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She didn't have work the next day.

Sookie had mixed feelings about this, as she loved her days off, but didn't relish the prospect of being home all day with her thoughts. Her naked, sexy thoughts.


And she didn't even have her usual fallback of cleaning her house to occupy her hands. Thanks to Eric, the place was spotless. Gran herself would have looked around with owlish astonishment at how the well-worn surfaces sparkled and gleamed for the first time in decades. Sookie instantly felt annoyed at him again, for making her dead Gran feel deficient at cleaning her own house. Poor Gran. Stupid Eric.

So instead, Sookie sat in front of the tv watching daytime garbage. Ugh. She gave Maury a glance. Then reruns of Geraldo. Then the Oxygen network. (Who watched that trash?) Then finally settled on the local craft channel. Some sweet old biddy was walking her through the finer points of making a gourd birdhouse when a knock on her door made her jump.

Eric, her mind leapt to his name with forbidden excitement.

Her rational side roared with anger. "Shut up," she told herself out loud as she got up and headed to the entryway. It wasn't even two o'clock in the afternoon. He wasn't about to waltz through there in the middle of the day. And even if he did, she wasn't about to get all feverish about it. It was just Eric. She'd seen him a million times before. It was nothing new.

Except the next time, he's going to tear all your clothes off and fuck you blind.

"Shut up!" she said just as she opened the door.

The man on the other side flinched at her sudden appearance and shout. Sookie's eyes widened at her own shocking rudeness. "Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry. I w-was... talking to someone else."

She noticed the pelican ballcap over the messy brown hair and realized it was the same man who'd delivered the deed to her house at Merlotte's. She smiled automatically. "Hello again."

The man simply blinked. There was no recognition in his stare as her held out a package and his electronic pad. "Pelican Couriers," he parroted to her, totally oblivious. "Sign here, please."

Sookie took the pad and signed her name, wondering if the man ever said anything else in his eight-hour work day. He took it back and handed her the small parcel. "Nice day."

"You too," she said to his already-retreating form. He was off her porch and into his truck before she'd shut her front door.

How can anyone grow up in the South and behave that rudely? Sookie shook her head. Lord, she'd never know. Even Jason, who had shiny rocks for brains, would have tipped his hat, smiled and called her ma'am. There was just no good excuse.

Sookie looked down at the package in her hands as she walked back into the living room and sat down in front of her hobby show.

A box. A plain, smooth black box. About twelve-by-twelve inches and only an inch deep. There was no address on the outside and no indication of the sender. Like she needed one. This box was obviously from him. And she had a good idea of what it was.

Sookie snorted in anger at its small, lingerie-esque size.

God only knew what he'd sent for her to wear. Probably a leather thong, or leapard-print handcuffs, or whatever. She pulled off the snug lid and tossed it on the floor. Instead of finding tissue paper and naughty undies, Sookie found herself staring at loose packets of rectangular paper. She picked them up and fanned them out in her hands.

Plane tickets.

Dozens of them. Two first class on Anubis Air going to a dizzying number of cities. Cairo. New York. Paris. Tokyo. Berlin. Sydney. Rio de Janiero. Prague. Bangkok. Moscow. Stockholm. A familiar piece of white paper was attached to the top ticket, the one for Istanbul. Eric consoled her through the elaborate flick of his pen.

You'll never be a shut-in. I'll show you anything. Everything.


The tickets fell from her shaking hands.

Sookie took a deep breath. For a girl who'd never left her tiny hometown, she felt lightheaded at the idea of seeing these exotic places that she'd only read about in books and seen in movies. Random cities, too. She was sure she only had to ask, and Eric would change them to any destination she liked. Maybe somewhere in Italy or Spain. She'd always liked the idea of them. Not that she'd turn down any of the places he'd chosen. She had no concept of them. Hell, she didn't even have a passport.

Slowly, she bent over and started picking up the tickets, one by one, and setting them back in the box. Ever the organizer, she carefully mated the twin tickets together before stacking them in a tidy pile.

Sometimes - just sometimes - it felt like Eric owned the whole world.

She set the box on the coffee table. Her mind whispered treachery as her fingers caressed its corners. Run away with him, it cooed. Make love to him on every continent. Hold him close every night and moan as he drinks from you. Forget if you love him. Just lust him. Have fun. Make it easy for him. He's tried so hard to win you.

It would be so easy. Ridiculously easy. He was so handsome, so rich, so persuasive. Girls did it every day, right? Give into one-night stands? And adultery? Total strangers in bars who smiled sweet and bought the drinks?

