Lady Morana

With the first step that Anis had taken in the darkness of this house, she knew that something supernatural was creeping somewhere there. In fact, no, it wasn't hiding, the thing was made crazily obvious. At the moment she stepped in and the door closed behind her she knew that nothing was going to go as planned. But the strangest of all was that upon hearing someone playing the piano she wasn't scared but rather moved. The way the keys were hit sent Goosebumps down her back as the most beautiful melody she had ever heard was composed. To her ears it was like the sweetest thing they had ever heard. The sorrow within was akin to an angel's cry and was making something in her stomach come to life, the player seemed overtaken with emptiness…that he or she was forever incomplete…

'She is upstairs in her room…' Nefeli mumbled as she moved towards the wooden stairs. They got to a long hall and once again followed the sound to get to the room she was.

Anis saw the apparition of a woman with ebony hair that fell past her chest sitting in front of the instrument putting her feelings into notes that flew all around filling the grim chamber. Her charcoal eyes where glued down and her fingers graciously touched the white and black keys. She knew they were there but she didn't pay any attention to them…she continued playing her music. Every last drop of fear had left Anis' body being replaced with the urge to cry at this woman's pain. Once she hit the last notes she allowed her hands to linger on the piano for a while before she turned to gaze the two girls still affected by the haze her music had put them in.

'I was prepared for your arrival…'she sat up floating towards them. Anis noticed she was wearing a white old-fashioned flowish nightgown. Her bed was covered with rose petals and the sheets fully made from lace.

'It's an honour to meet you Lady Morana.' Nefeli bowed signalling Anis to do the same.

'Do not bow in front of me, good manners won't make me like you…Pink rose.' Her voice was full of poison when she said that last two words.

'I need your help, please…' she bowed lower.

'I did once too…why should I aid you? You know what your family's answer was. I begged and this ignorant, audacious, pretentious girl turned and said what to me? Do you know what your ancestor's words were to me? I could offer you the exact same answer guardian: , I can't give you the flower. The soothing air hitting my face and the sun tasting my breath won't let me do it. Life is given through time, you can't bring him back …it is no fair…Naive woman, what is it to listen to your heartbeat and feel your blood run in those veins. How does it feel to touch the sand after a summer morning? How does the water cool down your boiling temperature and how fire heats you up, how do your lungs take in life? Is it true? Can you fly through dreams? The silk touch of the fluffy clouds and the smell of the pouring rain when it touches the ground exist in your memories. Passion for company throughout all of this…And you think you are complete and pure…Talk to me when you can taste the light, when you'll hear silence, when you can touch your shadow when you can smell loneliness, when you can see the drop of life in everything. Come to me when you'll be able to feel…I was told those heartless words when I lost the most precious thing of my life.'

Nefeli had her eyes shut as if she was taking a blow at every sentence the ghost was finishing. 'You know she couldn't give it to you even if she wanted to…' she whispered.

'It was not so simple!' she yelled and to Anis it seemed as if she would cry…but that was impossible for someone that was dead right? 'Your family has no pride girl…it has committed so many crimes, oh your mind can't even conceive what they have done. They say that this flower is a gift for those that had lost their beloved ones…it flourished by the tears of lovers-very grim don't you think?- and is a way of fate to make up for all the tragedy she has caused, I say it is a curse. It brings more misery in the life of people than happiness…' she turned away furious, settling at the window, looking outside.

'You are wrong!' Nefeli shouted

'You think you know pain girl? That day it wasn't only me that died!' she snapped back.

'I never heard of another death attributed to my family…'she said in a low voice.

The woman faked a chuckle 'I needed him here…he had to stay.'

'It would be selfish of you; there were other people that suffered the loss of a beloved one…' Anis spoke at last.

The apparition turned to her. 'I do not hate her family because they didn't give me the rose…' she crooked her head taking a good look at the girl. '…I was pregnant.'

Nefeli's head shot up to look the woman startled for a while before she was able to talk. 'But still you died from crying…you caused the…'

'That's why I say you know nothing…I was murdered, your family poisoned me in the fear of me revealing the existence of Triantafillon.' The woman hissed. 'You're just a kid…' she looked away.

'Please, help me I beg of you…'Anis whispered '…or else I am going to lose him forever too…please.' she was looking at the floor her eyes getting glassy.

Lady Morana turned to her with a sympathetic look in her eyes. She rushed to the pinkette lifting her face from the chin. 'Your one is under a spell?' Anis nodded and the Lady sighed. 'I can't do differently…I am sealed by your family to stay in between the two worlds until the day that you need my help comes. And even though I despise you and I yearn for your tormenting, I wish to leave this world…to rest finally in peace. What you seek is still at the Asteroscopeum. The facets of the moon will give you the solution. The code is in Latin. I will stay here until you will be able to find it, to aid you.' Her voice even.

'Thank you so much…' Anis gazed her thankfully to receive a soft smile from the ghost. 'Let's go Nefeli…we have to search the tower.' And with that she ran out of the room. They could hear her going down the stairs fast. Nefeli though stayed behind still her eyes glued to the floor.

