I had to redo the whole thing!"

Allen laughed a little. Road's presence always lighten up his mood. She was also the only person who he could talk to. Road came around a little while after he got into a coma and she'd been keeping him company since then. He still don't understand how Road can talk to him but the young teen only said she has the ability to do so."Allen!", Road called, waving a hand in front of his face.

"H-huh? W-what?"

"You're in a daze again... What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking if I'll find you when I wake up..."

Road smiled."Don't worry about that! I can always find you!"

"Thanks, Road...", Allen said, smiling back.

~Isolated Hope~

"Uh... H-hello?", a young lady peeked inside the nurse's office. She had a long olive green hair which was tied in pigtails.

The head nurse turned to her and smiled."You must be the new nurse... Miss...?"

"Lenalee Lee...", the lady introduced herself.

"Ah, Miss Lee. Since you're new here, I'll just have you check on some of the patients...", the head nurse said. She picked up the files folder and scanned the contents. She pulled out a lone file and placed it on the table."Here...", she gave the folder to Lenalee."The list of patients and their rooms... I have to go now..."

Lenalee watched as the head nurse left then glanced around. She was alone at the nurses' office.

She headed to the head nurse's table and picked up the file that the head nurse removed. Lenalee read the file's title, 'Name: Allen Walker; Age: 15'

'This must be it...', Lenalee thought as she placed it inside the folder. She quickly headed out of the office where she was met by a redhead. The guy was wearing a green bandana and an eyepatch over his right eye."You've found it?", Lavi asked.

"I guess so...", Lenalee said," The head nurse intentionally removed this patient's file, Lavi"

Lavi peered at it as Lenalee showed the file."Allen, huh...", he said,"I wonder if Komui's right about this..."

"He must be...", Lenalee said as she remembered what his brother told them earlier.

"I want you two to investigate something...", a chinese man said. He had a white beret on and a white coat with a rose cross.

"Investigate what, Nii-san?", Lenalee asked.

Komui adjusted his glasses and glanced at the two exorcists in front of him."There had been reports about nurses missing...", he began.

"Isn't that a bit normal?", Lavi asked, leaning against the wall.

"It gets suspicious when all of it happened in a single town. The only connection between all these nurses is that they were in-charge of a certain patient of a hospital there...", Komui said,"If that patient is an akuma then the people there might be in danger."

"I see..."

"When do we leave, Nii-san", Lenalee asked.

"As soon as possible..."


"... I'll gather information from the other nurses and patients just to make sure", Lenalee said.

~Isolated Hope~

"What's wrong, Road-tama, Leroo?", a pink umbrella with a pumpkin head said. The spiky haired teen snapped out of her thoughts.

"Ne, I was just thinking...", Road said to the umbrella. She leaned into her chair and tipped it to its edge. She boredly licked at her lollipop.

"Lero, thinking of what?"

"Nothing!", Road said, leaping off her seat. A red-checkered heart-shaped door appeared in front of her. The door opened up. Road entered it and peered over her shoulder."I'll be back later..."

The ninth disciple's door closed and disappeared. The said door reappeared at an alley in a certain town. Road Camelot got out of the door and glanced at the empty alley then she smiled to herself.

Three level two akumas appeared in front of her and went into their human disguise which is of a nurse."Mistress Road...", one of them began,"... You called for us?"

Road licked on her lollipop."You do know that I've asked other akumas to get a certain patient, right?", she said. They all nodded."They haven't reported back yet... I want you to get that patient and find out what happened to the other akumas. Now go!"

"Yes, Mistress Road!"

The three akumas disappeared. Road gazed at the sky and smiled.'You don't need to worry about finding me, Allen... I can always find you...'