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Cody felt himself choking up. Of all places he never thought of this person to show up. He really just expected a random stranger or a regular customer. But it was neither, that would've been an understatement. Actually, it wouldn't be possible. Cody felt a sudden rush as the person stepped into the room. The few customers, staff and store manager didn't speak either. For a temporary instant Cody forgot about everything else. This was none other than-

"Eminem?" Cody said feeling dazed as his voice. He had sat down and turned to him with an indifferent expression while ordering water. Cody felt stunned and numbed but he kept speaking out of excitement and trying to regain his composure.

"Mr. Mathers, what are you doing in Boston? Don't have an appointment or concert?"

"I would, but I decided to slow things down with a tour," Eminem said with his iconic rapstar voice that had been altered many times when he was his other alter egos.

"I'm just suprised, Mr. Mathers, you don't really come here," Cody said still trying maintain normal breathing.

"Exactly. That's part of the reason I'm here. If you don't mind, could you keep this on the down low, kid? I'd rather be out of the spotlight for awhile."

"Sure. I'm just really revering this moment that you're here. I've bought all your albums, including Infinite. You're really the only rapper I actually listen to," Cody said controlling his fan feelings.

"Thanks for the support. And not losing your head and rushin' me with requests," Em said bluntly.

"You're as serious as they say... Is that part of the act or for real?" Cody asked truthfully. Eminem still held the indifferent look. That seemed quite attached to him.

"Sometimes. I may act rash or crazy every once and while, but I know better now. I did what I had to for myself and my daughters. I changed and I have recovered," Eminem said solemnly. One word triggered something in his head. Recovered. Something was finally obvious.

"I'm Cody, Cody Martin. And-" Cody seemed unable to control the urge. "Can I have your autograph?"

Eminem smirked inside. He had heard that so many times. Then again that comes with the job. It was a perk and a curse.

"You got paper or somthin'?"

"I'd be honored if you could sign my IPad and notebook," Cody said appreciatingly. Em just signed with white marker on the back of the IPad and the back and front of the notebook including the inside. They were all of course in his iconic reversed 'E' style. After the initial rush of excitement he started coming back to reality. He still had his own problems. Including the 'recovery'. Then he remembered what was so obvious and felt as though he found the solution. Or the help towards the solution.

"Mr. Mathers? Could ask you a few questions?" Cody asked not desperately, but hopefully. Eminem checked his G-Shock.

"Sure. What's on your mind?"

"I'm in a similar situation like you were. A relationship I broke off, but now my ex is considering getting back together with me. I just think I need help. Since you're experienced in these parts, I want to ask you what you would do," Cody said humbly. "I just don't think I can do it myself."

Eminem didn't show it, but he had sympathy. He also empathized knowing love was 'evol'.

"Well, when Kim and I broke up it wasn't going to be the first time. Thinking about it now, I'm more careful around this sort of thing. I'm gonna need to know a bit more than you just havin' trouble with your love life," Eminem responded indifferently. Cody felt a little apprehensive, but he was the recovery expert, so he told him.

"I had a girl I loved. A lot. Enough that I admit, I was a bit neurotic. Her name was Bailey, and- and-" Cody thought about it and continued. "I think it'd be easier to understand by putting it in comparison to your raps/songs. Well, I would've laid down my gaurd and died for her, I thought she was the one, at least at the time, and I loved her so much it hurt. I guess my heart was a bit 'space bound' after we broke up," Cody paused. He looked at Em for a response. He had his eyes closed in thought. He opened and inquired: "How'd you break up?"

"We had a misunderstanding. I thought she was cheating on me, she thought vice versa. I know it was stupid, but I just couldn't see it at the time. We argued and then decided to end it that night in Paris. It hurt to know I agreed. Now that I think about it, I created a problem I didn't need to make happen. She found out I wasn't being unfaithful but I had already lost trust in her. After that night, I thought about what I've done. I wondered if I did too much or not enough. Recently she wanted to patch things up, but I didn't accept... yet at least. I don't know why but something was keeping me from doing it and I just didn't feel the same as before for her," Cody explained. Eminem sensed he was holding out on something.

