What got into him?

Dammit! Just this once…just this once and I'll drop it next time. Oh ,who am I kidding I'm not going to stop thinking about it unless I learn what is going on.' Why on earth would he be so abrupt today?'' Did I do something wrong? Darn this baka…why am I so concerned anyway,this has nothing to do with me, does it? HELL ,i wanna know…I swear this boy is going to drive me insane ,great now I am talking to my self too.

Anis was sitting on her bed with her arms around her knees ,yes, pathetically talking to herself .She always did that when she was guilty about something or plain pondering.

It never was hard to summon Kaede, God he was the only one she could summon for so trivial things, why was it so hard then? Why would she hesitate? Just a little kiss on his card and he would be there in no time .'I just dont want him to be mad at me that's all' she sighed looking one more time at the red card on her hands. 'It's now or never' she said, taking a deep breath and touching the card with her lips. A gush of wind and thousand red rose petals filled the room.

'What is it with you summoning me of all times when Im taking a bath?'said Kaede obviously ticked off .

'KYAAA!Put something on you lecher' she shouted not looking in his direction and trying to hide the deep red color her face had taken.

'Óh really,now I am a lecher too?In that case glad to be upgraded' he made a bow while saying those sooner had he stood up and a pillow was send flying to him.

'Put something on dammit'…



'I said noooo…you called me at this time of the day, now you have to deal with the consequences.'

'You..you little son of a…'the cards where are the cards…I know i put them somewhere near the bed…ohh..here they are… she placed a soft kiss on the blue card and in less than a second Seiran appeared.

'What is wrong Anis-sama?'concern in his eyes upon seeing the other boy…

'It s Kaede…now i can't be taken as a bride.' she said bowing her head in embarrassment. Seiran looked shocked but then his expression changed to mere serious, shifting his gaze from Anis to Kaede…

'You are going to take responsibility, aren't you Kaede-kun?'

'What..i …i didn't do anything, and what should i take responsibility for,is she going to get pregnant just by looking at me or something?'…another pillow…'What the…'

'Thank you Seiran'

'My pleasure Anis –sama.'he said smiling to her

'Now I ll send you home, but don't wear your ninufa pj's just in case…goodnight Seiran' he blushed as he vanished in his blue rose petals.

'What?'said Anis when given Kaede's death glare…

'What is it you want?' she threw him a shirt,looking away one more time

'Wear this.' he did as he was told .

This smells good…such a sweet scent she's got…darn wake up boy*mental slap*…you're mad,remember…U R MAD…'Done' he barked.

'Good…I wanted…what I mean is…you…uughh…'

'Nice,see you made some progress in making full,understandable sentences.'

'Shut up you idiot.'wonder if it's wrong to mash his head,i mean we are alone no one is going to find out and once I'm done with him I'll…

'Hey you gonna let me know why I am here?'sigh.

'Why you so mad at me?I m not so silly to not get you've been avoiding me…it is bugging me…what can i have possibly done to make you furious?'

'So you mean you dont know?'he came closer and seemed very threatening not to mention completely unhappy…Boiling point reached successfully…geez did i kill his parents, kick his dog? she took little steps behind but then her back hit the wall,he put his hand over her head and leaned to have a good look at her eyes…Papa…he looks so scaaaryy…no Anis get it together girl…stand up for your self…don't let him intimidate you…

'Nope it happens to be unknown to me,the reason you are, raged, I might say'

'whaa…see it is effecting you…stop hanging out with Tenjoh so much…' Now now what do we got here?Could he…no no no that's not a possibility…Wait!.Does he really… think i talk like a freaky mofo?!'Hey do you mean I talk like a weirdo?'

Ýou really are simple-minded ne?'he looks frustrated and disappointed at the same time…sigh'Why can't you see…I…you know what,forget about it I shouldn't even bother explaining it to you…find it out on your own' and with that he pressed his card on her lips to be vanished in seconds.

'Now who's the one making full and understandable sentences?' she muttered to herself while getting in bed.

I can't go on with this any more…she is going to drive me crazy.he sat on his sofa having just got home with the Rhode knight express as he liked to call it .He put his elbows on his knees and passed his hands through his hair.Im still wearing her shirt…he put it off,holding it in his hands for a few seconds before he smelled it, inhaling her sweet scent 'ahh' he smiled to himself…now I get why girls use that stuff…

So that was it...What about it as a start?...I hope i will improve through time though...See ya next chaptaO.O.