A random L and Light drabble.

Dedicated to Lovehabits and L123Ryuzaki: I'm sorry for spamming up your inboxes with my constant Harry Potter updates :'(

I do not own Death Note; I am not possessed of that level of genius.

/end disclaimer/

"Light. What in the name of all that is holy are you wearing?"

Light looked at L reproachfully. "Clothes, what else?"

Rolling his eyes, L sighed and tried again. "I meant on your feet."

Light looked down. "I'm wearing Ugg boots. What of it?"

"Besides the fact that Ugg boots are an abomination unto the Lord, what are you wearing on your legs?"

"Shorts?" Light didn't mean it to, but his answer sounded like a question.

"Precisely," L said, "and that is what is wrong with this whole ensemble."

"How?" Light screeched. "Miley Cyrus was papped wearing this the other day!"

"And that's another strike against it. My main point, however, is that if it's hot enough for shorts, it's way too hot for boots."

Light massaged his forehead with his thumb and forefinger.

"You just don't get fashion, do you, L?"

"Of course not, Light-kun. What else would you expect?"

Further disclaimers: for the record, I do not own Ugg boots or Miley Cyrus. And this is based on a genuine picture of Ms Cyrus, wearing furry boots and denim shorts.