Rating - Teen. Rating may rise though, it just depends on what happens.

A/N - Hello to you all! This is my first True Blood story, and it will be a Godric/Sookie fic. This is just a testing chapter, to see if this idea will fly. I was going to start with the scene on the rooftop, but I decided that I should probably begin from when Sookie first met Godric. Input from you guys would be fabulous, and if you spot any mistakes please point them out to me. Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy this!


I stood there watching, and it was horrible. Even though Hugo was a traitor, he didn't deserve to be beat like this. Not in such a terrible manner.

"Stop it!" I yelled in desperation, flinging myself onto Gabe's back. He stumbled backwards under the unexpected weight, slamming me into the metal shelves. I bit back a scream as I felt the impact, a grunt escaping as I dropped to the ground. He roughly grabbed my shoulders, pushing me against the shelves as his hands wrapped around my neck. I had a few horrible seconds of realizing that the last time someone had me by the throat like this, I almost died.

"You and your moron brother think you can make an asshole out of me? That's what you think, huh?" His voice was full of anger and vicious intent, and I felt the panic spike in my stomach.

"Get your filthy hands off me!" I managed to choke out, pushing his face away with my hand. I really did not like where this situation was going.

"What's wrong, your own kind not good enough for you, huh?" He had pushed his head forward again, his eyes glinting with malice as he watched me struggle against him. "How about I show you what you've been missing?"

That last sentence filled me with absolute dread. My eyes widened as I realized – he wasn't just going to beat me up. I couldn't keep the panic quelled anymore, and instinct took over as I screamed.

He threw me onto the floor by my neck, and I gasped as I inhaled a full breath of air. He grabbed the hem of my dress, glancing at me as he scrunched it up in his hands.

"No! No!" He slapped me across the face – hard, pulling up the bottom of my dress.

No, no, no!

"Yeah, show me how you scream for that big, fat vampire cock," he snarled, ripping buttons off as he tried to tear my dress off me. I rolled onto my stomach – screaming all the while – in the vain hope of being able to claw my way away from him. He dragged me towards him, my hands scraping the floor as I tried to find something, anything to grab onto.

"Scream for me, baby!"

And then, suddenly, I couldn't feel his weight on me. I couldn't feel his filthy, disgusting hands on my thighs as he tried to expose me, to rape me.

I scrambled around to see Gabe being lifted by the back of his shirt – and I would be lying if I said I didn't get some satisfaction out of hearing his choked grunts – by a very young man. He was pale, but handsome, in an otherworldly way. He had a patterned tattoo etched on his left arm, and I could see glimpses of more on the parts of flesh he had showing. His eyes were hard as he gazed at my almost-rapist, until he turned to look at me.

His eyes were still hard, but they had an edge to them, like he was assessing me. I forced myself to swallow, before it dawned on me. I squinted slightly as I really looked at him, trying to fit the pieces together in my head.