'Every person of your family is dirty.' She shook her head.

'I am sorry…I didn't…I didn't know.' Her tears were streaking her face when she looked at the woman. 'I'm so ashamed…' her eyes begging for forgiveness.

'Your tears do not move me…you are the same as any other member of your family…' a hard look on her pretty features.

'You are mistaken…' she tried.

'Then I suppose your poor friend does know that you are not helping her unconditionally.' She seethed disgusted.

Nefeli averted her gaze.

'I didn't think so…' Morana grimaced.

They were again into the car on their way to the tower. The curly-haired girl was too silent she had just discovered an awful fact about her family. What had they done to protect this secret…There was a horrible feeling taking over her, a burden at her heart. She knew; she knew all too well that this was certainly called guilt…and it didn't stop there, regret was twisting her guts. What else was kept unknown from her? Now this quest had become personal: A journey to the past for her and the saving of her beloved for Anis.

The tower seemed the same as always and when they got to the top they begun searching for what Lady told them about. They had scanned the area like seven times and found everything else except from what they where looking for. And then it hit her. Anis jolted up from where she was sitting cross-legged and rushed to the table where the chaos of paper existed.

'I know it was somewhere around here. I remember…I am sure of it…' she continued pushing irrelevant papers away until the other girl joined her.

'What is it we are looking for?' her face lit up a bit with hope.

'A sheet of paper in which the facets of the moon are displayed…I know I was holding it last time we were here, and when you told me you found something I must have thrown it back here.' She didn't even stop searching while she was talking. She kneeled looking under the table.

'Gotcha!' she almost shrieked from happiness.

'Let me see…let me see it!' the other one urged.

The pinkette handed the sheet to her friend and pointed at the numbers.

'Here, this could be the code…'

'I don't know…we need letters.' She shrugged

'No I can feel that this is what we are looking for.' Anis nodded confident.

'Then what could it mean? ' she wondered.

But indeed the numbers were ten and by order they were placed like this with illegible handwriting: 12 21 14 01 05 12 21 13 05 14.

They were racking their brains…they tried their hardest until they came to their wits' end. And they proposed turning every cylinder as many times as the numbers indicated but they were still afraid that they would be wrong and the content would get damaged. At a point Nefeli gave up.

'Who is the smartest of your knights Anis?' she whined

'I guess Seiran…' she said after a bit of thought.

'Then what are you waiting for? Call him, time is a luxury we do not have and I don't thing wasting it is a really wise choice!'

'Okay, okay don't whip me…'and with that she kissed the blue card.

'Anis-sama!' Seiran with his huge eyes looked concerned at Anis.

'Seiran I desperately need your help…' she handed him the paper ' how do we make this in letters?' she voiced with an imperative tone.

'W-what are you talking about Anis –sama? They are plain numb…' his voice trailed of as he was starring the digits. 'Oh I know!' he suddenly yelled 'It is a method used in the past to make sure the item wouldn't fall in the wrong hands. It's only one try that we have right?If we fail it will be destroyed, the same goes for trying to brake the lock…Oh I have never seen such a thing,it must be ubelievably old!' he mused when Anis showed him the box.

'Just tell me already Seiran!' she hurried him.

'It's quite simple, but are you sure this is the right one?' he questioned.

The two girls looked each other and then nodded positively.

'Okay then…just every number, if I am not mistaken, corresponds at the place of every letter in the alphabet. So if we have 01 it's A, 02 B and likewise.' He explained.

'Ohhh…' the two friends had the same look on their faces, the «why didn't I think of that!» one.

'So what do we have formed if the numbers are replaced?' she was excited.

'Mmmm…its : 12-L, 21-U, 14-N, 01-A, 05-E,12-L,21-U,13-M,05-E,14-N. All together it's LUNAELUMEN.'

'No! It's lunae lumen, there are two words. It means moon light!' Nefeli jumbed up and down were she was standing.

'So, now what?'

'We open it…' she whispered. Her fingers traced the beautiful box. She stroke the lock and got ready to form the code.

'Wait…before you open it…I want to go back in that house, the woman…let's just make sure this is the code…'Anis voiced.

Her friend looked puzzled at her statement but agreed nonetheless.

I want to thank her too…

They were in the house in less than ten minutes with Seiran waiting in the car. Upon opening the door they faced Lady Morana sitting on the stairs.

'It took you long enough…' she smiled a bit.

Anis rushed kneeling in front of her.

'Is that the code?' she showed her the paper where Lunae Lumen was written.

The woman smiled again and gave a little nod.A grin flashed on the pinkette's face and she proceeded forming the the click was heard and the golden vines retreated her heart was beating like crazy. She slowly picked up the cap only to see a small key and a piece of scroll. She took it out and read it loud enough for Nefeli to hear too.

' Si potest lacrima diligentis tangere animan dilecti, clamat intus reducam memoriae.' Anis wrinkled her nose in an effort to pronounce the words right.

'It means «if a tear of a lover can touch the heart of the beloved then a cry from within can bring back memories.»'

'Oh God!Nefeli look at the map!' the big X had moved to another location.

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