Sookie shivered. Yes. Giving into Eric would be easy. Surely a million women had succumbed to his charms, and with zero hesitation. She settled back into her sofa, her head tipping up along the back. Her little silver (lead) buddies greeted her from the ceiling, floating placidly, as if waiting for the roof to vanish so they could continue their trip to the stratosphere.

Eric plus Sookie. Lead Balloon Forever.

Easy. Yeah, right.

Sookie knew damn well that making love to Eric tonight would be anything but easy. Touching him like she wanted to. Kissing him like she wanted to. She had only given in once before and the result had nearly made her lose her mind. Eric's lips had haunted her ever since, even chasing her into her dreams. The way he'd swooped in and just taken what he'd wanted. The way he'd held her face and pressed his mouth to hers again and again. The way he tasted different from the few other men she'd kissed. The way he moved different. The way she had to fight upwards to get to him, climbing him like a damn tree and nearly shrieking with pleasure when he lowered, fighting to get to her.

She was worried. Very worried. Once she gave into him again, it was a real possibility that she wouldn't want to come back.

Grunting with exasperation, she jumped off the sofa, grabbed her house keys and headed for the door.

She needed a walk.


Eric blinked awake the moment the sun slipped below the horizon.

The first thing he noticed was the sweet, clean narcotic that was Sookie's blood coursing through his system. It had been a little over a week, and since he'd eaten no one else, she shimmered and laughed in his blood without any dilution. He closed his eyes briefly, letting the sensation wash over him.

To think that he'd once mocked Bill Compton for being exclusive to her.

Eric understood now. To drink Sookie was to... He didn't even know. He had no comparison. Not even his turning had been this transforming.

But she was more than merely transforming.

Again, he was at a loss for an explanation, even though he knew the facts about her. After spending a millenium of drinking humans - of smelling their body odor and tasting their poor health and disease - this little girl had crossed his path. One that was devoid of the smell of sweat and the slow decay that eventually drove all humans into the ground. That alone made her priceless. It was extremely pleasant to taste a human free from the olfactory reminders of death. But there were... other considerations. The kittenish sound of her voice, even when she was yelling at him. The fact that she yelled at him in the first place. The arch of her brow, the one that made her look impish, even when the rest of her face was the picture of innocence. The slender set of her shoulders and the flare of her hips. The way she moved. The way she smiled. Even the little gap between her teeth made him ache to bare his throat to her and let her mark him a dozen times, even if they disappeared instantly.

All of these factors were clouding his judgment. He couldn't seem to see beyond her.

And now, tonight, she was going to be his.

The thought propelled him from his sleeping place and launched him into the night sky.

Yes, he purred inwardly. Mine. Her body wrapped around me. The scrape of her little gold earrings under my tongue as I suck her lobe into my mouth. The way she'll gasp my name when I slide into her again and again and again. I'm going to part those dimpled knees and burn between them for hours. I'll take her in every room, on every surface, until the sun threatens to kill me in her bed.

The inevitability of them made him roar.

After all of this time. First watching her with Bill, then for an entire year when she disappeared without a trace. Eric wasn't sure which situation had made him crazier. Another vampire's scent on her had always left him with a bad taste in his mouth. Then again, not smelling her at all for a year had destabilized him somewhat. After he'd bought her home, he'd disgusted himself with how many times he'd entered it, wandering through the ruined hallways, squatting low in her dark bedroom, inhaling over and over, furious that with each inhalation, her scent grew fainter. It was like even the house was forgetting her. It enraged him. It had taken a lot of resolve on his part to begin the renovations. The need to have her home ready for her if (no, when) she got home was more important than preserving her scent, which paint and wood stain would obliterate.

When she'd returned, soft and sweet and naked from her shower, it had taken every ounce of restraint not to take her right there on her floor. Bill might choose to be a fucking idiot and allow her to leave his life, ever the martyred gentleman, but Eric was hell-bent on keeping her in his. Sookie was made to be a vampire's companion. He was through waiting in line, biding his time, giving her space.

Bon Temps was just ahead. He shot forward.

Waiting. Biding. Giving. He was fucking done.

Above the trees of her home, he saw her walking up to her front door, the porch light bouncing softly off of her golden head. She was in a pale blue sundress and bare feet. She smelled like the forest in the summertime. And even from his bird's eye view, he could sense the soft, thoughtful set of her features.

Yes. He was going to eat her alive.

She was just about to open her door when Eric shot down from the sky and snatched her.

Sookie yelped in fear as she was grabbed from behind. An impossibly strong arm banded around her waist. A rough hand buried itself in her loose hair and tugged her head to one side. A void mind thought nothing but static at her.

