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Dark waves crashed violently against Hudson's Bluff as Marko dumped three bodies over the cliff's edge. An arrogant smirk was on his mouth. 'Pathetic mortals didn't know what hit them.' Earlier Marko came across a group of young kids lying near the cliff watching the stars. He gave them quite a startle when he asked if he could join them, more particularly to take a hit off of the joint they were passing around. He sat with them for a while, asking what they were doing out so late. The two boys were brothers on the run from an alcoholic so-called father who didn't give a damn about anything except beer and beating the shit out of them. The girl just needed to escape for a while. Too bad for them they ran into Marko. He terrorized them to the cliff's edge and slaughtered them, leaving them as unrecognizable corpses. Every ounce of rage in his body was unleashed, showing absolutely no mercy. This is how it should have turned out; how he should have killed Violet tonight. Somehow she was able to stop him. A force protected her, turning her as powerful as he and the rest of the pack was. She brought him to his knees with a mere touch of her hand. How did she not know about it before? Surely there was some indication brought up to her in her past. Marko's thoughts were interrupted due the sound of rumbling motor coming to a stop.

"Marko!" a familiar voice yelled over the wind. He turned around to see Paul running towards him.

"Christ, look at you man. I've been looking everywhere for you! What happened to you back at the bar?" Paul frantically blurted, waving his arms in the air.

"Violet. She was there," he stated evenly.

" I know she was. That chick I was hitting on was there with her. Violet was sick and in the bathroom. Small world isn't it? Shit man you didn't kill her did you? I know there are a lot of murder cases around here but the last thing we need is a kill in a public place. Especially when there are a ton of possible witnesses. Jeez Marko please tell me you didn't kill her!"

"I couldn't do it."

"Thank Hell for you having self control! You can't just scare me like that Marko. A slip up from any of us would definitely get back to Max and then we'd all be done for."

"No I mean I physically couldn't Paul! Something weird happened to her and she fucking stopped me!" Marko roared.

Paul grabbed Marko's arm trying to get a good look at his eyes. They were bright yellow with rage. "How?"

He ripped away from his grip. "I don't fucking know, Paul! She just did! She morphed, but it was into something I haven't seen before. Her eyes were neon green. Neon green. She grabbed my throat and basically electrocuted me with the touch of her fucking hand! "

"Marko, chill out. You're not making any sense. Let's go back to the cave and figure this out."

"I don't want to figure it out! I want to kill her for what she did!"

Paul struggled to cover a sigh. He needed to get Marko out of here before he did anything crazy. "But you're never gonna be able to do that if you don't know how she stopped you the first time, now will you? Come on, Marko. Let's go back to the cave, smoke a joint and talk about this with David. Maybe he'll know what's up. Sound good to you, bud?"

Marko stopped pacing the edge of the cliff and looked to Paul. 'Just figure it out. Once you do that you'll be able to kill her.' his mind rationalized. The angry yellow glow of his eyes disappeared. "Ok Paul." His brother smiled in response. "Let's go home."

-Violet was standing in a bedroom different than the one in her apartment. Studying the room, it looked like it belonged to a young teenager. A small window in the left-hand corner was cracked open. The curtains moved when a slight breeze passed by. A strong scent of jasmine flowers filled the air.

"Ma petite Lune! Ou est- tu?" (My little Lune! Where are you?) Violet shot out the small bedroom and into a dingy white hallway. "Mama." She now recognized where she was: the house she lived in before her mother died. Frantic, she looked through every door she saw. There was no sign of her.

"Where are you Mama?" She called into the house.

" I'm in the living room, ma cher!" a cheerful voice replied.Violet dashed out of the hallway and into the sunlit living room. She breathed a sigh of relief saw her mother's figure sitting on the sofa. A large knitted blanket was wrapped around her, mostly covering her thick navy blue cotton pants and a bright vermillion shirt. Violet stared at the dark shadows circling her mother's eyes, but disregarded them when a bright smile graced her lips. She patted the empty seat beside her. "Sit with me, Violet. I have something to show you."

Violet happily obliged the request and hopped into it. "What is it?"

Her mother winked. "Close your eyes." Violet's eyes closed. Her hand was gently opened and something was placed into it. She brushed her thumb over the object, feeling a smooth texture. "You can open them now."

