Three Is Not Company

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Haley/Brooke and one sided Peyton/Brooke, also some Peyton/Rachel

Rating: M

Chapter 15

I Got In A Bar Fight With A Whore Over A Whore

Peyton's POV

She scanned her surroundings with confused green eyes as she realized that Rachel had brought her to a club. She did not understand what the other woman planned to find out here, but she could tell by the devious smirk on her lips that she did have a plan.

"What the hell are we doin' here?" She wondered, glaring at a young man who bumped into her, nearly knocking her off of her feet.

"We are testing a theory." Rachel responded vaguely. Still, not explaining how she planned to go about testing Peyton's feelings for her.

She contemplated asking the redhead what she had planned, but she had a feeling that she was not going to explain it to her. In fact, knowing Rachel, that was probably part of the 'experiment'. So, instead of asking another question about their current location, she simply shrugged her shoulders and muttered, "Whatever."

Peyton followed Rachel as she headed out onto the dance-floor, but she quickly realized that Rachel was not going to be dancing with her. She headed out into the center of the floor and caught the gaze of an older looking man, before she approached him and asked him to dance. Leaving Peyton to watch from a distance as the scene unfolded before her eyes. Within minutes Rachel was dancing promiscuously with the man, another man grinding up against her back, and her hands roaming all over their bodies.

It caused her stomach to twist in knots. She was disgusted by the sight, and surprisingly, she was also jealous.

Her solution to these frustrating feelings was to attempt to get her mind off of them. If Rachel was capable of enjoying flirting with other people, which she obviously was, then she was going to enjoy flirting with other people as well. She pried her eyes away from the beautiful woman who now had her lips dangerously close to one of the men's ears, and she looked around the room, searching for someone to dance with. Her eyes immediately came into contact with a beautiful young woman who was watching her closely, and she approached her.

"Wanna dance?" She asked in an uninterested tone of voice. It was not that the woman was not gorgeous, she was breathtaking even, it was because all that she could think about in the moment was Rachel. She did not dare look back to the other woman, but she knew that she was having fun with the men, possibly even kissing them by now, and that alone was enough to make it difficult to flirt with the other girl.

"I would love to." The woman said with a smile as she took Peyton's hand and allowed her to lead her out onto the dance floor.

As she started to dance with the other woman she could not help but feel like she was only dancing with her in order to spite Rachel, in order to make Rachel feel just as jealous as she felt, and these feelings terrified her. That was not something that she would normally do, especially if she did not have deeper feelings for someone. If Rachel and her were truly just sex than it would not bother her so much to think about someone else touching her, or kissing her, or sleeping with her. She shuddered at the thought.

Glancing down into the woman's blue eyes she realized that they were full of lust. She could potentially sleep with this woman tonight, but she did not want to. She did not want to sleep with her; she wanted to sleep with Rachel.

'Stop being so ridiculous… If Rachel can sleep around, you can sleep around… that is all that you want from her anyway. You don't love her, you love Brooke…'

As the two of them danced around the dance floor, she caught sight of Rachel. The dancing had progressed into something a bit more physical as expected, and she was now kissing the man deeply as his hands traveled over her body. The sight caused a reaction in Peyton that she did not expect. Her entire body heated up, she stopped dancing and just stared over the other woman's shoulder at Rachel, her jaw clenched, her muscles tense, and her heart racing. Her anger was overwhelming.

"Are you alright, you're shaking…" The nameless girl that she was dancing with inquired, looking over her face with worry.

"No. No, I'm not." Peyton muttered in a shaking voice as she pulled away from the girl. She did not offer an apology as she walked away from her, making her way toward Rachel quickly.

Rachel pulled away from the guy that she was kissing and she smirked as she watched the blonde walking up to her. Peyton knew that she was only proving the redhead's point, acting like a jealous girlfriend, but she could not stop herself. The anger was nearly suffocating her. Green eyes connected with brown as she walked by, bumping into Rachel and muttering out, "whore," before heading to the exit of the club.

She never looked back. Not wanting to deal with the repercussions of her actions.

She just wanted to go back to her house and curl up on her bed and cry herself to sleep.

Rachel was left standing there with the man, both of them staring after the blonde woman. "She likes me." She said with an all-knowing smirk. The guy, obviously not knowing or understanding what was going on, leant forward and attempted to continue kissing her. She pushed him away and rolled her eyes at him. "You've already done your job." She stated sarcastically before following Peyton toward the exit and chasing after her.

Now that she had her answer she just needed to force Peyton to acknowledge it.


Haley's POV

She smiled brightly as she rested her head against Brooke's shoulder, gently grazing her neck with her lips as she whispered out. "This is amazing, Brooke." She closed her eyes and allowed her fingers to idly trace circles along the other woman's arm as she fell into the comfort and warmth of her body. She loved being close to Brooke. It always felt right, safe.

"Mm… Well, this is a good sign." Brooke said with a smirk.