"No!" she gasped raggedly. Oh, God. It had actually happened. A vampire had found her. It had waited for her to come out of her house, then pounced on her. She was dead. Dead dead dead dead.

Her panicked mind reached out for Eric as she clawed for the door. Help me! She cried out through their weak bond. Help me, baby. Please! They're going to kill me!

A cold nose burrowed between her shoulder and her ear and inhaled hard and deep.

"No," a scratchy voice answered. "You're safe. It's me."

Eric felt her fear ease instantly.


His hand at her waist went flat against her stomach. He inhaled again, letting his lips press against the warm, sweet skin at her pulse. He was going to do much more tonight. He saw no reason to hold back now.

She shivered and plucked at his fingers on her stomach, halfheartedly trying to pull them away. "You s-scared me."

He grunted, but said nothing, opening his mouth against her and tonguing her just beneath her ear. Over her head, he pushed her door open and walked them haltingly inside.

Sookie laughed nervously, trying to disengage and look at him over her shoulder. "Eager, are we?"

"I only have eleven hours."

She huffed again, noticing that he wasn't letting her go, not even to turn around in his arms. "Exactly. Why don't you take off your coat and stay awhile? There's no hurry."

Eric pulled away from her throat and turned her around himself. The pink blush on her cheeks and her downturned eyes told him that she was embarrassed. He cupped her face. "Are you offering me a beer, lover? Want us to cuddle on the sofa while we watch a movie?"

Sookie's eyes widened when he hands slid down her body and cupped her ass through her dress, grinding her into the brick of his thighs and abdomen. He lowered. God, it was hard to pay attention when he lowered like that.

"There's only one thing I want. And I want it now."

Sookie's cheeks grew even redder. He wouldn't let her look down, so she closed her eyes, blocking him out. "I know that."

The shaky, soft quality of her voice made him pull away slightly. "Have you changed your mind?"

Her heart smacked against her ribs at his question. Her eyes darted to meet his again. "No! No...I just..."

Her whole body felt flustered when he smirked at her answer. She swallowed and tried to finish. "No, I haven't changed my mind. It's just that..."

His brow quirked upwards, waiting. Sookie let her fingers follow a hesitant path up his biceps, letting them settle lightly on his shoulders, holding him as he held her.

"Just what, Sookie?" Eric wasn't sure he'd be able to restrain himself long enough to let her answer. The color of her blush, her demur behavior, they made his mouth and groin tingle with the need for penetration.

She bit her lip. "I'm not very experienced at this, Eric. You're only my... my second."

He stilled. "Second vampire."

She shook her head. "Second anything."

Eric didn't respond. Nor did he move a muscle. Sookie stood in his arms and waited nervously.

"You gave him your virginity."

Sookie tried to pull away, embarrassed again. The conversation had taken a very personal, humiliating turn. "Yes. I suppose I can't give you everything I gave Bill."

She tried to retreat, but Eric snatched her up again, pressing their fronts against each other. He held her face. "Quiet," he cooed softly, tracing her hairline. Sookie closed her eyes, leaning into the caress against her will. "I marvel at being your second," he whispered. "And also at being your last."

Sookie jerked back. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," she snorted softly.

"I'm not," he answered, staring her down her turning her iron will into tepid mush. His index finger landed lightly on the tip of her nose. Sookie smiled. He smiled back. "I won't push hard, if you don't want me to. I'll accept your beer and sit quietly on the sofa with you."

Sookie smile widened and she shook her head, taking his hand. Leading him up the stairs, she chortled. "What would you do with a beer, exactly?"

He followed, taking stealthy steps behind her naked little heels. "Watch it go flat in my hand. Show you that I'm willing to pretend in order to make you comfortable."

He watched her hair dance over her shoulders as she shook her head again. "The last thing I want is more pretending, Eric. It's just another kind of lying."

She paused in the door frame of her bedroom. Eric looked in over her head at her modest, well-made queen bed. He lowered to her ear again. "No lies, then. I want to destroy this room. I want you underneath me when the bed collapses. I want to fuck you against this door until the hinges buckle." He slid a single finger down the frame as she watched from the corner of her eye. "I want the floorboards to groan as you ride me like you never want to stop. Sookie," he rubbed her hips as she moaned at his words, "know that I've never been more honest in my life when I tell you that I want you. Eleven hours is nothing."

Sookie turned. In the dark, his light skin gleamed in the moonlight. It didn't even occur to her to turn on the lights. She inhaled shakily. She took one step backwards. Into her room.

