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Chapter one: Prologue

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Buzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzzzzzz

My alarm clock buzzed loudly, I slightly opened my eyes and looked at the time on it, 4.30am. Yep, today I had to wake up early because me and my family were moving to a small mountain town in Denver called, South Park. I had to wake up at 4.30 because our plane left at 6.30, and the airport was an hour and a half away from our house, so basically, I only had half an hour to get ready. I sighed, I really didn't want to move away from California, but apparently, we couldn't afford to live there anymore, and dad thought living in South Park would be a lot cheaper. I was so tired, my eyes felt like they were burning. The door of my room opened, and my dad walked in, "Cherry?" he said then let out a huge yawn, "Time to get up ok." He took a sip of his coffee and headed out the door. "Uggh" I sighed before getting up out of the warm sheets. I took a blanket off my bed and wrapped it around myself, then headed out my bedroom door towards the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror, I could hardly reach it because I'm so short, I washed my face before brushing my long, straight, chocolate brown hair, I brushed it for a good ten minutes. I would have put some makeup on aswell, but my parents are really strict with that sort of stuff. I shivered, while looking out at the foggy window. "Come on Cherrie, we don't have much time!" my mum came in and said, "Yeah alright, alright" I snapped, showing my British accent. I headed out the bathroom and back into my warm, heated room. I opened my dressing table and pulled out my favourite outfit, a light blue shoulder top, a light pink hoddie and my skin tight navy blue denim jeans. I put them on then slipped my black flats on. Then, headed out the door, "Oh, almost forgot" I said while turning around and walking towards my jewellery box, I opened it, and put in my golden hoop earrings. I made my way towards the door yet again.

I stepped down the staircase and walked towards my Kitchen/Dining room, where I saw pancakes with whipped cream and maple syrup. Mmmmmm, my favourite! I walked towards the table and saw my 2 sister's Mia and Hannah already eating. But my brother, Zeke just sat there sighing with his head leaned onto his palm. I smirked and sat next to him, "Lighten up, I don't wanna leave either but I'm not THAT depressed!" I said. He looked up at me, "Uggh… Nevermind, you wouldn't understand…" he sighed. "Hm, whatever" I said before digging in to the pancakes. 10 minutes later my mom came in to the room, "Hurry up guys we've only got-" she said before looking at her watch, "2 minutes before we have to leave!" We all got up, and went to go get out suitcases.

Everyone got inside the car and dad drove out of the driveway and down the road. "Goodbye California" I whispered while looking out the window, "I'll miss you"

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