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Danny and Sam were making out in Sam's bed when a pink flash of light lit up the room when the light faded a teenage boy and a teenage girl stood at the foot of the bed. The boy was wearing a green jacket and had a weird watch with an hourglass on it Danny noticed while the girl had carrot colored hair and was looking at what Danny realized was a tracking device.

"Weird," the girl said. "According to the tracker Charmcaster should be right here.

"Um, hello, how are you guys and where did you come, and why are you in my room?" Sam said.

The girl looked up from the tracker and looked around. "Oops, I meant to land us in the street. I'm Gwen Tennyson and this is my cousin Ben, we were chasing after an evil spell caster named Charmcaster "she said gesturing to the boy and the green jacket."

"Okay that explains what you doing here, "Danny said. "But how did you get here?"

"Teleported with magic. " Ben said. "Haven't seen Charmcaster have you? Wears a pink robe travels with rock creatures."

"Boy and I thought the ghosts we fought were weird, "Sam whispered to Danny.

Ben watch started beeping and a monotone voice said Ghostfreak detected at Amity Park.

"Did your watch just say ghost?" Sam asked/

"Yeah," said Ben. "Which is the quickest way outside?"

Sam and Danny both pointed to the window. Ben and Gwen both walked over and looked out.

"Well we're two stories up but it'll work." Gwen said opening the window.

Ben and Gwen jumped out of the window and Gwen put her hands out and was surfing on pink light and there was a green flash of flight and a blue humanoid moth replaced Ben.

"Big Chill, man I wanted to go Jet ray," the moth thing said.

Back upstairs Sam looked at Danny and asked, "Were those guys ghosts?"

"Ghost no, weird yes." Danny replied. "Call Tucker and meet me at Amity Park. I'm going ghost."

A blue light covered Danny as he transformed into his ghost formed and flew out the open window.