"Come' ere."

Eric cocked his head. He didn't move.

Sookie took another step back. She crooked her finger. "Come. Here."

Eric took one step. It equaled her two with no trouble and he stood directly in front of her. Trembling, she reached up to him, touching his face with the tips of her fingers. He didn't blink, staring directly into her eyes.

Watching her fingers, she spoke. "No lies, then. I...I...love how you kiss me."

"I've only kissed you once."

"I remember."

He continued to skewer her with his gaze. "No lies. I kissed you, then the next night you vanished. Do you have any idea how mad you drove me when you left?"

"Hm. Are you saying you missed me?"


This close to him, she could feel his anger radiating between their pressed forms. Where Bill had given up and mourned her, Eric had agonized and lived in cruel hope. He was furious at her. He had missed her. She wondered if he'd relived that kiss for twelve whole months, wondering if he'd ever get another. Sookie nodded, then to both of their surprise, stood delicately on tiptoe and tilted her chin.

She pressed her lips to his.

At first, he did nothing. After such a violent assault in his office, he stood stone-still as the little fairy explored the shape of his lips, her tongue making soft, warm swipes against them.

"I'm sorry," she murmured, her eyes slipping closed, nudging gently against his mouth. "You may not believe me, but I didn't mean to leave."

Two rough hands gripped her upper arms, making her gasp. Eric's kiss came alive against hers, his tongue plunging into her mouth and plumbing it softly. They attacked each other. Sookie felt how much he'd missed her though his jeans. Eric heard her excitement with each breathy little moan.

"Give me something," he demanded quietly, running his hands up and down her. "As recompense for your leaving me."

"What?" she asked.

"A secret," he suggested. "No lies now. Tell me something about you that no one else knows."

She was quiet for a moment, simply arching into his hands like a kitten and returning his kiss over and over.

She plunged her fingers into his hair. "The...water," she whimpered against him. "I'm afraid of the water. I can't swim. Even pictures of the ocean scare me."

He growled low. The vibrations filled her mouth and made her light-headed. "You'll learn," he promised her darkly. "When I take you to Rio, I'll rent an entire beach for you. I'll teach you to swim. You'll never be afraid again."

The plane tickets. She made a mental note to tell him later that she was flattered, but wasn't sure about the whole whirlwind tour idea. Sookie shivered in his hands, pulling him further into the room.

"Don't sharks hunt at night?" she pointed out.

"I'll kill all the sea monsters. The ocean will be as safe as a kiddie pool for you."

She linked her forearms behind his head, dragging him even closer.

"Tell me," she entreated, nearing the bed. "Tell me a secret. Something no one knows."

He pulled back and thumbed longingly under her eyes. "Another kind of water distresses me, lover." He leaned down and kissed the soft skin just below her lashes. "Your tears bother me. Like nothing else before."

Sookie smiled under his lips. "Then don't make me cry, Eric."


Her smiled widened. His thumb ran between her parted lips, following the line of her teeth. He looked absolutely fascinated. She supposed it was normal. She'd read somewhere that Vikings had been fanatical mapmakers. Maybe this was him learning the topography of her face, memorizing every line. Gently, she sucked the digit deeper into her mouth, laving it with her velvety tongue. His eyes went glassy at the sensation.

She tugged at his dark t-shirt. "Take off your clothes."

He grabbed the hem and arched out of it in a blink, tossing it aside. He yanked her against him. Her palms magnetically found his pecs, stroking them appreciatively. He tugged her dress down, leaving her in her underwear.

Her arms instinctively moved inwards, wanting to cover herself. This man had seen thousands of perfect women. She knew she was a far cry from busty, or tall, or elegant. He stopped her, hissing in disapproval.

"Let me see you."

"You can," she argued quietly. "I'm just-,"

She gasped when he fisted in her hair and jerked her head to one side, his other hand tracing her clavicles. His eyes were plain eating her up.

"These," he purred to the wing-like bones, "are lovely. Very graceful."

Without warning, he tore her plain white bra away. Sookie startled, taking a step back, the backs of her knees hitting her mattress. His hands closed over the warm, throbbing swells.

"And these," he squeezed gently, making her gasp, "are fucking exquisite. Once you agree to be mine, I'll spend entire nights sucking them raw."

"Oh, God," she whimpered, jerking her head to the side, her eyes running from his. But there was no escaping his voice.

"Have you ever come that way, lover? I can tell by your heart rate how sensitive they are." He massaged her nipples, making them peak and hardened into pearls.