"Was there anything else? Anyone else involved?" Eminem asked shrewedly. Cody decided not to hide things. He sighed.

"There might've been this other girl. Max. She was there when I needed comfort. But just recently I made an idiot of myself and drove her away... I came here and conveniently so are you, Mr. Mathers. I know there's something between me and her, but I'm not sure. Before I just couldn't come to grits with the fact that things might not turn the way I wanted them. I started to consider it was over for me to find true love. But I still feel something and I just have to know. I felt discouraged and doubtful before. I got over that but I still am uncertain. What if this all still turns out for the worst? I just feel as though I could live without Max. I still don't want to choose her and hurt Bailey, though, she was my first love. I started to see that whoever I chose, I would have to hurt the other. Or not choose at all. I guess what I'm saying now is, I need a doctor," Cody added.

Eminem was conceiving answers for his problems. Cody was starting to wonder if he said too much or that there wasn't hope for him. But then Eminem spoke.

"Listen. I feel your pain. I know what it's like to make those tough decisions. What you have to understand is, nothing right now is going to be easy. When you make your choice, you'll have to live with it. The only way to recover from this is to accept that you have to move on. You don't have to do it alone, but you have to make up your mind. What and who's more important? For me, I understand that drugs almost killed me and not living with Kim anymore does change perspective. Though I got myself together. Why? I didn't do it just for me to recover, I did it for my daughters and Kim. I still love Kim and I'd still do anything for her on any day. I know that sometimes hard on my daughters. I try protect them but I can't hide everything. But then you realize, you have to be strong to live for them. Live for yourself. Live with a purpose. A reason to fight for and be willing to do the hardest. If you still love Bailey, man up for her and consider what she wants. If it's Max, you'll have to let Bailey down. One person's got to step off for another to get on. It's your choice but if you want to get pulled out of this dump, I suggest you start with facing the problem. A man's got to do what he's got to do. It may sound corny, but be yourself and you'll find the answers your looking for. You can't be afraid to face the truth. It maybe your last chance to make it right, but even if it doesn't work out, don't kill yourself over love. I had an obsessed fan who did that. Cody, I can only advise you. This is as far as I can help you. The rest is on you. I hope you can move on from this place, to a better one if you're really trying to get out. I can't get you there. Only you can, and only you'll face it."

Cody felt exhilarated after hearing Eminem's advice. It was very deep and he understood now what he didn't before. He also gained a new light of respect towards Eminem and would never forget his words. The way he thought about deep topics was one of the reasons he listened to him. He knew what he had to do.

"Thanks a lot, Em. I appreciate your help," Cody said admiringly.

"No doubt," Eminem responded giving a ghost of a smile. He almost reached the door when Cody remembered something.

"Mr. Mathers!" Eminem turned around. Cody walked up toward him.

"I have huge favor to ask you," Cody said a little nervously. Eminem looked at him to continue. "Could you come to the Tipton at the penthouse to have an interview and perform? My friend London Tipton has a web series thing going on and she asked me to get celebrities... so..."

"I suppose," Eminem said.

"Thanks so much, Mr. Mathers," Cody said and complied to pound Em's fist when he offered it along with a side-arm hug or also known as the 'guy' hug.

"I'll be around," Eminem said and left. Cody felt better with the new hope inside of him.

There goes the most popular person on Facebook. And I got his signature, with a favor. Finally things are looking up. It's about time. I guess I should head back, Cody thought. It was 7:41 and counting.

It was 8:03 when Cody got back. With the exception of the English twins, Barbara, Agnes and Maddie, everyone was waiting for him. Bailey was the first to notice.

"Cody!" She said and jumped into his arms. He hugged back just for the moment. Everyone else felt awkward. Bailey was pleased he hugged back, hoping he thought about her proposal. She wanted to hear it for herself, though.

"Cody, we were just about to send a search party. Where were you?" Zack asked joking about the search party.

"Away from you," Cody said teasing. Zack rolled his eyes.

"It's good to see you as well," he responded sarcastically. Maya smirked.

"Hey, Cody," she said and gave a friendly hug. London then intervened.

"Cody, I hope you've been working while I didn't have my eyes on you," she said in manager-like manner.

