On Monday, three days after the accident, Miyagi was sitting in his office smiling as Hiroki was doing all the work for his and Miyagi's class

"Tell me again why you can't do this yourself?" Hiroki asked irritated

"I got a bullet wound… your lover said no hard physical work, so therefore my assistant has to do it" Miyagi said grinning

"Damn Nowaki" Hiroki mumbled organizing things and Miyagi decided to call Shinobu


"Hello Shinobu-chin~!"

'Why you so happy?'

"I love you"

'I love you too, now tell me why you're so happy'

"I'm just glad everything is back to normal" Miyagi said laughing when a quiet 'not me' came from his assistant, "I have to go Shinobu… a lot of work to be done, I just called to say I love you"

'I love you too, bye'

"Bye" he said hanging up

"A lot of work my ass, you're making me do it all" Hiroki growled out irritated and Miyagi stretched slightly

"Ahh but you love it"

"Me love doing your work? Not!"

"But I am glad everything is back to normal" Miyagi said and frowned slightly, "Oh wait not everything I forgot to tell you that I might have slipped out your relationship with Kusama-san to the dean" Miyagi said and Hiroki blushed and dropped the heavy stack of papers


"Oh now look at the mess, now you have to do double work" Miyagi said smiling

"I'm going to kill you" Hiroki said and laughter filled the hallway their office is located in