The very thought made her thighs clench together, desperate to contain the wetness she felt pooling there. She'd barely been touched, and yet she'd never been touched like this. "No."

He inhaled sharply and growled. "You will," he promised. "I'll make you come every way there is."

Sookie, furious at herself for trembling and nearly fainting at his dark, sexy words, let Fairy Sookie speak. "You promise?"

At that, he grinned like a rabid wolf. "Oh, little girl. You have no fucking idea what's in store for you."

He shot forward and buried his nose in her throat again. "You smell so good when you want me," he goaded, shoving her backward onto the bed. Sookie fell, her ass bouncing as she shrieked playfully and scurried back, grinning.

He slowly opened his belt and unzipped his pants, daring her to watch. "You smell that good everywhere?"

Her eyes sparked. "No idea."

Eric shucked out of his jeans. Naked and beautiful, Sookie took a long, steadying breath as she stared at what was waiting for her. His cock was granite hard, throbbing angrily under her gaze. He watched as her lips parted slightly, the tip of her tongue wetting them and making him even harder.

"It's for you," he hissed. "Ever since we met, no matter who I was with, this was for you."

"I...uh..." Sookie swallowed, unable to look away. "I...Can I have it, then?"

He knuckled onto the mattress, grabbing her calves and yanking her towards him. "Such pretty legs," he mused as he slid his rough hands up their silky lengths. His fingers reached the fragile border of her panties, trespassing just underneath them.

"You still certain you want it? I said wanted to destroy everything in this room," he looked up at her. "Starting with your tight little pussy."

The halting, whimpering sound she made only spurred him on.

"Yes," she whispered. "I want it... you, I mean. Want you."

Her panties were torn off in an instant. She was buck naked under the most powerful man in the southern states. Sookie watched in modest horror as he dove headfirst between her thighs and drew a frighteningly deep breath. She tried to close her legs against his visceral exploration.

"No," he plastered her thighs wide open and took a long, wet lick across her entire length. She cried out in pleasure.

"No, Eric-," she protested weakly, trying to escape.

"Holy fuck," he backed up and ran his tongue along the roof of his mouth, processing her taste in utter disbelief. "You cannot taste this good, lover. It isn't possible."

"I don't," she replied, appalled and amazed at the look on his face as he lowered again to scent her most private area. Again, she tried to pull out of his grasp.

"Mine!" he spat at her, clutching her legs and licking her up again, sending cool, devastating bolts of electricity through her. She spasmed beneath him, arching into his mouth against her will.

"Please." Sookie wasn't sure if she was asking for more or begging him to stop. Eric chose the first, his lips sealing over her clit and sucking it without mercy. Sookie flailed and sobbed against the unexpected ecstasy that shot up her spine.

"Your cunt is Heaven," he growled, peppering it with adoring kisses. "I knew it would be." And he had. Just not to this degree. He'd always been able to smell her sex and knew it would be delicious, but this was ridiculous. She was... just... he had no word. Addictive, he supposed. He dove into her searing flesh, tonguing every last drop as she readied for him.

Sookie's body overtook her mouth and made it speak without her. "Make me come, baby."

His growl grew impossibly loud with pleasure as he complied, spearing two fingers knuckle-deep into her tight, wet core and pressing into the trembling nerves there. His tongue battered her poor little clit and Sookie screamed, unable to take the stimulation. She fell into her orgasm, crying his name, black spots detonating in her vision. The second man she'd taken to bed crawled up her shivering body and looked into her eyes with accusation.

"Your cream tastes just as good as your blood." His words sounded like blame.

Oh, yeah? Well, two can play at that game. "W-what about you? What do you taste like?"

The question provoked the thin bond between them, making it pulse with need.

"Sssssookie," he warned quietly. "Don't play with me."

"I like playing."

"You know perfectly well that vampires do not emit."

Sookie shimmied her naked body beneath his, getting lower, level with his chest. "That a fact?" There was no way in hell she was just going to lie there quietly and let Eric blow her brains out. This wasn't just about him collecting a trophy. She wanted him every bit as much. It was time to show him so. She flattened her tongue and ran it wetly from his sternum to his throat. Eric hissed, tilting his head back, his fangs clicking, unable to stay hidden any longer. Sookie moaned softly. Oh, no. He was very much mistaken.

"You know what you remind me of?" she crooned against the notch between his collarbones. "When it's boiling hot outside and I desperately need ice water. I run into the house and pour myself a huge cupful, with with so much ice, there's hardly any room for anything else. I need it so bad... I actually lick the sweat collecting on the glass. That sweat is even better than the water in the cup." She rolled her tongue in the notch and made him rumble with pleasure. "You taste like those drops of water. Like liquid ice when it's so hot I can't even think."

