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Tyki stayed behind the two, keeping his gaze at the pale boy. The First Child was right, that Allen felt somewhat familiar.

He just couldn't quite place the feeling but it was almost like he felt like 'family' to him.

Chapter 4 : Buried Memories

They were back to that odd, dark place. The gifts and dolls harmlessy floated off the way as they made their way through the barely litted place. Allen looked down at Road, a smile on his face as he let his friend drag him along. Road's uncle, Tyki Mikk, was just behind them.

"We're almost there!," Allen heard Road said that as they went through the other end of the door.

Allen blinked twice as they arrived into the whitest city the teen had ever seen. Everything was just... too white. Except the plants and animals, of course. All the buildings were painted white. He wouldn't be surprised if the interior were white too.

For such a large place, it was quite surprising at how empty it was.

"... Where are we...?," Allen asked, curious about the foreign surroundings.

"This is the Ark, Allen~ This will be your home from now on," the petite teen told him happily.

"W-wait, what if the Earl refuses to let me stay here?," he asked, obviously worried.

He heard Road's uncle chuckle at that,"Don't worry about that, lad,"he said then placed a hand on the teen's head, gently patting him.

"Tikki's right! I'm sure Millenie will let you stay," Road assured Allen, gently squeezing the hand she was holding. It made him remember that one time she told him about the Earl.

They were sitting together, their backs against each other as the petite girl relayed what had happened to her family's dinner.

"Everything was flying around! Plates, forks, knives... and even the food!"

"They shouldn't waste the food like that," Allen commented with a slight frown.

"I know~ I know~," Road giggled, turning to face the pale teen then gently flicked the other's forehead,"You love food that much, ne?... Anyway, it all stopped when the Earl got hit by the ice cream. We all thought he was going mad that we turned quiet all of a sudden... And then he just laughed like nothing happened~"

"If that was me, I would have snapped already," he said, resting his head on Road's, smiling a bit,"He seems like a pretty patient person.

"He's really nice too~ He helped with my homework even after what happened."

"I wish I could meet him. He seems like a nice person," Allen said.'Just like Mana.'

He had almost forgot about that. He was actually glad that he remembered now. It helped ease some of the worries but he still wasn't sure if he'll allow a stranger like himself to stay at their home. He snapped out of his thoughts as Road waved to someone behind her, making him turn.'Is this the Earl..?,' he wondered as he looked at the round man in front of him. The odd man had the widest smile he'd ever seen and he also has a rather pointy pair of ears. The man's top hat was decorated with a creepy smiling crescent moon. All in all, he doesn't like a normal.. But who was he to judge?

"Oh~ Is this the boy you've telling me about, Road?~…"

'... Why does he look familiar...?'

Back with the exorcists..

Lenalee walked out of the infirmary after the nurse had finished tending her injuries. The chinese exorcist was quite glad that there wasn't any serious damage on her or Lavi.

"Glad to see that you're already out of the Infirmary," a cheerful voice greeted.

".. Lavi," she blinked, looking up at the redhead. A small frown adorned her face as she looked down, clenching her fist tight."... What would happen to that Accomodator now?," she asked softly.

The Bookman apprentice leaned against the side, loosely folding his arms,"He's probably dead already with the Innocence destroyed," he answered in an honest tone. That was the only possible future any accomodator would have in the hands of the enemy.. Unless..

He did recall the teen, Allen, referring to Road as his friend.. And the missing General's sudden appearance. It couldn't be just mere coincidence. If only the General was still there, he could ask him the things that were bothering him now. Not that there was any guarantee that he would answer him.

... That Noah too, she seemed interested in Allen.

He let out a soft sigh, glancing back at Lenalee and patted her in a reassuring manner,"... Don't blame yourself," he told her.

"... B-but.. that boy... He could already be dead now b-because," she trailed off as tears started to form at her eyes.

"... It wasn't your fault," he repeated in a firm tone.


Lavi blinked, raising his hands in defense,"K-komui! I didn't do anything! I swear!"


Once the supervisor calmed down after receiving a kick from Lenalee, Lavi asked,"Have you read the report?"

Komui nodded, adjusting his glasses,"I was actually here to ask something," he said in a rather serious tone.

"... What is it, Nii-san?"


The Earl had invited him to dinner, just to get to know him better. As he walked after the odd man, he couldn't shake off the feeling that he had seen him before... but where and when?

He let out a sigh then sat down beside Road as the maids were serving the food.

"... Would you want me to bring back Mana Walker for you?"

... That...

"You can bring back Mana...?," he asked the stranger who nodded then brought out a metal skeleton figure.

"All you'll have to do is to call his name~"

Allen's eyes widened, dropping down his spoon. Unfortunately, it caught the attention of the other three people who were with him at the dinner hall.

"... Allen, what's wrong?," he heard Road asked.

"... Allen-kun?~"

He felt himself tensed as the Earl called his name. That voice. The same one that had tricked him into turning Mana into a demon. Tears started to flow down his cheeks as memories he had pushed at the back of his mind resurfaced.

"I curse you, Allen!"

So that was when he'd seen him.

"...Y-you...," his words barely audible as he forced himself to look at the Earl,"... You were the one t-that made me turn Mana into an akuma.."

Why did he have to be related to Road? To his only friend?

"... Why?," he choked out, not caring he was crying in front of the man who had been the reasoned his foster-father cursed him,"Why?"



... Why does it have to end up like this?..

'Does God hate me that much..?'

He barely noticed Road embracing him. He saw her say something to her uncle and the Earl but for some reason, he couldn't hear it. The two had left. He felt numb. It was almost like this during that night. He had felt numb then he fell unconscious, only to wake up in that darkness.

He wasn't sure how long they were in that spot. Probably hours.

As his sobs subsided, Road murmured his name,"Allen." The whitette looked down at Road as she wiped away his tears."Give the Earl a chance. He had a reason why he did that."

He was hesitant, of course.

Road noticed then smiled a bit at him,"Please trust me, Allen," she murmured, hugging him again,"Millenie's really a nice guy once you get to know him.

"... O-okay," he finally decided, hugging her back.

Road slipped out of the hug then grabbed her spoon and filled it with soup before raised it to his mouth,"Say 'Aaaaah', Al-chan," she instructed him."You need to eat."

Somehow it made the whitette chuckle a bit, some of the negative emotions he felt earlier simply disappeared. It always amazes him how Road could lighten his mood that easily. He opened his mouth to let the other spoon feed him.

If she says that the Earl is a trustworthy person then maybe.. there had just been some misunderstanding during 'that night'.

"Everything will be fine, Allen."

That was what Road had said after the first time they had met.

And he still believes in those words.


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