Junjou Terrorist
Getting Caught

Miyagi was in the dean's office around 2pm. The dean and two other professors were there since it was the same hour they had off.

Mmm… Kamijo would've been here, but his little lover came by and kidnapped him

Miyagi thought with a smile as the dean was serving coffee to all of the professors. One professor turned on the news to see if anything was happening. Miyagi froze when another story of how they arrested a man from being caught in a sexual situation with a 17 year old girl.

That is the tenth time this month… they need to be more discreet like me and—

"This sickens me" The dean said in a disgusted harsh tone that made Miyagi freeze more

"Well… it's disgusting. How a person can use an underage child for their own sick pleasure is beyond me. Those pedophiles ruin those children's chances at a normal life" the dean said and Miyagi took a sip of coffee

"What if they are in love?" Miyagi asked

Like me and Shinobu

"Love? You have to be kidding professor. How can it be love? How can a young person love a person more than twice their age? It's lust… very sick lust" the dean said and the other professors nodded and Miyagi froze as everything the dean said ran through his mind

…L-lust? I-is Shinobu… just lusting for me?

"Professor?" the dean asked but Miyagi was still lost in his thought

Is… this just sick pleasure?


M-more importantly… a-am I ruining Shinobu's life?

"Professor?" the dean asked louder and this snapped Miyagi out of his thought

"H-Hai?" he asked and the dean looked concerned

"Are you ok? I've been calling you…" the dean said and Miyagi nodded

"Yes I'm fine"

"Ok, that's good… I was wondering professor, what do you think of all this?" the dean asked

"…Well" Miyagi said looking to the side avoiding the shocked faces of his co-workers and boss

"What? But Miyagi, you can't possibly think that this is a good thing do you?" the dean asked and Miyagi felt his blood run cold again

Shit Miyagi, nice job… now look what you got yourself in… think, think

"Well when I was around 17 years of age, I fell in love with one sensei of mine. I know it was love since we never touched each other in a sexual way and… when she died, well I couldn't forget about her for many, many years. And lust never lasts" Miyagi said calmly but his mind was sighing in relief that he found a truthful excuse.

"Oh right, my daughter mentioned that it was the reason she divorced you right?" The dean said and Miyagi looked to the ground

"Thanks for reminding me of that" Miyagi said, but he was grateful that this happened because he met Shinobu out of it. Even though Shinbou was a pain in the butt most of the time, Miyagi knows he fell in love with the boy since he was the one who got him to forget about his sensei when no other person could.

Even though I'm in love with him… is he? Or is this just lust like the dean said?

"Sorry, I didn't mean to bring back any unwanted memories. Well… I guess you're the expectation of my little rant Miyagi" The dean said and Miyagi sighed

If Shinobu does love me… would our relationship be an expectation too?

"Well I better get going, my class starts soon and I have to get ready" Miyagi said leaving. Down the hall he was thinking about his relationship with Shinobu

I have to find out…

Miyagi got into his office and found his assistant Hiroki Kamijo sitting down organizing papers

"Ka-mi-jo!" Miyagi said glomping his assistant making him drop his papers and glare harshly

"Professor for the last time, don't do that!" Hiroki said and Miyagi whined

"But I need help…"

"What is it?" Hiroki asked after a sigh, bending down to get the papers and Miyagi was about to say something when he noticed a red mark on Hiroki's neck and smirked

"Aww did you and your lover have fuuun?" Miyagi asked in a teasing tone making Hiroki blush with anger and embarrassment

"Sh-shut up! Do you want help or do you want me to leave!" Hiroki said angrily and Miyagi sighed

"Sorry…" Miyagi said shocking Hiroki since he usually whines more and never really say sorry but more teasing

"What is it?" Hiroki asked

"… Well… I've been thinking about my relationship with…"

"The dean's son?" Hiroki asked

"Yes… I was in the dean's office when a news story came up about how a man got caught in a sexual situation with someone underage… the dean went on how it's just sick pleasure… for a person to do that to an underage kid. He also said it is ruining the lives of them and how it is just lust…"

"…Uh" Hiroki said having no clue what to say since he's in shock

"Hiroki… am I ruining Shinobu's life? I know I fallen for him b-but is he in love with me, or is it just lust? I don't know what to think anymore" Miyagi said and Hiroki had wide eyes as this was the first time that Miyagi had ever called him by his first name… this is serious.