"Are you too hot now, lover?"

She reached between their straining forms and fisted him. Hard. Sookie gasped. Her fingers barely fit around him. Eric growled in a language she didn't understand. She loved when he did that. She tightened her hold and was rewarded with more foreign praise. Gently, she brought his tip to her outer folds, skimming them together.

"Can't you tell?" she whimpered. "Can't you feel how bad I need something cold?"

Eric dragged her back up to his face. His fists were buried in her hair, keeping her head firmly on the pillow. He glared at her. "I'm going to fuck you, Sookie Stackhouse," he outlined sternly. "Then I'm going to drink you. And then you're going to drink me. And from tonight on, you're going to be mine."

Sookie arched into his crude, possessive assumption and pressed him slowly inside of her aching core. "Let's just start with the first one."

She moaned in the sexiest voice imaginable as his huge, cool cock slid all the way to the hilt. "Oh, my God," she murmured, locking her legs tightly around the small of his back.

"Fuck!" he barked, bowing down hard into her body. Heat exploded all around him as a warm-blooded mortal accepted him completely. He grit his teeth against the sheer agony of being gloved so tightly. She felt so good it was obscene. Warm and wet and welcoming him like they'd been apart their whole lives, longing to be reunited in this intimate way. But Sookie was more than mortal. Eric withdrew and plunged again, disbelieving as the same wave of luminous happiness met his downstroke for the second time. Micro-ripples hugged his rigid shaft, dancing around it with the tickling dexterity of champagne bubbles. It was otherworldly in pleasure. He'd never felt anything like it. He grunted and swore loudly. "What the fuck are you doing to me?" he accused.

Not understanding, Sookie immediately reached up and framed his face, her pleasured expression dimming with worry. "Wha..why? What's wrong?" She paused, her face blanching. "Am I doing something wrong? Oh God, I am, aren't I? This was a mistake, I knew it, I-,"

She screamed as Eric grabbed her wrists and slammed them down on the mattress. Her eyes grew round as he loomed down, drilling her with a frightening stare that she'd never seen on him before. He looked deranged.

Fighting himself for control, Eric tried to soften as best he could. He could not afford to scare her. "Ssshhhh," he shook his head, several strands of blonde hair bouncing with the motion. His hips retreated and lunged again, filling her up. Sookie's eyes fluttered, her spine arching towards him, begging for more. "No mistake," he grunted, setting a careful pace.

Sookie bit her lip, her fingers lacing shyly through his on either side of her. "No?"

He squeezed her fingers reassuringly before letting her hands go, satisfied that she wouldn't try to uncouple them. "No," he soothed. "You feel... Oh, Sookie... There is no word for you."

A nervous smile flitted over her lips. Her hands pressed sweetly into his back, warming him up as she learned the shape of his body. She sighed happily, lifting up and raining soft kisses down the pale column of his throat. "Okay."

Her legs tightened their hold on him as she rolled her hips in time with his, memorizing his tempo, exploring his larger proportions and how they made her feel delicate and shielded from the rest of the world. He leaned down and kissed her again. She could taste herself on his lips. It was pleasantly clean and inoffensive. Her fingers speared into his hair and she held him in place, her tongue invading the cool recesses of his mouth, moving expertly around his fangs.

She pulled back slightly. "More," she whispered against his lips. "Harder."

"Yes," he gritted, obeying.

The bubbling light shot through his system as Sookie's body yielded to him over and over. The sounds vibrating through his ribcage filled the room as Eric increased his force between her creamy thighs. Before he knew it, he was pounding in earnest, unable and unwilling to slow down. His little fairy loved it, shivering and gasping and making it fucking difficult to stay in control.

But he couldn't control this.

There was only one comparison for it. A sight he'd seen many times without tiring of it, exploded through his mind and he groaned at its splendor. The mere sight of the aurora borealis, the stunning phenomenon of his homeland, paled miserably to experiencing it bodily.

He was making love to that same dancing, dazzling light.

"Norðrljós," he hissed at her.

"What?" she looked up dazedly at him.

"I was wrong. There is a word for you," he answered with dark pleasure. "As a man, the only magic I ever witnessed was the Northern Lights. Pieces of sunshine dancing in the night sky." He looked triumphant, like he'd discovered her deepest, darkest secret. "You are that light. You are everything I've lost," he moaned hotly, plunging deeper and growling with pride as Sookie clutched him tighter. "And I've captured you now."

Sookie shook her head. "You already have everything. Everything."

