Three Is Not Company

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke and one sided Peyton/Brooke

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Behind The Scenes

Peyton's POV

Life had not been easy for Peyton Sawyer as of late, in fact life had never been what you would call easy for the blonde. She had to deal with losing many people that she loved including the woman that she cared for more than life itself, her mother. Afterwhich she may not have lost her father to death, but she did still lose him. He disappeared and was always off working never home to take care of her. From then on the only person who was always there for her was her best friend Brooke Davis.

They were different. Beyond different. They liked different music, dressed differently, acted very different in social situations. In fact the only thing that the two of them ever really had in common was falling in love with the same man. Even that was false on both sides. Peyton never truly loved Lucas Scott. The one that she had always wanted to be with, the whole reason she even went after him was in order to keep him away from Brooke.

It was selfish and she knew it to keep her from being happy in order to fulfill some stupid fantasy she had of her best friend one day coming to her and admitting her love and all that it had succeeded in doing was putting a wall between the two of them. The brunette seemed to hate her for stealing her boyfriend.

The funny thing was she honestly thought Brooke was being a complete hypocrite. She could tell that she wasn't in love with Lucas Scott; she was in love with someone she was ashamed to love as well. Haley James Scott.

All that the two shared in common being a friendship, last name, and an interest in learning. At first Peyton had truly believed that Brooke loved the young man but as time went on she started to realize little things. The way that hazel eyes would constantly wander to the young man's best friend, how she smiled when Haley talked to her and believed in her, the cute little nicknames she associated with the girl. Yes, the brunette did all the same things with her but for whatever reason she could tell this was different.

As the years continued to stretch on the two girls seemed to only grow closer and closer to each other, and now the blonde was beginning to see that maybe just maybe the woman that she loved pretended to care for Lucas to get closer to his best friend.

She would never confront Brooke about any of this she would not even admit her true feelings to her friend, all that she could do was sit by and watch in hopes that she was wrong and only being paranoid.

"Hey P. Sawyer you seem a little out of it. Are you gonna be able to focus on the competition?" Brook questioned as she pressed down on the gas pedal of the gas pedal of the car now going fifteen over the speed limit.

"The question is are you?" Peyton replied sarcastically looking out the passenger side window. She could imagine that her friend would have other things on her mind with Haley on the squad and scantily clad in a cheer uniform.

"And what exactly do you mean by that?" She questioned reaching over and slapping the blonde on the arm laughing.

She loved the brunette's voice, she loved her deep husky laugh, and she loved when she could bring a beautiful dimpled smile to her face. Honestly she simply loved everything about Brooke. "Well I just figured you could be checking out something else." She hinted bluntly green eyes glancing to the back seat.

Worried hazel followed the glance to the back seat where Haley was currently sleeping with her head pressed against the window. Peyton watched as worry turned to affection and her heart dropped into her stomach as she felt the urge to vomit. She just knew that her hunch was correct. Brooke was in love with the tutor and neither of them would end up happy. None of them aside from Haley who had and was married to the man she loved.

"Uh… what-what do you mean?" The brunette questioned nervously as she returned her eyes to the road and forced a smile. "Oh you mean all of those sexy boys?" Biting down on her bottom lip she smirked deviously which of course turned the blonde on to no end. "Well, I think I'll be able to control myself."

"That wasn't exactly what I meant." Peyton responded biting down on her bottom lip and forcing her eyes away from the seductive smile on her friend's lips.

Brooke did not ask what she meant almost as if she already knew what her friend had meant. Honestly it would not surprise the blonde. Some people thought that the brunette was not all that clever but she had a certain kind of social smarts that a lot of other people lacked, such as herself. She was always awkward in social situations.

As they hit a bump on the road Haley let out a loud yell "Oww!"

Worry filled the brunette's beautiful eyes as she turned to look at the singer in the backseat. "Oh no, Haley are you okay?" The way that she reacted of course not getting past the green eyes that were now watching her intensely.

"Yeah, Brooke I'm fine." She laughed rubbing her head where she had hit the glass, she wore a large smile, it would have been cute to Peyton if it did not make her feel so sick.

"Good honey I'm so sorry…"

"It's fine." She laughed some more. "Now look at the road before you get us killed!"

Brooke immediately did as she was told and looked back to the street smiling brightly as she teased "Yes ma'am. God you are so hot when you are demanding tutorgirl!"

"I am sure Nathan would agree." Peyton stated a bit spitefully as she glared out the window her arms crossed over her chest. She hated the constant flirting that was going on between the two, she hated how they lived together in the same apartment, and she hated everything about it. She did not actually hate Haley though they were friends but was she jealous? Yes, she was jealous.

"Mmm… Nathan, god I cannot wait to share a hotel room with him." The blonde tutor stated in a dream-like state which earned a smirk from the blonde up front. At least Brooke would not get to be with the one she loved either.

O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

End Chapter

Authors note: Sorry for all of the Peyton fans out there. Do I love her? Yes I do, I pretty much love every character on the show aside from Lucas and Dan on occasion, but I love Haley and Brooke far more and despite the obvious attraction she has for Brooke in this story she will not be the one to end up with her. The entire story will not be in her POV it will be a mix of all three girls points of view. And Brooke and Haley will end up together…

I love them together! Haha. Anyhow if you read this and like it please review and encourage me to add another chapter faster! I am known to do so. :p Pretty fast with encouragement! Love you guys!

-Tracy Cook