This chapter is dedicated to Mm. Mystery for being so awesome

I love you B x

I love you K x

I love you more B x

I love you most K x

Blaine smiled as his phone chimed signalling that he had a new message from Kurt. He had been on cloud nine ever since he had got home from the lima bean where they had exchanged those three words and not even his mother yelling at him for not doing the washing up could wipe the smile off his face. Never in his life had eight letters meant so much.

Are we really going to be that couple that argues about who loves whom most? B x

Maybe ;) K x

And I will win that battle K x

Well I know how much you hate to lose so I may just have to let you win...this time B x

Kurt giggled as he rolled onto his back and punched the air Blaine Anderson loved him, he was one heck of a lucky man.