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"Dancing is an art that combines many opposites. A dancer may be as graceful and beautiful as an angel from heaven above, but they way they move can enchant and tempt you like a demon's promise." - the unknown owner of Sin's Temptations, world renowned dance group, 5249 ADW (After Dogma War)

He remembered the first time he saw her dance…

They all lay resting in the seedy little inn at Albana, tired from both the seemingly endless trek through the blistering hot Lagnish Desert and the recent events that clouded their minds, particularly Caesar's. His mind seemed to always be replaying the events that had only occurred almost two days ago but at the same time felt both like an eternity since then and as if only a few seconds had passed. More had happened to him in that span of only a couple of measly hours than anything else had in his entire life. The most important of which was namely the revelation that it was indeed Caesar, immature heir to an entire city, was the pact-maker to Larvayne, the once feared Dragon Knight from an era long ago. In those minutes though, he had not only witnessed the death of Belcitane; and as horrible as the man was it was still a shock to see him murdered by his Farian comrade, but the passing of his father as well.

It was after these bizarre and saddening turn of events that he agreed to join Leonard and his group in the search for the Princess Cisna, and if only to find Medius and find out he answers to the past he didn't remember. Sitting at one of the worn tables and valiantly trying to shake out as much of the coarse sand he could out of his armour, he now almost regretted the decision to come along. No where, he had decided, was as evil and torturous as the desert he had spent the better part of the day crossing. Even know, after spending hours cleaning his armour, Caesar was still finding sand wedged into places he had no idea even existed.

Looking around the mostly empty floor, he realized that he was only member of their little rescue group still there. Yulie, understandably tired after their days travel through the sandy terrain, had gone up to her room to catch some sleep. Eldore and Leonard had left the building entirely, mentioning that they were going to run some errands and visit a couple of binding friends. Soon after entering the inn, Kara had been dragged off by some over eager friends and acquaintances upon her arrival and had yet to make an appearance. The more silent member of the group had left upstairs without a word, most likely joining Yulie for a peaceful nap before they had to set off again. This had left Caesar alone in the bar, valiantly shaking sand onto the floor and having the very angry proprietor glaring at him the whole time. He had promised to sweep up the sand when he was finished although he didn't really see why the man was getting to angry at him, no one would notice the small pile of sand when there was already some littered all over the stone floor and every time someone opened the door more came in, a result of the light sand storm that had begun to blow outside, and the reason he was stuck in the sorry excuse for a town in the first place.

Honestly, he really didn't see what Kara saw in the dismal place anyways. There was sand everywhere and in everything and he really wasn't enjoying the looks that were sent his way every couple of minutes. Sure he was idolized by all the females back home and was used to the attention, but this was different. It was like they were trying to see inside his purse and how easy it would be to snatch or how much the spear he carried was worth.

Rubbing the now much hated and loathed sand from his eyes, he realized how exhausted he was and was now ready to join his comrades upstairs for a nap. Caesar had begun to move from his chair to stretch exhausted and sure muscles when he froze, eyes glued to the stage in front of him. Music had begun to come from behind the empty stage, a steady rhythm of a guitar with a beat he had never heard before and that he somehow found pleasing but couldn't explain why. Next to Caesar he heard a whistle and the sound of clapping and cheering surrounding him, and turned confused to look at the now full tables. They had probably filed in when he had still been cursing at his armour and the weather outside, eager to watch the entertainment that was just now about to start. Curious about what was to happen, he vaguely wondered where Kara and the others had gotten to and how they were missing at least something that qualified for excitement in this town.

So sitting back with his arms crossed, he waited patiently for the entertainment to start.

He hadn't had to wait long, the music took on a more rushed beat and a female took the center of the stage, her hands held above her head, a brilliant blood red skirt show casing off a pair of beautiful toned legs and a cream colored shirt showing a large amount of cleavage, her curtain of long blonde hair effectively cutting her face from view. Huh, if I didn't know better I would swear that us Kara, but she would never do something like this.

The abrupt clap of hands effectively cut any other thoughts short, as she began to move to the beat of the music. Watching, Caesar had begun to become more and more entranced with the dance the longer it went on. His eyes tried and failed to watch every part of the unknown female dancer. His ears now were barely even recognizing that the there was music playing as he watched the red skirt twirl elegantly with every twist and turn her legs made to match with the ever quickening beat, the grace of her lithe body with every move she made, how her golden hair would catch and reflect the firelight that filled the small room, the way her deep black boots hugged her legs perfectly. It was like watching an angel dance a dance of demons.

It had seemed to Caesar that it would go on forever when, abruptly, it was over. The music stopped and the dancer froze in place, the stillness of the bar filling the entire room till it was fit to burst. Suddenly, the room erupted in cheers and applause; they had apparently enjoyed the dance as much as he had. Never before had he been so entranced by a woman, never had he wanted to know one so bad.

Caesar sighed though as he gazed at the dancers form, it was a shame that he would be leaving the next day for Balandor, he wouldn't be able to ever know the mystery girl that had piqued his interest so.

"It's great to see you back in action!"

"Just as good as I ever I see! Encore, encore!"

"Buy, I didn't realize that I missed your dancing so much until now Kara!"

Caesar just about fell out of his chair at the girl's words, he was so shocked. Kara? No way, it can't be her. And yet, when the dancer turned towards the front, hair effectively brushed from her face, he could tell it was her. No one else had that almost constantly proud expression at all times, or those mysterious violet eyes, that gazed into his own with muted anger and shock that he had been there and seen it all. She narrowed her eyes at him and the meaning was clear as a bell, don't tell anyone what he saw.

Caesar didn't even bother to reply, there was no need for her to worry about that. He was never going to even dare tell anyone what he saw; this was going to be a moment that he would treasure forever and simply telling someone would only diminish the wonder.

Watching Kara's retreating form, he smiled slightly and picked his armour from the table to follow her upstairs. You know, maybe Albana isn't such a bad place after all…

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