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Chapter V: Maturity

Just because the 'date' portion of the night was over didn't mean that it had to end. Katara thought to herself.

She and Aang were currently in Ba Sing Se, celebrating his sixteenth birthday. Even thought his birthday had been a few days ago, the Avatar's coming of age had been marked by a huge party, which did not give them the chance to celebrate, just the two of them. Thus, this date night was dedicated to celebrating Aang's birthday a little late... with just the two of them.

They walked down the street, hand-in-hand, silently enjoying each other's company. Katara couldn't help herself; she was forced to glance at him out of the corner of her eye.

She mentally compared this adult Aang to the child Aang that she had first met, and the differences were stark. First of all, he had gotten much taller. He was taller than Zuko and almost as tall as Sokka, though he still probably had a few growth spurts left in him. His body was a magnificent specimen, which shocked Katara considering how much food he could eat in a single sitting. Constant Bending kept all that food from affecting his body in a negative way.

He was extremely handsome... not average handsome, but exotic handsome. He was not rugged like Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation men. He was a soft and quiet handsome; lean, flexible, and strong like a feline.

His best feature, besides his perfect body, were his gray eyes. Katara couldn't really describe them as 'gray' anymore. Gray just sounded so dull and boring, and Aang's eyes were nothing like that. His eyes were pure silver, and every bit as alluring to look at as the precious metal.

She had loved her twelve-year old Aang, but this version of Aang lit a fire inside her belly that screamed for his touch. Sometimes it almost got to be too much, and she had to physically restrain herself from leaping at him and having her way with him. (Not that she thought he would protest, for she had seen the way he looked at her when he thought she wasn't looking. When his silver eyes darkened with desire, she knew that he felt lust just as she did.)

They made their way together back to Aang's small mansion in the upper ring of Ba Sing Se where the entire Gaang would stay on their trips to the Earth Kingdom capital. Aang unlocked the door and they both stepped inside, being quiet and careful not to disturb the others who were probably asleep.

Well... maybe not as asleep as she once thought... Aang and Katara passed by Sokka's door and saw a piece of cloth tied to the door knob, an age old warning to keep out, lest the intruder get their eyes burned out.

Aang and Katara giggled together, while Katara called her older brother a filthy hypocrite. He seemed hell-bent on making sure that his sister stayed a virgin forever, and yet would have sex with any pretty girl who wanted him. Katara didn't know who was in the room with him and didn't care... probably just a fangirl, seduced by Sokka's old line of having taught the Avatar everything he knew.

Aang and Katara quietly tip-toed passed Sokka's door and Toph's door, hoping that she was sleeping deeply enough to not bother them, but no such luck. Apparently, the Spirits were not listening to their silent prayers because the door flew open and Toph appeared.

"Toph!" Aang and Katara gasped together.

"I didn't know you were still awake." Katara said.

"It's kinda hard to sleep with all the sex games going on in the next room." Toph commented sourly. "So... how did your date go?"

"It's..." Katara began, and then swallowed her words. She had almost confessed that it wasn't over yet, but she couldn't very well confess that. "It went fine." She said slowly and carefully, hoping that Toph couldn't detect half-truths. The date had gone fine, and that wasn't a lie.

Toph smirked at them. "Okay, I understand. I won't rat you out as long as you keep the vibrations to a minimum." She said, slamming the door in their faces before they could protest.

The couple blushed at each other, and then silently continued down the hallway to Katara's room, which was just before Aang's master bedroom. They stopped outside the door, and Aang faced her, taking her hands in his. "I did really have fun tonight. Thank you, Katara."

"Um... Aang, I do sort of have a confession to make." Katara said. Aang gazed at her, concerned. "No, it's nothing bad. I just... don't want tonight to end."

"Oh." Aang said, understanding, or at least how he understood her statement. He thought she just wanted a private steamy make-out. "Okay. You want to come to my room?"

"Yes." Katara said, holding hands with him again as they moved swiftly and quietly down the hallway. They came to Aang's room, and he pulled the door open and they both stepped in.

While Aang busied himself with lighting the candles around the room with Firebending, Katara moved over to his bed, definitely the best one in the house, and lay down upon it, a wordless invitation for him to climb on.

Aang turned and looked at her once he was done with the candles, and understood that message loud and clear. He moved over to the bed and climbed on with her. He settled himself down next to her, leaned into her, and pulled her into a passionate kiss while resting his hand on her waist.

Katara returned his kiss with a passion, lazily connecting with him, and pulling away for a breath before reconnecting. Who didn't love moments like this? The moment was made even better by the knowledge that, if she had anything to say about it, she would finally be quelling the fires of lust that tormented her night after night. She was ready to experience love to the fullest with her boyfriend.

"Aang." Katara whispered, drawing his attention to her from her lips. He glanced at her, and she boldly took his hand in hers and slid it up to her breast. Aang's eyes widened as she pressed his hand to her breast, a part of her body he had never dared to explore before.

