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things are shaping up to be pretty odd.
little deaths in musical beds;
so it seems i'm someone i've never met.

Blaine watches out the window as the cars pass by. He glances at his mom, then looks down, then glances back. She looks as nervous as he feels. She taps her hands nervously on the steering wheel. It wouldn't bother him if she was actually in time with the song, but she's not, so he says, "Mom. Chill."

His mom huffs out a breath. "I'm just worried. This is your third transfer in two years, Blaine," she bites her lips nervously and pulls up to the stoplight. Blaine looks down. She sighs. "I really thought Dalton was a good match for you."

Blaine shrugs. "Well, you know. If I hadn't disappeared into thin air in the middle of Warbler's practice…" he trails off. The joke is lost on his mother, who just frowns deeper. Blaine sinks into his seat.

"You can't let anyone know your secret," she whispers.

"Which one?" Blaine jokes, and his mother shoots him a glance to let him know that she is not amused.

"Teenagers can use anything to alienate you, Blaine," she says stiffly, "They're cruel."

"The kids at Dalton didn't care I was gay," he retorts weakly. It falls on deaf ears.

"Promise me, Blaine," she says as they pull into the parking lot. He thinks that the brick building of McKinley High looks a lot more ominous then it should. He glances back at his mother, "Promise me that you won't give them a reason to hate you. Either one."

"I promise," Blaine says quietly. His mother smiles at him, and he can't help but notice how tired she looks. He tries his best to smile back.

He knows she's just worried, but it really sucks that he can't be himself.

It takes Blaine a few seconds after he gets his—admittedly rather complicated—schedule to realize that he has no idea where he's going. McKinley's not as big as Dalton, but it's a lot more crowded, and Blaine's kind of short. His homeroom is F-230, and seriously, whose idea was it to put letters and numbers together? Because he's pretty sure he just walked by A-231 and he's not exactly sure how that's going to work. He's about to crumple up the stupid bright yellow paper and throw it in the trash can when someone bumps into him. Hard.

"Watch where you're going, Curly-Q," the girl bites. Blaine's got to admit, she's kind of pretty. If, you know, he was straight.

"Such a warm welcome," he mumbles, ready to push past her. She gets this surprised look on her face and still manages to look like a bitch.

"You obviously don't know who I am," she says, looking him up and down.

He blinks. "No, and I don't think I want to," he says, because he doesn't really have a filter. She glares at him.

"I'm Santana Lopez," she says, like it's supposed to mean something to him.

"And I'm Blaine Anderson," he says slowly, waving his hands around a little. She looks at him like he's crazy, and maybe he is.

"Are you like, new here?" she asks, crossing her arms.

Blaine smiles a little uneasily. "It it that noticeable?"

She nods appraisingly. "That explains the attitude," she says, "Either way, I like your style, short stack. You can walk me to class."

Blaine blinks twice. "I'm gay."

She stares at him blankly. "I noticed," she says slowly.


"Please, my gaydar is spot on," she scoffs, "No worries; we play on the same team. Out and proud," she twirls her finger in the air sarcastically. Blaine stares at her. She rolls her eyes. "C'mon, where are you looking for?"

She snatches his schedule, scans it over and says, "This way," before pulling him by the arm down the hallway. And ow, her nails are razor sharp. "Just think of me as your official tour guide."

Blaine's on his way to his third period class when it happens. He's walking down the hallway by himself because Santana ditched him for some blonde girl. By the way she shoved her tongue down the other girl's throat, Blaine figures they're together.

It comes in the form of a skinny blonde girl. Blaine's walking past a classroom when he sees her. She's talking to some bulky kid with a Mohawk that Blaine makes a mental note to avoid at all costs.

"C'mon, Fabray, just this once?" the guy asks, and the girl rolls her eyes.

"Puck, seriously," she says, "Mr. Schue said we need to be more careful," she averts her eyes, "Especially after what happened to Kurt."

Blaine's not eavesdropping. Really, he's not.

"No one's around, though," the boy—Puck?—says flippantly, "It's okay. Quinn, seriously, I wouldn't ask if I didn't really need it."

Quinn watches him uncertainly, than says, "Fine. I still hate you, though."

Puck grins. "Wouldn't have it any other way."

Quinn shoots him a hesitant smile, before leaning down and lifting the entire book case up with one hand. Blaine's pretty sure kids on the other side of the school can hear his jaw dropping. Puck leans down and picks something shiny off the ground. Quinn doesn't even look phased. Blaine can't help it. He steps into the room and yells, "I just saw that!"

Quinn drops the book case with a loud thud, spilling papers and notebooks onto Puck's head. "Shit!" Puck swears loudly, and Quinn looks like she's about to cry.

"Please don't tell anyone," she says hysterically, clutching onto Puck's shoulder. Puck's eyes bug out.

"Ow, ow, ow!" he yells, "Quinn, ouch, let go!"

