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Ch. #13



Charlie glanced as Miharu hovered over his companion with wet streams rolling down his cheeks as the others fought to save the one's they loved. There was no doubt of the loyalty between the group. It was almost like looking in a mirror….

"Leave. If you can't pay for your own food then don't eat at all" his mother, a noble, pushed him out the house forceful enough to make him trip on the ice-covered step. He looked up into the house and saw Yukimi and a crying Kazuho. They where his favorite cousins so he didn't mind giving them his piece to pay for dinner. It was his mom's policy that 'in the real world meals don't come free' so in order to 'make them prepared' for their later years they would each have to find some way of getting ten bucks each before dinner or she would kick them out. It was a pretty hard life for a nine year old, that is. Charlie got up and wiped off the left over snow from his head. He wouldn't be coming back in until the morning, but that wasn't the problem. Usually he would stay over at his grandma's when things like this happened, but her and grandpa went on a year round cruise for their honeymoon. Charlie looked around and saw a cardboard box marked "free puppies" on it. He walked over and peered inside. There was a small pup shivering. Without a second thought Charlie zipped his jacket down and pulled the dog into the warm confides of the cloth and zipped it back up. The small boy heard footsteps from behind and turned defensively in one swift movement. A thirteen year old boy with dark raven hair, sharp green eyes and mostly torn clothing stood before him with a small smile on his face that only grew bigger as he talked.

"You gonna eat that?"

"What! Of course not! Why would I do that?" The teen looked amused and chuckled at the statement.

"Isn't it obvious? You just got kicked out 'cause you couldn't pay for dinner."

"So? I'll eat dirt before I eat Bleu!"

"Bleu? Why'd you name it that?"

"Because he looked like a blue Popsicle when I first saw him" The pre-teen smiled again, and began to chuckle mercilessly.

"You're a weird one aren't you kid. What's your name?"

"Charlie." He answered, not amused by the other's smug smile.

"Charcoal! How about you join my group." The younger boy was taken aback for a second and quickly came back to reality.

"W-what are you, crazy! Why would I do that? And my name is Charlie, not Charcoal!" The teen only chuckled at this.

"Why? Got to get home before supper?" Charlie glanced at his front door and stood silent. He felt Bleu's harsh shivers calm when engulfed by his warmth.

"Okay. I'll join your group" the teen smirked and led him through an old tunnel by his house and into where most of the homeless and rouges lived. They entered a gate by the junkyard and into an abandoned Café. In it where about twenty people that looked no older than fifteen with the exception of about four adults in the corner table. A boy with ginger colored hair and blue-gray tank top rushed towards them and put his arm around the raven's shoulders.

"Hey! Lilly, you bring another?" the older teen said in a playful voice. This made Charlie chuckle at the unexpected name. The raven pulled the ginger's arm off him and replied.

"I told you my name's Levy! L-E-V-Y get it!" he hissed. The older teen just laughed; a laugh that was accompanied by Charlie, and later on, Levy. The years passed quickly as the two became closer and their group turned into the infamous gang "Brothers United". They felt as if nothing could tear them apart. That is until six years later, when the police came and attacked.

The two men in black trembled under the power the Shinrabanshou was distributing. Once he walked passed they were blown to the concrete-fused walls that lie behind causing them both to lose consciousness. One of them hitting a loose pipe in the process the other two continued to attack the young earl and his butler after waking up shortly after.

Levy swung a slow heavy hand at the soldier. He ducked under it and dug both his fists into the Levy's firm middle he could feel his insides being torn and the air in his lungs being ripped away from him. He bent almost double in pain and the soldier hooked both hands to the face. Levy began to spurt blood as the frightened Charlie watched from behind a dumpster. The older teen waved his hands feebly in front of him and tried to clinch. Contemptuously, the older man let the boy grapple him, but kept his right hand free and clubbed at the boy's kidneys. Levy slowly went down to one knee. He looked up blearily at Charlie through the blood that was flowing from his injured forehead as he solider let the boy's clothing slip in-between his fingers andretreated for more members. Immediately, after the man's disappearance the younger teen rushed to his companion.

Charlie's usual credulity didn't waver the harsh reality that was piercing his soul into thin ice; ready to crack. The sick man lying in his arms, lie there rubicund as his body slowly began to shut down. It was times like these that Charlie forgot about Levy's lack of hospitality when inviting him into the group. It was filled with people of all races that needed a break from life, unable to find the virtues lying beneath their rough childhood. All of them where amiable to no end, and only doughty when they needed to be. Charlie wondered if it was like that with all of the local gangs. Levy gave a weak cough that caught Charlie's attention. Only now did he realize he had already started crying a river on his comrade. . They where outsiders; in a society that only knew of only perfection, and anything less was considered unwanted trash of the world. Charlie knew that Levy had gotten hurt before but this time, he wasn't going to get better…

He could feel his tears threaten to spill over as the memories came rushing back. Now wasn't the time for that kind of exposure. He was in the middle of a quarrel with the most valuable man in history. Who was by now completely exhausted and passed out by his most loved companion. Yoite felt the warmth the younger teen was granting him it was all he wanted; just knowing someone was there.

