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The figure stepped into the light the campfire gave off. His black jeans and black t-shirt glowed under his white trench coat. Vibrant and intelligent icy blue eyes stared at the pair, with white hair flowing in the night breeze. The white hair was what gave the teen's identity away.

"Toshiro," Emmax asked, "What are you doing here?"

Toshiro replied, "I was going to set off on my journey to gather data for my dad. I saw you leaving and was a little slow in catching up, so I settled for hiding until the right time. But then I heard you two talking about Ino-san being a… a kunoichi from somewhere else. I was planning to leave and find another campsite, but my body just started walking here on its own will."

Ino stared at Toshiro carefully before telling Emmax, "He's okay. I can tell that he is telling the truth." She turned to Toshiro and added, "Sorry about the possession of your body. I needed to make sure that you weren't a threat to us. Release."

Toshiro stumbled, freed from the grasp of Ino's Shinranshin no Justu.

He sighed and mused, "So, you're a female ninja from the village of Konohagakure. Your elemental affinities include water and lighting. You are from the Yamanaka Clan, which specializes in Justus—which are techniques used with chakra—that have to do with the mind. I believe that was it. Am I correct, Ino-san?"

Ino's eyebrows arched.

"Yes, you are correct," She replied, "I trust you to keep this a secret. Nobody is to know of this other than my friends, who are also all shinobi. You are to keep this a secret, too, Emmax."

Emmax and Toshiro nodded.

"Wait," Emmax asked, "What about my sister? She's with Neji."

"I have already discussed this with Neji and Emma might be aware of this sometime soon," Ino assured and turned to Toshiro. "Now, what am I going to do with you? I'm assuming that you might want to camp with us until we are out of the forest?"

Toshiro nodded and asked if he could set up camp now. The pair agreed and helped out. By the time they were done, Emmax noticed that their dinner was ready. Ino sat down, eating her meal silently. After a while, Toshiro joined the pair and ate his dinner. Ino finished first, stood up and stretched, and made way to her Bag, searching for the scroll that housed her tent. She pulled it out and opened it. A hand sign later, a fully formed tent was standing on the scroll, which Ino moved so she could roll up the scroll for later use. When she turned around, she saw both boys staring at her with wide, sparkling eyes. Ino blinked.

"That was so cool," Emmax exclaimed, "I got to learn how to do that! Teach me, please, Ino!"

Toshiro nodded vigorously and added, "I second that. I think that would be really beneficial!"

Ino shook her head. "I don't know about that. You have never trained in the arts of shinobi and I don't even know if you two can mold chakra. That and I would probably make a horrible teacher." She said the last part with a sad laugh, thinking of her late teacher, Asuma Sarutobi.

Both teens frowned for a while, Emmax sighing and Toshiro deep in thought.

After a while, Toshiro suggested, "I have an idea. Why don't we try to get to know each other more? We can share some information so we can get along better."

"That's not a bad idea," Emmax murmured, "What about you, Ino?"

Ino shrugged and proceeded to sit down, the three sitting around the campfire.

"So… I guess I'll go first," Toshiro said, "My full name is Toshiro Cifer. My father is Professor Rowan and my mother is Kari Cifer. I dream to become a Pokémon Professor like my father. I have two Pokémon: Sparky, a Shinx and Chim, a Chimchar. My dream Pokémon is an Articuno."

"Well, I'll go now," Emmax murmured, "My full name is Emmax Sutā. My father is… gone. My mother is Layla Sutā, a former Elite Four member and a current Gym Leader in another country called Unova. My guardian is a cousin named Tiffany Enjeru. I dream to become a Gym Leader like my mother and late father. I have one Pokémon: Gensō, a Ralts. My dream Pokémon is a Gallade."

Gensō gave Emmax a hug, because he sensed Emmax's sadness and was happy that he would one day become Emmax's dream Pokémon. Ino put a hand on his shoulder, as she could see that it pained him to think of his deceased father. She decided what she would be willing to reveal and began to say her part.

"Well, you know that my full name is Ino Yamanaka. My father is Inoichi Yamanaka and my mother passed away when I was young. I dream to become a respectable kunoichi and become a strong head of the Clan in my father's stead. I have a single Pokémon: Furikkā, a Ralts. I don't have a Pokémon that I dream of. Well, my other dream would be developing a Justu that surpasses any of my Clan Justus."

The three mulled over what was just shared among them and Emmax and Ino glanced at each other, both understanding the other's pain of losing a parent. Toshiro yawned just then, causing the gazing pair to break eye contact.

"Why don't we go to bed," Toshiro suggested after looking at his Pokédex, "It's ten-thirty."

The other two nodded in agreement and entered their tents. Ino snuggled into her sleeping bag, thinking over the events that transpired during the day and vowed to contact Sakura the next day, as she wanted to make sure that Sakura is fine with Sai. Unbeknownst to her, Toshiro was still sitting at the same position he sat for the evening, with a troubled expression. He pulled out a sword from behind his white trench coat and laid it across his lap, staring at it intently.