"What do you mean by that?" She asked, laughing softly. She felt so comfortable holding the diva that she felt she could fall asleep any minute now, but she wouldn't dare. Haley would never do anything to ruin this wonderful date that Brooke had obviously gone to great lengths to prepare. She had the money at her disposal of course, but the money was not what made this date perfect. It was designed to be romantic according to her standards and that took thought.

"If I already have you loving the date then it must be pretty awesome, 'cause I still have a lot more planned for the evening."

"I am just happy to be spending time with you. This is nice." She muttered out under her breath. When she felt Brooke start to run her fingers through her hair, her smile spread further across her face and she let out a soft hum of approval.

"Yeah, it is." Brooke responded with a nod.

Both women fell into a comfortable silence. The only sounds surrounding them being, the thudding sound of the horse's hooves against the gravel, and the soft moans that she was letting out, to her embarrassment, due to Brooke's touch. Haley was not one who enjoyed silence on most occasions. Growing up in a busy and hectic household with people always around, she had gotten used to having that around her, but she was comfortable in this silence.

She loved simply laying here with Brooke.

Suddenly, Brooke spoke up, drawing Haley out of her own thoughts. "You know, I never thought that something like this existed." Her voice cracked with emotion and the tutor sat up a little so that she could look up into watery hazel eyes.

"Something like what?"

"Love. Like in a fairytale." Brooke muttered out, a light blush painting her cheeks at the admittance. She looked so vulnerable and open that all Haley could do was stare for a moment. 'She is the most beautiful woman… inside and out… how could I not have noticed for so long…'

Brooke laughed a little and blinked back her tears, obviously not wanting to cry in front of her. "I mean, I knew that love existed, I guess. Just, not like this. My parents weren't exactly the most loving people, not toward me or toward each other. So I guess I always thought love was just about money and using people or whatever… But this—" Her voice cracked and broke out as she looked away.

Haley reached up and swiped one of the tears away from the other woman's face, before smiling softly. She felt conflicted. Knowing that Brooke was ready to have everything with her, to share everything with her, and that she still had a lot to work out before she would be capable of giving her all to the relationship. Hazel eyes reconnected with brown and Brooke laughed a little. "I'm sorry." She breathed out.

"Don't apologize Brooke." She stated hastily as she smiled. "I know that things with Nathan and I are still complicated, but you need to know that you are right. This is right. I am not using you; I genuinely have feelings for you."

"Good, because I don't think my heart could handle it if you loved me like that."

"That isn't love Brooke. These feelings, this genuine concern and caring, this is love. There is no other way to love someone."

The horse drawn carriage came to an abrupt stop and the driver turned to smile at the girls. "This is your stop miss."

"Thank you." Brooke said, before flashing Haley a dimpled smile. "Come on." She nodded her head and climbed out of the carriage, before holding up her hand in order to escort Haley out. Haley felt like a princess. 'Straight out of a fairytale…' The thought made her heart race and caused her body to grow warm and tingle with excitement. This was a perfect night and she could not think of a better person to spend it with.

Brooke did not let go of her hand and this made her smile as her large brown eyes glanced down to their connected hands. She watched them momentarily as she allowed the cheerleader to lead the way.

After they had been walking for a few minutes, she looked up at Brooke and rested her head against her shoulder, planting a soft kiss against it. "So, where to next?"

"You'll know when we get there." Brooke teased.

"Okay…?" She questioned, turning her head to look ahead. What she saw completely baffled her and took her breath away. There beside the river was a beautiful setting. There was a small white table with adorable chairs, candlelight, wine, and dinner already prepared. "Oh my god, Brooke."

"Yep, I prepared you a romantic dinner. How else should a princess eat?"

"You prepared this?" Haley whispered out as they got closer to the table. She realized that it was a very elaborate and delicately planned meal. She could recall one time that Brooke had made her cookies and they had been impossible to swallow, so she had a difficult time believing that she did all of this without any outside help.

"Well, I may or may not have had a little outside help." Brooke stated sheepishly. "But the idea is all mine, that's gotta count for something, right?" She smiled.

"That counts for everything." Haley said with a smile as she leant up and pressed her lips to Brooke's.

The diva grinned smugly before letting go of Haley's hand and moving toward the table, pulling out her chair and allowing her to take a seat, before walking around the table and taking a seat across from her. Brooke then proceeded to pour the wine; all the while Haley sat across from her and watched her with a smile on her features. Brooke was beyond adorable when she was in "date mode."

Haley picked up her wine glass. "I propose a toast to the most wonderful date I have ever been on."

"Mm…" Brooke smirked lifting her glass. "I'll toast to that."

They clanked their glasses together before taking a sip of their wine. Then they both started to eat their dinner. Haley commented many times on how delicious the meal was, and on how Brooke should totally introduce her to whoever cooked it, and Brooke defended herself by saying that the meal was all her idea, she just didn't cook it.

Half way through the meal, Brooke surprised her when she stood to her feet and walked around the table, extending her hand to her. Haley stared at it with a furrowed brow and confused eyes. "Is it already time for the next part of the date? I haven't finished eating, Brooke."