Ciel was being backed in a corner by a man with a pistol in his hand; with his pistol in his hand. He had been too occupied with Miharu's little side-show to realize that his gun got jacked. The man rested his finger on the trigger in a menacing way only to be assaulted in the back of his head with an empty water pipe. Courtesy of Sebastian, of course. Ciel retrieved his weapon and they put their attention to Yoite and Miharu. Ciel glanced at an unconscious Yoite, but Miharu was nowhere to be found. He, almost frantically searched the room until his eyes rested in one particular spot. The blunette darkened his expression immensely. Sebastian smirked at his Young master's actions. There in-front of them, was the man who started it all, Charlie, with a knife at Miharu's small neck. Completely and utterly unforgivable. Ciel marched over raising his gun suddenly, his arm flung in the air uncontrollably causing him to pull the trigger abruptly over his head. It didn't hurt, but still only one person could've done it. He hesitantly turned his head. Illuminating blue eye met azure serious ones. Yoite was telling him to back off.

Charlie sat there with his lifeless comrade entangled in his arms. He felt so cold. He heard heels click-clack the concrete streets closer to him, but made no attempt to move. A familiar voice echoed in his ears

"My dear son, what in goodness sakes ever made you run away from home" Charlie was infuriated at his mother Causing so much pain and agony he couldn't even describe how much hatred he had for her at that moment.



"Why would you call the police on me!"

"I simply told them to get you back for me. It just-so-happened that you where with one of the most-wanted gangs in town. Now, they couldn't just ignore that could they?"

"Liar!" Charlie couldn't find it in him to even look at the woman. Said person gave a tired sigh and began to speak.

"I'll tell you what. That little hideout of yours is going to be demolished by demolition in a few years" the boy looked up."I'm able to stop it temporally with just a phone call. If you're able to give me One million dollars, I'll spend every last penny of it to repair it, but I'll only do so if you come back home with me." Charlie grew silent. He looked down at his companion once more. That was the place where it all started, where so many memories where kept and lives were lost and born again.

"How long do I have to give you the money?"

"Until one of us die"

"…Yes, Mother" the two left. One happy, one broken.

Ciel understood the signal that was given to him and stepped away, making an imaginary path for Yoite. Said man gave one final breath and raised his arm to his target. Charlie stood in shock. He couldn't move any part of his body only to soon be accompanied by searing pain shoot from his legs to his stomach to his arms, which were being pried away from the boy unconsciously as he squealed until his lungs begged for air. Was this going to be the end? He immediately collapsed not even able to keep his eyes open by the time his arms went numb. Miharu's body fell but was caught by Sebastian before he made contact with the ground. they all took one last glance at their enemy as they made their way out of the building.

The Phantomhive Manor

The door flew open. Miharu was still being carried by the raven haired butler while Ciel helped Yoite to his feet. Yoite felt unbelievable relief when he heard his dear friend's voice, but he would never say it out loud.

"I see you two brats still get in trouble even without us huh?" Yoite's posture straightened as Yukimi took over in helping him walk. His stab wound was still fragile and he winced at the sudden change in movement. Reimei walked up.

"I'm so glad you guys are okay" Thabori sensei gently took Miharu out of Sebastian's arms. Ciel leaned close to the raven and whispered:

"Who are these people?"

"There's no need to worry. These are the comrades of our new employees. They must've came when we were doing our little errand" Ciel gave an understanding nod and observed the group as Yoite explained the passed predicaments'.

Meanwhile at Park international

He was so close, only a few hundred-thousand until he was able to pay his Mother, but there he lie on the cold ground barely able to even so much as scratch his nose. He heard a door open at the entrance of the control room. Out came a very frantic employee. "Hello? Hello! Is anyone in here? Gunshots were heard from this area" The injured blonde knew that voice; it was the man who gave him his room key the other day; the manager. Charlie got an idea.

"Yes, yes over here!" The man saw Charlie and panic was clearly seen in his eyes. Because it was a hotel that he was staying at, and he got hurt there he could press charges if he wanted to." please help me up!" The manager darted in Charlie's direction to assist him

"Sir, what happened?"

"These thugs came up behind me in your establishment and I should be pressing charges!" the man put Charlie's arm behind his neck and grabbed his waist for better support.

"Please, I don't think that's very necessary-"

"Oh, I think it is!" the man stopped in his tracks and thought for a moment.

"What can we do to change your mind. We'll go to very high lengths for our costumers' satisfaction." Charlie could feel the corners of his lips curling at the thought.

"I would like to be given five-hundred thousand"

"Of course Sir. Money isn't an object"

The Phantomhive Manor

"We should probably be going" Reimei commented. It had been seven weeks since they first came to London and on the first day their group was separated from each other and they were attacked only to be kidnapped a few weeks later. So it turns out that fleeing the country to escape the kairoshuu didn't go as planned.

"Yeah" Miharu agreed and began walking toward the carriage.

"Wait!" Miharu looked over his shoulder as he paused to see Ciel's back turned "Uh… keep in touch" Miharu turned fully towards Ciel


##The End##

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