"Actually, yes I have. I found your first celebrity," Cody responded a little bit smug.

"Oh? Who is it?" London asked in a 'this better be good' tone.

"Eminem," Cody said simply concealing his smugness. Zack responded exactly as you would expect.

"UNFAIR. Totally unfair! See, Maya? If we had tailed after him for a while, we would've met EMINEM. But we had to stay back here and wait," Zack ended on a sour note. Maya sighed at his ignorance.

"Zack, Cody got him to come to London's show. You'll meet him then," she pointed out the obvious as his expression changed to surprised realization.

"I knew that," Zack said unconvincingly.

"Good job, Cody! I knew you were a better producer than Maddie!" London said as she hugged the life out of him. Ouch. London would be hurting two people right now if Maddie heard that comment.

"London, he needs to breathe," Bailey said pointedly. London released him and waved everyone goodbye casually. Boy, she can change moods quickly.

"So, did you get his autograph?" Zack asked hinting at envy. Cody decided to spare him the gloating feeling.

"Naturally," he responded taking out his IPad. "Signed on the back plus the notebook. In total, 5 signatures."

"Sounds like you milked it," Zack said enviously as Cody predicted.

"Well, at least I don't sound sour like you," Cody remarked smartly. Zack narrowed his eyes as he caught on.

"Nice wordplay, Cody," Bailey said trying to appeal to him.

"He set me up for it, it was too easy," Cody said simply trying to lightly brush her off. She noted this with near unnoticeable disappointment.

"Where's Max?" Cody asked and Bailey attempted to not be jealous. Zack decided to play with what he set up.

"She's probably waiting for you, Cody," Zack smirked. Cody however didn't give him the response he wanted.

"Grow up, Zack. I thought at 17 you'd be able to act as well as a 12-year old at least," Cody said, indirectly hinting at a diss. It wasn't that subtle when everyone else smirked at Zack's expense. Zack had one last quip though.

"You shouldn't keep your lady friend waiting, Cody," Zack said mockingly. As much as Cody would hate to admit it, that one got to him but he cut it off short.

"I've got to- to refresh my room," He said quickly and got to the elevator, but before he it closed, Zack just had to get a word in.

"Very clever, Cody! Not gonna work, though!"

You know what, I take back saying I'm glad he's my brother. Jerk. No sense for subtlety...

Fortunately, I have a sense of subtlety...Cody thought getting up from his bed. It was 10:33 right now and had comtemplated on whether to talk to Max today or tomorrow. Unlike Bailey's proposal, he answered this question almost immediately.

I wonder if she does want to talk... especially at night. If only things were actual simple... Then again, Em's right. Sometimes love isn't easy. So there's hardly a chance it's simple...

He was planning to sneak out to her house to try and get a response. It wasn't the best way, but waiting for tomorrow? His logic said yes but his emotions said now. This was one of the few times his heart won over his mind. This probably was rash. Maybe a bit a crazy, too. But he decided he knew what and who was important. He'd rather know than not. So he just snuck out the door of his suite and took the stays to avoid risks. He went through the revolving door and set off down towards Max's house.

As he walked he looked around the neighborhood. It was quite quiet with the distant wind-like sound of cars driving in the distant. There were yellow and white lights coming from streetlights on the sidewalks. It was peaceful at nightfall as most people were inside. Cody however, couldn't stop to really consider the scenery. He was thinking about what he was going to say. At least the quiet ambience of the vicinity allowed him to think.

He wasn't completely sure what he'd say or what would happen. All the while, not really paying attention to his feet, he found himself at Max's already. He stepped up the porch and had a brief self-reassurance.

Before he could knock though, the door opened and Max was there not looking surprised, in fact, she looked indifferent like Eminem. Except for him it was normal, for her it looked foreboding.

"Cody, we need to talk," Max said straightly to the point. With that tone, he wasn't sure if she was about to break it to him hard... and possibly break his heart before it got the chance to recover...

I know, that's pretty evil to end it like that. Well, that's a lesson to you. Love is 'evol' as Eminem says. However, your waiting will be fulfilled as I enjoy entertaining you guys as much as I do with my own imagination. Please R & R. Till the next chapter...