"I will let you finish Haley, but I wanted to dance."

Haley bit down on her bottom lip and looked around for any sign of music, but there was none. "There isn't any music…"

"Oh darn, I knew that I was forgetting something. Be back in a jiffy!" Brooke said with a knowing grin as she skipped around the table and knelt down in order to mess with something. When Haley moved to stand to her feet in order to see what she was doing, the diva told her she had better remain sitting, so she listened and waited.

She blushed softly and grinned as she heard the music start to play. It was one of her favorite songs. As Brooke walked back around and offered her hand once again, Haley took it, allowing herself to be dragged to her feet.

"How did you know?" She asked under her breath as she rested her head against Brooke's shoulder, placing a kiss to her neck.

"I know a lot more about you then you think I know."

Haley smiled and she started to sway to the music, her arms wrapped around the other woman's neck and her body pressed flush against hers as she started to sing along with the music.

"You know my soul, you know everything about me there is to know.

You know my heart, how to make it stop and how to make it go.

You should know,

I love everything about you, don't you know?"

"That I'm thankful, for the blessing, and the lessons,

That I've learned with you, by my side.

I'm thankful for the love that you keep bringing in my life.

Thankful, so thankful."

"You know my thoughts, before I open up my mouth and try to speak.

You know my dreams, must be listenin' when I'm talking in my sleep.

I hope you know, I love having you around me.

Don't you know."

"For the lessons that I've learned, the troubles I've known.

For the heartache and pain, thrown in my way, when I didn't think I could go on,

But you made me feel strong.

With you I am never alone…"

The music started to die out, but they continued to sway and hold onto each other. Haley smiled and closed her eyes. "This is wonderful, Brooke…"

"You really liked it? 'Cause, I've never really taken anyone out on a date before, and—"

"—I didn't like it Brooke." She interrupted, pulling away from her in order to stare up into her eyes. She could see the worry and the fear dancing inside of them and she laughed softly, leaning up to kiss her, pulling back just enough to whisper against Brooke's lips. "I loved it."


Brooke's POV

There was nothing that could bring her down. Not tonight. She was walking the streets of Tree Hill, her home, with the one person that she had always loved, the one person that she had always wanted. She had never felt so happy, so completely and utterly blissful. If it were up to her, she would make it so that the date never ended. They would never have to return to the other complications of their lives, and they could hide away together forever.

Suddenly though, out of the corner of her eye, Brooke witnessed someone familiar run by on the sidewalk across the street. She looked a lot like her best friend and it looked as if she were crying. Her happiness drained a little as worry overwhelmed her. They had not been on the best terms lately, but she would always be there for Peyton.

"Go after her." She heard and cast her eyes downward to see Haley smiling up at her and nodding after Peyton.

"Are you sure Haley, I mean this is a date and I don't want to ruin it. She just looked hurt."

"Yeah, I'm—" Haley started to speak, but stopped as she stared across the street with a shocked expression on her face. Brooke quickly turned to look across the street at her best friend and see what had surprised the tutor.

"Oh, I guess I don't have to go after her. Her new girlfriend, or best friend or whatever she is, is helping her out." She muttered in an angry tone of voice. Her body shaking as she watched Rachel wrap Peyton up in a hug and pull her body closer to her own. Brooke knew that rationally, this was what she wanted. She wanted Peyton to be over her, she did not want to hurt her, she loved Haley, but she had never really seen the blonde in a romantic light so she could only feel like she was losing her best friend.

They then watched as Rachel leant down and kissed Peyton. "Why that little—"

"—Brooke!" Haley quickly interrupted her.

"What?" She asked, looking back to the shorter woman that she adored.

"You have no right to be upset, Brooke. Peyton has every right to date whoever she wants or be friends with whoever she wants. It is not your place to tell her what to do. She deserves to be happy too." She tried to reason with Brooke, but she was not thinking rationally.

"She already stole everything from me Hales, my cheerleading squad, my friends, now my best friend…" She whispered out sadly.

"She didn't steal me." Haley offered with a smile.

She smiled at this and nodded, letting out a breath she didn't even know that she had been holding. "Haley, I know, but… She is supposed to be my best friend… and I am losing her. I just need to go over there and—"

"—Brooke, I get it. I get that she is supposed to be your best friend and you feel as if you are losing her, but she looks perfectly content to me. How about you focus on me? I am supposed to be your date, Brooke. Why do you feel this need to go and start some petty fight with someone, when you have everything that you claim to have always wanted? Can't you just enjoy it? Can't you just enjoy spending time with me?"

"Haley, I didn't mean it like that… I just… Look, I'm sorry." She said in an attempt to remedy the situation. It worked a bit and she smiled, lifting her hands to Haley's cheeks and pressing her lips to her forehead.

"You're right. I have everything I want. Tonight has been wonderful, I'm so sorry if I ruined it all."

Haley laughed and wrapped her arms around Brooke, burying her head into the crook of her neck. "You didn't ruin anything."


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