Hey guys so this the sequel to Passing notes but we have advanced to texting

Anything from Blaine's phone is in bold anything from Kurts phone is in itallics - cos it's not always or two faveourite boys talking

In the car on the way back to Dalton after SOWK

Thanks so much that was like wow K x

That was very articulate of you Hummel Wes

Hang on Wes why do you have Blaine's phone K

Well Blainey Bear is currently crying his eyes out, apparantly he misses you Wes

I miss him too :( K

But you only saw each other like 5 minutes ago Wes

I know and I won't see him again till tomorrow K

Also I'm the only one who gets to call Blaine pet names so back off Wesley K

Ooh I'm scared what are going to do pull my hair? Wes

Did Blaine ever tell you that I used to be on the football team? I was kicker...K

OMG I'm sorry Kurt please don't hurt me Wes

Whatever, can you give Blaine his phone back I want to ask him something K

Wanky Wanky S

Sorry about that Santana stole my phone K

S-s-sorry about W-Wes B x

Babe your shaking are you alright? K

No his eyes are red and puffy Wes


Sorry for my outburst, Blaine I stand by what I said before, I'm never going to say goodbye to you K x

For the record I'm never going to say goodbye to you either I wuuuuuv yooouu Kurite David xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sweet grilled cheesus are you like passing Blaine's phone around the bus or something? K

Nooooo...we would never do something like that Jeff

The afore mentioned boy hit send and passed the phone onto Nick, who scrolled through the inbox and started to read the past messages aloud in a theatrical manner rendering the minibus full of teenage boys into hysterics, well everyone except Blaine who was still sobbing.

I hate you all, can you please tell Blaine to text me when he gets his phone back K

Of course Kurtie anything for you Thad xxxx

I'm the Mickey to your Minnie, the Tigger to your Winnie Nick xxxx

We looooooooove you Pingu David xxxx

love you lots like jelly tots Wes

Kurt sighed every time his phone vibrated signaling a new message arriving he really needed some new friends.

After Born this Way


come again? K x

you were so HOT, damn I need a cigarette, your my dear boy are no penguin B x

Well I think that causes for celebration to my new found sex appeal K x

You have always been sexy B x

Not true you said that my sexy faces look like I have gas pains : ( K x

You were trying too hard you are ridiculously sexy without even knowing it B x

Well maybe we should go somewhere only we know so that I can prove your theory K x

You had me at likes boys B x

you know my shirt should have said likes Blaine K x

I'm too sexy for your shirt B x

Haha you goon K x

So sexy it hurts B x

I'm too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan B x

Lol I hope you like I had fun writing this it was only a matter of time before I got the rest of the warblers involved

For any of you who don't know the song referenced at the end is I'm too sexy - Right Said Fred

The lyrics are actually I'm too sexy for my shirt but as Kurt wanted Blaine on his shirt I changed it to your

love you lots like jelly tots xxxxxxx