Why… why did I bring my sword with me here? No… it is not a sword. It is… Toshiro had a jumble of memories flash through his mind. A bleeding girl, an ape with a mask and yellow eyes, a sword being handed to him by an older white haired male, an echoing word. …It is a… Zanpakutō?


As morning came, Ino rubbed her eyes blearily and slowly got out of her sleeping bag, wanting to savor the heat and comfort it provided. Furikkā was sleeping soundly next to her, in her own small sleeping bag that Nurse Joy was kind enough to provide. She smelled food being cooked outside her tent and crawled over to the tent flap, unzipped it and stuck her head out into the cool morning air. The sky was just brightening, signifying that it was still early in the morning. Toshiro was standing over the campfire grill, cooking some strips of bacon, when he noticed Ino and waved at her.

"Good Morning," He greeted, "You're up early. Emmax is still asleep."

Ino replied, "Morning. You're up quite early yourself and I'm not surprised that Emmax is still asleep."

"I'm usually up early, mostly to help my father with researching wild Pokémon. You want some bacon? I had a pack of them, since I like eating meats."

"No thanks. I'm not hungry right now. Water will do, though."

"Ah. Okay. There is a well a few yards back into the forest. It has fresh groundwater and doesn't seem to be polluted."

"Thanks. I'll be training for a while. Don't bother checking up on me."

"Okay. Good luck doing whatever it is you're planning to do."

With that, Ino chuckled and Toshiro turned back to the grill. Ino did a chakra-enhanced leap, landing into the trees and taking off. Toshiro turned around, planning to say something, only to find empty air and dust settling where Ino was only moments ago.


Several hours later, when the sun was halfway to the middle of the sky, Ino stopped her training, panting heavily in the middle of the scarred and soaked clearing. Several trees were uprooted or broken in the middle and Ino was supporting a large amount of bruises and several open wounds, which she proceeded to heal with healing ninjustu. When the bruises had degraded to an unrecognizable shade, she proceeded to use Shunshin no Justu (Body Flicker Technique) to bring herself fifty cards from camp.

She began searching for the well, seeing plenty of Starly, Shinx, and Bidoof. There also was the occasional Kricketot scurrying by. Shortly after seeing her third Kricketot, she came upon the well and proceeded to draw upon the water-filled bucket. She poured the water into her canteen, refilling it and drank some of it, a small rivulet of water dripping from the corner of her mouth before she returned the bucket to the bottom of the well, sighing in content.

After stretching a bit, she walked back into the campsite, seeing everybody awake and Furikkā waddling over to Ino, then proceeding to levitate herself into Ino's waiting arms. Emmax quickly got to his feet and approached Ino.

"Are you okay?" Was what he said.

Ino looked at him in confusion before realizing that even though she might have healed the bruises, she still looked like she had been running through the forest and taken a beating, with the dried blood from the healed wounds. She reminded herself that Emmax and Toshiro were not shinobi, so they would take her appearance as unusual for a person.

"I guess you're done training, then," Toshiro murmured, putting his tent in his Bag.

Ino nodded, "Yeah. I'm quite awake. Emmax, really, I'm fine."

Emmax still looked at Ino with analytical eyes, making sure that she really is fine before going to disassemble his tent. Ino sighed and began making seals to seal her tent in her scroll. A poof later, the tent was gone and she placed it in her Bag, Furikkā sitting atop her shoulder and looking at her actions intently.

Ino used Mind Style: Telepathy to link everyone's minds.

So, I guess that we are going to go to the next town?

Yeah. Jubilife City is the next nearest town aside from Sandgem. Toshiro thought.

Let's go. I want to spend a night in a bed, not a tent, even though they're not that bad. Emmax thought.

Ino pulled out her Pokédex and searched for Sakura's number, finding it and dialing it.

Are you worried about Sakura, Ino? Furikkā asked?

Ino nodded and waited for Sakura to respond. The group started to move on the route when Sakura finally responded. The lower side of the Pokédex showed her face sideways, so Ino had to turn the Pokédex to the side to see Sakura clearly.

"Hey, Ino-pig," Sakura said.

"Hey, Forehead," Ino replied, "Just checking up on you. How have you been?"

Sakura's pink hair flowed in the breeze as she replied.

"Just fine. Sai's mice scouts informed that we are almost out of Route 202. I can see the tops of Jubilife City from here."

"Great! I'm probably only a quarter of the way through Route 202. I might arrive at Jubilife City by tonight. I wanted to ask you to inform all of us if you happen to find any clues relating to the Akatsuki or a way back home."