"Miyagi… you need to ask him as soon as possible. And if he isn't in love with you, you have to end it. I know I may sound mean, but you'll just ruin your own life. You're the one who said if he didn't need you, you would be the one who breaks it off with him"

"Easy for you to say… since you know you have someone who is definitely in love with you... I'm in love… and unlike my sensei… I know I wouldn't forget… about him… I'll ruin my life both ways" Miyagi said

"Just talk with him as soon as possible… you never know until you do" Hiroki said and Miyagi nodded getting ready to go teach his class.

Good thing this is my last class of the day…

Miyagi went to teach his class. He was physically there teaching his students, but his mind was with Shinobu. After the hour and a half class the professor sighed

Finally! This day went extremely slow… have to talk to Shinobu right away.

Miyagi left and went straight home to find Shinobu already there making dinner

"Finally you're home old man" Shinobu said and Miyagi sighed and rubbed his neck

"Long day"

"What happened?" Shinobu asked and Miyagi sighed

"Shinobu… I want to ask you something, but I can't find the right wording" Miyagi said and Shinobu glared

"Just be blunt about it, like I am"

It's now to find out if he loves me or not. Am I ready for this? Even if I'm not I have to for Shinobu's sake

"Shinobu… are you in love with me or are you just in lust?" Miyagi asked and Shinobu turned off the burner and looked to Miyagi glaring

"Of course I love you, why would you ask?"

"Lust and love are two different feelings"

"I'm not in lust with you! I'm in love!"

"How can you possibly know when lust and love feel almost the same thing!" Miyagi asked and Shinobu was confused

"What's the difference then?"

"Lust is when you think you're in love with someone but it ends up being you only 'loved' them for the body or something, like if you lust for sex. Love is when you love the person's being, loves their personality not only the body" Miyagi said and Shinobu glared

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Because I don't want to jeopardize my life with you if you are just in lust" Miyagi said firmly even though that statement hurt him mentally

"Bastard… you rather dump me to keep your reputation with my father!" Shinobu said leaving to his room and Miyagi sighed and put his hand on his eyes… and walked to Shinobu's room and knocked on the door


"Go away!

"But I have to talk to you" Miyagi said and hearing no answer, Miyagi sighed and opened the door to see the 17 almost 18 year old boy in tears on his bed

"I told you to go away!" Shinobu said and Miyagi sighed and walked over to the boy and sat next to him

"Shinobu… what I said… it kinda came out wrong. I know for a fact that if you were in lust with me that our relationship wouldn't last… and if our relationship was based on lust that I wouldn't only ruin my own life, but yours as well. If we got caught… and you were only lusting for me, I fear that you would hate me…" Miyagi said looking down sadly and when Shinobu was about to say something Miyagi put a finger gently on his lips

"It's looked down upon… people around my age or older dating people underage… ten people have been arrested this month alone for being with a child. Your father said that it's ruining the children's lives… and I'm so in love with you that I don't want to ruin your life… If I had a choice, I would rather ruin my life this way if we were to break up now so you can have a chance to find someone younger than me and live a normal life" Miyagi said almost in tears and Shinobu glared slightly with a blush

"But I know I'm in love with you" Shinobu said and Miyagi looked to him


"But nothing, I'm not stupid Miyagi… I know when I first told you that I loved you and you kissed and gave me that hand-job that you were testing if I was just curious or in lust… but you found out that I wasn't right? God Miyagi… how stupid are you? I gave you all types of clues that I love you… and it's been months… almost a year, right? If it was just lust, wouldn't I have left by now?" Shinobu asked and Miyagi smiled and kissed Shinobu.

"I love you so much Shinobu" Miyagi said and Shinobu blushed and looked to the side

"I love you too" Shinobu said and glared at his lover "Why are you worrying over something this stupid?"

"Because I love you… I only care what is good for you" Miyagi said and Shinobu hugged Miyagi, burying his head into Miyagi's chest and mumbled something

"What was that Shinobu?" Miyagi asked

"I said what's good for me is Miyagi" Shinobu said blushing and Miyagi blushed slightly and started kissing him and got on top of him. Shinobu pulled him closer and then all the sudden the door opened

"Professor, you left—"

Miyagi and Shinobu froze with wide eyes and they both sat up looking to the side to see the stunned dean