"Nothing important," he retorted, taking another dive into her. "I want Norðrljós. I want my sunshine at night. I want you."

Sookie smiled impishly against his shoulder. "Aurora borealis happens at night," she pointed out. "You can see it whenever you want."

He chuckled, rolling them until they almost fell off the bed. Sookie squealed, giggling as she held him close to keep them from parting. "Little smart mouth," he accused. "Fuck those lights. I. Want. You."

"Hey," she snipped, gripping his forearms and wrestling him back. She delighted at his rumbling laughter as he let her win, allowing himself to be pushed onto his back. She hovered above him, sinking all the way onto his cock and whimpering with pleasure. "I told you. Sex first. Discussion second. Possibly agree to be yours third."

His rough palms cupped her waist, holding her in place as he pumped ruthlessly upward. He bared his fangs at her, wordlessly daring her to ask for soft and sweet. "You will agree, fairy. Every drop of your blood is telling me that you...love...this." He drove up hard with each word.

Sookie moaned and shut her eyes tight. Smug bastard. She grabbed his hand from her hip and drew his index finger to her mouth. He wasn't the only one who could play dirty. "Speaking of blood drops," she purred throatily. "I owe you a condition."

She bit down. Not gently. The skin behind his first knuckle broke beneath her teeth. Eric grunted in angry pleasure, the pain of such a blunt bite throwing spice into his enjoyment. Sookie immediately sucked the thin creek of blood. Light exploded behind her eyes as the ancient, potent elixir tore into her system. Her pleasure turned to unbearable orgasm in a flash. She screamed. Eric roared in ecstasy as her petite body seized and dragged him deeper, squeezing him so tightly that all of his superior vampiric senses failed. Blind, deaf and unable to think, he came viciously hard inside her, his warmed seed spilling deep in its rightful place. Still drinking him in, Sookie's screams turned to breathy, sexy sobs, her hips still rotating and stealing every last drop from her new lover.

With a final moan, she collapsed, burrowing under his chin, shivering.

They said nothing for the longest time. Sookie's heart sang when his arms folded around her back, his hands making long, cool swipes up and down her spine. She closed her eyes and just allowed herself to feel his caress. She barely knew this Eric. He was proving to be gentle and sweet and ruthlessly honest. None of those words had ever described him before. She sighed and decided to let them describe her as well. She placed a soft, soothing kiss on his chest. They lay joined, and she was filled to the brim with his come. There was no reason to hide her affection for him anymore.

"Was it what you expected?" she asked quietly.


Sookie blinked and said nothing. Eric felt the ticklish flick of her long lashes against his skin. Through their strengthened bond, he felt her insecurity surface. His grip tightened.

"No," he said again, chastising her for taking his answer the wrong way. "I told you before. You are magnificent. Making love to you is unlike anything in the world." He used both hands to cup her head to him, willing his sincerity to her. He smirked when he felt a trail of baby kisses resume on his chest. He'd always known that Sookie would be an affectionate lover. Each kiss left a little pool of warmth and he loathed it as they cooled.

"And what about you?" he goaded playfully. "Was I what you expected?"

Sookie snorted delicately from under his chin. "Fishing for compliments, Lothario? Seriously?"

"I thought we were being honest with each other tonight."

Her lips pursed with bad grace, her eyes rolling. "And I'm honestly pretty sure you know that you're good in bed. That was never my concern."

"Merely good?"

"Oh-kay," she singsonged with strained patience, starting to pull away from his chest. Her hips lifted fractionally away from his and Eric snarled as a single inch of air found its way between them. His hands, which had been gently tracing her ribs, turned to steel in a flash. He tugged her back, resheathing himself in that inch, gripping her ass to make sure she didn't lift again.

"No," he commanded. "Tease me all you like. But do not move."

Sookie, disliking being restrained, wiggled and strained on top of him. Sure, he felt unbelievably good inside her, but he wasn't the boss of her. "Don't tell me what to do," she snipped.

Her wiggling wasn't helping her cause and Eric tightened his hold, arching beneath her, enjoying her movements as they stimulated his cock back to life. Sookie gasped as she felt him harden again. She stopped struggling and undulated against him, making them both moan in unison. Fine. Teasing it is, then.

"My bed is still standing," she noted, swirling him inside her. "So's my door. So's my furniture." She sat up on top of him and looked down haughtily. "You're awfully limp-wristed at wrecking a room."

His eyes went dark at her aspersion. "I can turn this house into a pile a matchsticks within minutes. Never think otherwise."

