Moon Madness

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to Marvel or Hasbro. I own Farrah/Persiana and Leon/Crisis.

Chapter 1: A Stormy Night

West Coast Avengers Compound…

Rain was pouring outside, the droplets pounding hard against the roof top. Thunder and lightning crackled and stretched across the sky, as a howling wind brought forth crashing waves along the cliff side.

In the rooms of the teen Avengers, many were asleep, trying to ignore the storm as best they could. However, one teen Avenger was having a hard time adjusting to the storm.

Her name is Farrah Willows, the feral teen Persiana.

The white-haired cat-girl had tried numerous positions to try and drown out the noise of the storm, but it was not enough. She could still hear the thunder and lighting hitting hard. She was crying as she jumped out of bed,

"I can't do this! I need him!"

Taking one of her boyfriend's shirts, she dashed out of her room and tried to find Leon.

Leon Maxwell, the red-eyed teen Crisis, was sleeping in his room. Occasionally, the thunder and lightning would stir him, but he would go back to sleep.

The door suddenly swung open and Farrah leapt onto the bed. Leon awoke with a start and thought he was under attack,

"What's going on?"

He then felt Farrah's familiar touch and stood up,

"Farrah, what's the matter?"

The feral cat-girl shook her head and curled into a ball,

"I'm scared, Leon!"
Leon sighed and got up to close the door to his room. Farrah got a good look at her boyfriend, who was wearing a white T-shirt and red lounge pants. She sat up and purred,

"Please, let me stay. I can make it worth it."

Leon shook his head,

"Farrah, you don't have to seduce me. If you want to stay in my room, you can, until the storm is over. I know how freaked out you get by lightning."

Persiana smiled,


She stretched her body out on the bed and Leon blinked. The precognitive powerhouse said,

"Farrah, what are you doing?"
Farrah smiled,

"Staying in your warm bed."

She took a pillow and coiled her body around it. She took a sniff and grinned,

"God, your scent is delicious."

Leon rubbed the back of his head,

"This isn't exactly what I had in mind. What if the adults catch us?"

The white-haired teen waved off,

"They won't, if we don't tell him."
Leon blinked,


Farrah patted on the bed,

"Just stay with me until the storm is over, sweetie. Besides, I just want you to lie next to me."

Her face got concerned,

"Unless you want it to go further. I can go further, if you want me to."

Leon blushed,

"What? I-I…that's not what I…I don't know what I want."

Farrah pulled him to bed,

"Just lie there and let me feel your body next to mine. I promise; I won't take advantage of you."

As Leon reluctantly got into bed, he could feel Farrah around him and, as the two drifted off to sleep, Farrah whispered,

"But, you can take advantage of me anytime."

Leon opened his eyes, wondering what to make of his…situation.

Meanwhile, in San Diego…

Very few people would venture out in this storm. Those that truly needed to; ambulance workers, police, firemen.

And a masked man dressed in white, with a white cowl and a white moon emblem on his chest. He is the mysterious Moon Knight, and he is venturing throughout the city, looking to help people and hunt criminals.

Moon Knight, real name Marc Spector, dashed throughout the rooftops with ease, despite the slippery surfaces. He had not gone far when he saw a store still operating, and the store clerk being held at gun point by three masked men. No doubt, they too wanted to cash in on the storm.

One of the masked gunmen pointed his shotgun at the clerk and was about to fire when three moon-shaped boomerangs were thrown, hitting the gunmen with the shotgun. The other two turned and saw Moon Knight perched on the counter, glaring ominously through his mask. He said in a deep voice,

"Leave him alone."

One gunman said,

"Hey, who's Casper the Friendly Ghost?"

The vigilante said darkly,

"I'm not Casper. I am the Moon Knight!"

Loud thunder crashed as he finished his sentence. The other two gunmen tried to fire, but Moon Knight was faster and more agile, somersaulting in the air, landing on his hands, and kicking the other two to the opposite sides of the store.

The first gunman, the one with the shotgun, came back up, but Moon Knight picked up the gun and bent it in half, without trying. The thief tried to land a punch, but the mysterious vigilante moved and blocked each shot, and even landed a knockout punch of his own.

The store owner did not know what to say, but, as he was about to thank Moon Knight, the power went out. It returned a moment later and there was only the store clerk and the three unconscious thieves…

Next Chapter:
Who is this mysterious vigilante Moon Knight, and what is he doing in San Diego? Stay tuned, fellow readers!