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It's daylight outside, but the blinds are drawn, and all that filters through are thin whiteyellow stripes that dance only along the floor. Just enough to barely see by, but not much else.

They're sprawled out across the bed, tangled in burgundy sheets that are soft and made of fine silk, pressed up against more pillows than anyone could possibly ever need. There's a dark, musky atmosphere to the room - warm and hidden - but it fits perfectly with the soft golden not-there glow of the sun. Fits perfectly with them.

'I've always hurt people ... before.' Shy but gruff. Mumbled and lost.

A small smile. 'You won't hurt me.'

Strong hands of blue fur travel gently down soft pale skin. Skin pale from confiscation - imprisonment - but warm and smooth and twitching ever so slightly under the touch. Hank watches with fascination even as Alex sleeps on, pressed in and tucked against his chest. Like Hank is the only person in his life that can protect him from this world he was given to.

Angry, hopeful. 'You can't know that.'

'Alex, trust me.' A small kiss.

Never would he have thought it would end up this way. That Alex would accept him and his advances, would return them, even, with equal fervor. Not before his transformation, certainly not after. That they would be here together, like this.

'Please don't let me hurt you.' Pleading.

Another kiss. 'Only if you promise not to let me hurt you.'

Alex is broken. Hanks knows this. Has known this, from the moment he first set eyes on the angry and pulled-back blond. Locked away in solitary confinement at his own urging, his own drastic actions. He's seen the destructive power, he's heard the story. Knows that the laser-forming mutant is all pride and anger because he doesn't have much left and it's all he can hide behind. Knows that everything else has been taken away from him.

Wanton and horrified and accompanied by tears of disgrace. 'God, Hank... please!'

'I promise. I promise.' Forceful and tender and final.

Maybe it's this new side of him (or, as everyone else seems wont to put it, the true side of him), but he's seized with a possessiveness he's never felt before. An urge to defend and protect and own. Alex is pressed against his chest in naked splendor equal to his own, wrapped in his arms, and he looks so small, so tiny, and Hank silently relishes in the sight and pulls him closer. Draws pleasure from the small body entwined with his, the heartbeat he can feel.

'Hank...Hank...' Don't ever leave me. Pleasestaydon'tleavemetheyalwaysleaveme.

'Alex.' Never. Iloveyouwantyou neverleaveyouIswear. Mine. Mine.

The birds are chirping louder than early-morning song, and it's probably time to be getting up and around. But Alex moves, as though he can hear that train of thought and disagrees, slim fingers tightening in Hank's fur, soft lips mumbling unintelligible words, and Hank doesn't move. Because moving means waking and he really likes the blonde where he's at. Where they're at.

"Hank," a soft sigh, in the present, and he will forever deny that he purrs in response.

"Sleep," he murmurs back, tucking his head down, nuzzling against the smooth skin. "Just a while longer, Alex." Another round of mumbled words accompanied by a small smile that reflects on Hank's own face. "I have you. I'm fine. You're safe. I have you." Alex presses closer still, falling under once more, and golden eyes glow with the same intensity of the blocked sun.

I promise.


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