"Katara..." He gasped in shock.

"Shh..." Katara hushed him, pressing a finger to his lips. "I want this from you Aang."

Unfortunately, the dots were still not connected in Aang's mind, and he didn't realize that she was asking him for sex. He kissed her again, toying with her breast as their kisses deepened and became more urgent.

Katara adjusted her body slightly against his so that she could reach up and caress his firm chest in return. Aang moaned softly against her lips, but didn't realize she had an ulterior motive until she began to slip his shirt off.

The dots were finally connecting in Aang's mind and he froze against her. His mind kicked into high gear as she pushed his robes down his shoulders and he grabbed her hands, stopping her from fully removing the cloth. "Katara, what are you doing?" He asked.

Katara stared at him, apparently confused by his confusion. "Don't you know what sex is?" She asked.

"Of course I know what sex..." Aang began heatedly, and then the words caught in his throat. For many moments, he could not speak and his breath came in sharp, nervous pants. "Katara... you really want to...?"

"Yes, Aang, I want to." Katara said. "I thought you understood when I said that I didn't want tonight to be over and when I let you touch me."

"Katara... are you sure that you want to have sex with me?" Aang asked firmly. "I mean... we're not even married..."

"Weren't you the one who told me that the Air Nomads considered marriage to be a technicality when compared to the glory of love?" Katara asked.

"But the Water Tribe..." Aang began.

"Things have changed in the Southern Water Tribe." Katara said. "We are not as structured as the Northern Water Tribe. All that matters is that we are two consenting adults."

Aang's eyes dropped, and then he stared back into Katara's eyes. "I hope you really mean that... because once we start traveling down that road, I don't know if I'll be able to stop."

"I don't want you to stop." Katara said, pulling Aang closer to her, and pushing his robe off his body. "Make love to me."

Even with the invitation as clear as day, Aang still hesitated. It wasn't that he didn't want to make love to Katara. It was something that had occupied his dizziest daydreams for years. It was just that he was nervous that the time was now. He knew what sex was, but he didn't have much knowledge beyond that. He feared that his inexperience would make him appear clumsy or, even worse, make the experience unpleasant for her.

Katara kissed the line of his jaw, slowly traveling down to his neck. "Aang, what's wrong?" She asked softly.

"I'm worried..." Aang began nervously. "This is my... first time and I don't know that much about making love besides the basics. I'm just afraid that I'll mess it up." He confessed.

"It's all right." Katara whispered, kissing him. "Do you think that I have any more experience than you? This is my first time too. But I still want this with you. If anything embarrassing happens, let's not hold it against each other and just enjoy ourselves."

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The kiss was slow and lazy, but still full of passion. The depth of the feelings that he portrayed to her through his touch and his kiss was enough to bring tears of happiness to her eyes. Katara pulled away from Aang, slightly chocking on her emotions. "I love you, Aang... so much." She whispered hoarsely.

"I love you too, Katara." Aang replied just as quietly, kissing her neck, revealing in the taste of salt that he found there.

Katara sighed, content to enjoy the attentions he lavished on her skin in the aftermath of their lovemaking. She noticed that his kisses became slower and lazier, and he sagged against her even more. She looked down as much as she could and found that he was starting to drift to sleep upon her breasts. "You tired?" She whispered.

"Yeah." Aang replied half-heartedly. "Finishing like that... really takes it out of a guy."

"But what if I want to do that again?" Katara asked.

Aang groaned in longing. "I'd love too. But I'm wiped out. At least let me rest a little, and then we'll talk about Round Two." Without any further ado, he fell fast asleep against her breasts, his breathing now deep and even, and all of his body functions pretty much returned to normal.

Katara sighed, allowing Aang the rest that his body so craved. She also closed her eyes, her fingers caressing his skin of his shoulders and back softly.

She almost couldn't believe how her life had turned out. She could only imagine what would happen if she had the ability to travel back in time... if she could go back to her younger self before she met Aang and told her that she would one day be the Avatar's lover, her younger self would probably thinks she was crazy. And if she had told her fourteen year old self that she would not only be the Avatar's lover, but Aang's lover, she would probably say that was completely impossible.

He was too young, too short, and too immature.

But Aang had not remained a twelve year old boy. He had matured, tempered in the fires of war; he had grown, thanks to puberty. He was no longer the boy that she had first met as he emerged from an iceberg. He was now a young man, one that was painfully handsome, and completely in love with her.

The man resting on top of her was one that she really could spend the rest of her life with. They had love, passion, intimacy, trust, and every other quality that she had heard leads to a successful relationship. She wanted a life with him. She wanted marriage and children and growing old with him.

The future was so clear to her. They would get married, and live in a house filled with children, a mixture of Airbenders and Waterbenders. She had names picked out and everything.

"Aang." She whispered, taking great care to not wake him up. "I love you so much, and if you ask me to marry you, I'll say yes in a heartbeat."

Silence enveloped them.