"I know. I'm already keeping my eyes peeled. Sai's scouts found a chakra trail that might possibly belong to one of the Akatsuki members that passed through here. We plan to pursue the trail until we find the member and then we will call for some back-up from the closest to us."

"Not a bad idea. Good job with everything so far. I hope to see you sometime soon. Good luck and talk to you later!"

"Talk to you later, too."

With that, Sakura's image blinked out of the Pokédex. She smirked—the Pokédex was really useful. Emmax and Toshiro slowed down to let Ino catch up.

"Who was that," Toshiro asked.

"Sakura. You know, the pink haired, green eyed girl."

Toshiro's white eyebrows knitted together for a moment, trying to remember who it was. Then a look of realization dawned on his face. "Oh."

Emmax asked something else. "What is the Akatsuki?"

Ino arched an eyebrow—she was surprised that he heard that part of the conversation, even though it was kind of hushed. "Well, the Akatsuki is a criminal organization that is made up of some of the most dangerous shinobi to exist in the Shinobi Nations. Their members were ruthless, cold, powerful, and some of them insane." She said the last part with Hidan in mind and shuddered. "They happened to be sucked into this world with us and have escaped. We are tracking them to eliminate them and find leads to bring us back to our home world."

Toshiro whistled, "Sounds dangerous."

"What did you expect," Ino glowered, "For us to just walk up to them and say, 'Please don't kill us, but can you give us clues to go back home?'"

Furikkā giggled at this. You're funny, Ino. I'm having a lot of fun with you.

Ino smiled at Furikkā and focused on the path in front of them, wanting to hurry up and reach Jubilife City.


At some point, Ino stopped suddenly, hearing a faint cry. She gestured for the two boys to go on ahead and proceeded to walk through the tall grass near the trees, the faint cry steadily getting stronger. She stepped through the first line of trees and came to see a small, blue Pokémon that looked like a large, round egg-shaped bird with… cotton wings? Ino saw that there was a large cut beneath its left wing and small cuts all over. Her medical training kicked in, making her run over to the Pokémon and kneel, immediately calling upon her chakra to diagnose the injury.

The bird Pokémon called, "Swab! Swablu!"

Ino realized that the Pokémon's name was Swablu and proceeded to soothe it. "It is going to be okay, Swablu. I'm going to heal you now, okay?"

Swablu gave a small nod and Ino proceeded to use the Shōsen Justu (Mystical Palm Technique) on Swablu. The cuts on Swablu started to heal and minutes later, there was only a small, thin line where the large wound used to be. Swablu jumped up and proceeded to caress Ino's arms with her wings. Ino smiled at the small and cute bird Pokémon.

"Can I try something on you, Swablu," Ino asked.

Swablu nodded and Ino pulled out her Pokédex, and pressed the button that would start the scan. A beep later, the Pokédex pulled up the information on Swablu, and Ino read it quickly. Interestingly, Swablu are usually found on Route 201, near Celestic Town.

Ino looked at the Swablu, who was preparing to take flight and asked, "Your kind isn't usually found here. Were you migrating from somewhere?"

Swablu nodded and proceeded to take flight. "Swablu!"

"Ralts! Ra! Ralts," Furrika called.

"Swab! Swablu," Swablu called back as she flew higher, disappearing into the clouds.

She said thanks to you. I told her to fly carefully. She said that she would and that she hoped to see you again someday, Ino. Furikkā explained to Ino.

Thanks, Furikkā. I hope to see her again someday, too.

Ino smiled at the cloud that Swablu disappeared into and searched for Emmax's chakra signature. When she found it, she proceeded to dust the dirt off her clothes and gave haste, Furikkā sitting tightly on her usual spot on Ino's shoulder.


As evening came, the trio and their Pokémon saw lights in the distance.

"I guess that's Jubilife City," Ino mused, "It is quite bright. Fitting for a city."

Emmax said, "Let's hurry! I want to reach Jubilife before it gets dark!" He set off, Gensō, who was sitting on his Bag, held on tightly. Ino and Toshiro followed behind, at the same pace. Sparky was bounding behind Toshiro, with Chim on his back, both their tails brightening the surroundings around them.

As the city approached, Ino—being a proficient sensor-type shinobi, like her father—sensed several of her friends' chakra in the city, along with one other unforgettable chakra signature.

Sasuke Uchiha? What's he doing in Jubilife City?

Character Bio

Trainer: Personality

Pokémon name- Nickname (Gender); Personality

Ino Yamanaka: Confident, kind, outspoken, not afraid to speak her mind, cheerful, and self-conscious.

Pokémon :

Ralts- Furikkā (female); Confident

Emmax Sutā: Caring, strong, kind, brave, calm, intelligent, sometimes aloof, respectful.


Ralts- Gensō (male); Brave.

Toshiro Cifer: Kind, brave, polite, intelligent, careful.


Shinx- Sparky (male); Strong.

Chimchar- Chim (female); Shy.

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