Sarah walked down the deserted street. A mixture of dust and sand blew around her ankles. Her sunglasses were pushed as high up her nose as she could get them. Her short white was ripped and torn in numerous places, but it clung to her effortlessly. Her hair was being blown behind her as her eyes took in the small desert village with its white wash buildings. The dead.

The children no longer played in the streets, the teenagers no longer stood intimidating at corners. The women no longer washed the dishes or beat dusty rugs in the street. The men no longer defended their families or their homes. Mothers and fathers didn't play with their children anymore.

The villagers lay dead in the street, bloodied. Sarah had no idea where the Doctor was. For all she knew he was dead too. She would not stop searching though. Even if he was she'd take him back to the TARDIS. It was his home. Where he was supposed to be. Where he belonged.

Sarah felt the grains of once yellow sand part with each step she took. She didn't dare look down onto the mauled faces by her feet, just looking at their hair. Just whispering her apologies, as she stumbled through them. She felt he should stand out, considering they were the only brunettes here, but the blood made it hard to tell.

She didn't know where she was anymore; she could no longer see the TARDIS. She knew the basic direction she had come in though. Sarah spied from the corner of her eye a long piece of fabric. Turning her head towards it she quickly saw it was wool, Sarah picked her way towards it. She reached the scarf quickly. Sarah released the taut wool from where it had snagged on the wall. A few feet ahead, just around the corner, Sarah found the Doctor. Unconscious but breathing.

Sarah sighed in relief.

"Why did this happen?" She whispered to herself.