Her pussy sparkled around him and Eric almost missed her reply. "That the only kind of wood you're good at making?"

Roaring at her audacity, Eric had Sookie across the room and against the door in a flash. Sookie screamed as her body was flayed wide open against the cold plane as he drove up hard into her tight folds.

"Yes!" she called out, her head tilting back as he proved what else he was good at.

Eric pistoned deep, howling with pleasure. No woman had ever had the balls to bait him during sex. He would probably have killed them for such offense. But Sookie was not only proving to be an affectionate lover, but a playful one. She knew he was good. Damn good. Now she was testing how good a sport he was.

He looped his elbows under her knees, pressing his hands into the door, splaying her wide and sliding deep. "You think you're so adorable, don't you? Batting your eyes and pissing me off like this?"

Sookie arched her back against the door, pressing into his punishment and cooing wildly. "Don't...stop...oh, God!" She gripped his shoulders so tightly that bloody half-moons formed under her nails.

"You think I can stop? You think I can go a single night without fucking my adorable little fairy and drinking her blood? I'll never stop. She's mine!"

Sookie shook the clouds from her eyes and stared at him, wide and blinking. "I'm not-,"

Eric pressed his thumb into her clit and rubbed firmly. Sookie's words turned into a stuttering moan as he successfully shut her up. "Yes, you are," he argued hotly. "My beautiful, insolent, disrespectful little sweetheart."

She cried out, helpless against her desire. She dragged his lips to hers and devoured them. "Shut up," she pleaded, unable to fight his claim when he was making her feel so fuckin' fantastic. "Shut up and just fuck me."

Eric hitched her higher, lifting and lowering her hard onto the skewer of his dick. She made the cutest hiccuping squeak as he sped up. "Yes," she whispered. "I love how you feel in me."

A dark, slithering growl. "Tell me you love me."

Sookie murmured, shaking her head, her lips brushing across his with the movement. "No."

"No lies, remember? Tell me right now. Say you love me."

"I can't," she said. "Not like this."

He slammed her between himself and the wall, stilling inside her. She squeaked in disappointment, placing coaxing kisses against his throat, urging him to continue.

"No lies," he hissed angrily. "You asked for this. You brought me into your bed. Now you tell me that I have your heart."

"Eric," she pleaded softly, stroking his neck and shoulders, butting her forehead into the scratchy line of his jaw. "Please. I need you so much. Don't stop."

"Needing me is not enough."

"Why does it matter so much? We can talk about it later, right? Why can't we just enjoy each other?"

He reached up and cupped her cheek, his fingers teasing lightly in her hair. "I refuse to spend all night losing myself to you, only to hear you say it was an interesting experiment and nothing more."

Her kisses froze on his chin. "You think I'm that cold?"

"I think you're that stubborn."

She pulled back, the softness gone from her expression. Her head thumped softly against the door as she took a long, hard look at him. Even like this, wrapped around his body and begging for the best sex of her life, Sookie found it easy to want to slap him. She turned her head to the side. "Bite me," she said.

Eric flinched in her arms. "Not until you answer me."

"I owe you a final payment. I'd like for you to take it now, while we're together like this."

"I won't collect a debt from you ever again, Sookie. From now on, you'll feed me because you love me. Because our sessions feel fucking amazing. Because you enjoy making me strong."

She bit her lip, leaning forward again and nosing under his jaw. "What about the others who feed you? The others who love you?" She knew there were dozens who agreed to nurture him and countless fans who worshiped the ground he walked on. She hated the very thought of them.

He tightened his hold on her. "Fuck everyone else. I only want you."

She swallowed slowly, closing her eyes. "Do I really have your heart, Eric? You said... you said that I did."

He captured her face and made her open her eyes. When she did, he rewarded her with a slow, deliberate renewal of his thrusts. Sookie whimpered her thanks, locking her forearms around his neck. He nodded. "Yes," he conceded finally. "You have my heart, lover. You are my heart."

Sookie inhaled sharply, kissing him hard and fast before turning her head to the side, baring herself to him.

"I love you."

Eric hissed in triumph and bit down. Sookie climaxed in his arms, strangling him with her supple limbs as she rode wave after wave of blinding pleasure. He pumped hard twice more, jetting inside of her, growling against her throat as he took his release and his nourishment from his mate.

"Mine," he mutter wetly, his fangs, arms and cock refusing to let go.

Sookie cinched herself tighter around him, letting her head fall into the perfect spot on his shoulder, no longer able to deny that she'd fed Eric from the very beginning for all the reasons he'd described.

She put her lips to his ear and whispered. "And mine."