A small pendant with a silver chain lay in her palm. The pendant was a pale blue stone, oval and framed in silver wire. "Mama it's beautiful."

The smile on her mother's face widened. "Do you know what kind of stone this is?" Violet shook her head."It's an angelite stone. It protects you, helps you focus on peace in times of hardship. You'll be able to keep compassion and understanding in your heart when they are difficult to find. Remember when you wear this that I also will be in your heart. I'll be watching over you, ma cher, protecting you and guiding you through whatever is to come." Violet threw her arms around her and held tightly. Tears pricked her eyes as she remembered. 'This is it, this is the night mama died in her sleep.' A bony finger lifted her chin up and she was face to face with her mother.

"Pourquoi pleures-tu, mon amour ?" she whispered. (Why are you crying, my love?)

"Ne me laisses pas, Mama." (Don't leave me, Mama.)

"Je ne te laisserai jamais,Violet." (I will never leave you, Violet.) She placed her hand on Violet's on heart. "Je serai toujours ici. Toujours." (I am always here. Always.) –

A puzzled expression crossed Violet's face as the dream faded out. Coffee. All she could smell was coffee. The scent was so overbearing to the point where it nauseated her. She reached for her blanket to cover her nose, but it was snatched away. "Tsk tsk, little sister. It's time to rise and shine!" a harmonic voice sang.

A growl vibrated through Violet's throat. "Get that fucking coffee out of my face."

The scent disappeared and the mattress began to bounce. "Alas, Violet the Luneybug lives!"

Finally Violet opened her eyes to see Friday jumping at the end of the bed. "If you don't cut that out I'll trip you."

Friday plopped onto the bed and lay on Violet's legs. "So rude, little girl! When was the last time you've used those manners of yours?"

"Last time I checked the use of them wasn't particularly necessary, especially with the amount of obnoxious behavior you have right now." Ignoring Violet's previous comment, the cheery counterpart noticed that she was gripping something in her hand. "What do you got there, Luneybug?"

"What do you mean what do I got?" Friday nodded her head in the direction of Violet's right hand. "You're holding something."

Violet looked to her hand in surprise. She was holding something? Slowly, she opened it and stifled a gasp. In her palm was a pale blue stone, wrapped in wire and strung on a silver chain. "The angelite stone" she murmured. She squeezed it, completely dumbfounded. 'I'm not still dreaming am I?' Between moving from Michigan to Santa Carla Violet had lost the last gift her mother ever gave her. Atleast that's what she thought. What was it doing in here in her hand?

Friday slid up the bed to get a better look. "Isn't that the stone your mom gave you? I thought you lost it."

She brushed her fingers over it. "So did I. It made its way back to me." Friday stared at her friend in confusion. "What?"

Wildly Violet shook her head, realizing what she said didn't make sense. "I mean I guess didn't really lose it after all."

The look on Friday's face obviously meant she didn't believe her. "Right. Anyways, are you feeling any better?"

"A little."

"Good. Then it's time for you to get out of bed."

"What time is it?"

"A little past one in the afternoon. Which means you have approximately eight and a half hours to get dressed, feed us, and show me around Santa Carla before you go to work tonight."

A yawn escaped Violet's lips as she stretched her arms over her head. "Do I have to?"

Friday grabbed her shoulders and pushed her into the pillow. "Absolutely! Or else the eight and a half of the sixteen hours you are awake and spend with me will be a total waste!"

Aggravated, Violet grabbed the other pillow and swung it at Friday's head. "Ow!" "Thank you so much for the mathematical equation. Truly, it gave me a whole new perspective on the way I should be oriented. But if you want me to actually do all of this, I suggest you get off of me before I throw you off the bed."

"Fine" Friday huffed as she got up, "I'll leave you to get dressed. But if I come back here in a few minutes and you're not out of this bed, I'll drag you to the living room by your ankles!"

She ran out of the room before Violet could come up with a remark. 'Ugh Friday why do I even put up with your nonsense?' However Friday usually made good on her word when threatening to do such antics, so Violet decided to get out of the bed. Resting her feet on the hardwood floor, she glanced down at the stone. 'Remember when you wear this that I also will be in your heart. I'll be watching over you, ma cher, protecting you and guiding you through whatever is to come.' Violet clasped the chain around her neck. "Thank you, Mama."

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