Quinn gasps and pulls her hand back as if he'd burned her. There are tears in her eyes as she exclaims, "Sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry…"

Blaine watches them with wide eyes.

"You tell anyone," Puck says, and he even manages to sound threatening on the ground and clutching his shoulder in pain, "and I will kick your ass."

Blaine shakes his head furiously, "No, you don't get it!" Quinn's staring at him fearfully, and Puck stands up to loom over him, "I can do stuff like that too! Well, I can't pick up a book case, but I can do this!"

Blaine disappears. Then reappears. Then disappears again. Quinn claps a hand to her mouth and lets out a surprised, "Oh." Puck's staring defensively at Blaine. Or, in Blaine's general direction. Because Blaine's still kind of invisible.

Blaine reappears and says, excitedly, "I thought I was the only one!"

Puck and Quinn share a long look before Quinn says, "You need to come with us."

Blaine's sitting on a chair in the choir room while Quinn's talking to someone that Blaine recognizes as his Spanish teacher. Puck's standing back a little, whispering to some huge kid named Finn. They keep shooting him glances and he's starting to feel a little uneasy. His hands are clasped in his lap and he's bouncing his leg up and down, feeling a like a little kid in trouble. Maybe this is some kind of cult. Maybe his mom was right, and he shouldn't have told them, and now they're going to kill him and dump his body in a dumpster and no one will find him until he's nothing but a rotting skeleton and—

"Blaine," the teacher says calmly, "We're not going to hurt you."

Blaine blinks twice. "I never said that."

The teacher smiles, "But you thought it."

Blaine hesitates. "Oh," he says lamely, "Yeah. Sorry."

"I'm Mr. Schuester," the teacher says, "And I'm like you."

"You're gay?" Blaine asks weakly, and then he kind of wants to smack himself. Mr. Schuester just kind of laughs.

"No, but I do have special powers. So does Quinn and Puck, and Finn too," he says. Blaine nods slowly.

"Super strength," Quinn volunteers with a small wave.

Puck's running around Blaine, getting faster and faster until he's just a blur. He stops suddenly, an inch from Blaine and says, "Super speed," with a shit eating grin.

Finn floats a few feet above the ground and says, sheepishly, "I can kind of fly."

Blaine nods his head weakly and says, "So, if you combined your powers you'd kind of be superman, right?"

Quinn snorts. "Super girl," she says haughtily. Puck rolls his eyes.

Mr. Schuester and Finn exchange a look, like they're having a conversation with their eyes. Except then Blaine remembers that Mr. Schue can read minds, so they're probably having a conversation in their heads. Blaine shifts uncomfortably.

"I'll call the others," Mr. Schue says quietly. Blaine's eyes widen.

"There's more of you?" he blurts out.

Mr. Schuester smiles sadly. "A whole glee club full."

Blaine's sitting silently, twiddling his thumbs. Quinn's pacing back and forth while Finn leans against the piano, thinking. Puck just looks bored. The silence is interrupted when a small brunette phases through the wall. Blaine thinks he's going to pass out, because this is all just really weird.

Mr. Schuester glances at him worriedly, because, oh yeah, his Spanish teacher can read his mind.

"Is it true?" the girl demands, "We've got a new kid? Where is he? Is he—oh, hello," she smiles charmingly at Blaine.

"Sup?" Blaine says weakly, waving a hand.

"I'm Rachel Berry, co-president of the glee club. I also walk through walls and can phase through floors. Or basically anything solid. You must be Blaine. What's your power?" She says this all in one breath. Blaine stares.

"Rach," Finn says, raising an eyebrow, "You're scaring him."

Rachel's smile falls, and Blaine's quick to answer, "No, it's fine, really. I can, uh, I can become invisible. See?" He disappears. Rachel gasps dramatically.

"Wow, that's amazing!" she exclaims, just as another girl appears. And boy, does she make her presence known.

"Zizes in the house," she says, hands on hips, "What's up with the new kid sitch?"

"He's over there," Quinn says distastefully, nodding her head in the direction of what seems to be an empty chair.

The girl looks at Quinn like she's crazy. "Look, Fabray, I know you're all kinds of crazy, but there's no one there."

Blaine flushes. He sometimes forgets to reappear, and then things get confusing for everyone involved. He appears in the empty chair and says, "Hi."

The girl blinks a few times, and says, "Hey. I'm Lauren. You were just invisible?"

Blaine nods.

"Cool," she says.

A boy in a wheelchair pops up beside the piano. Blaine blinks because, woah, he was totally not there a second ago.

"Yo," he says, adjusting his glasses and rolling towards Blaine. He sticks out his hand and does this weird kind of handshake that involves a lot of fist bumping. Blaine tries his best to keep up, and the other boy's nice enough not to comment. "I'm Artie. You must be Blaine? Nice to meet you, bro. I teleport."


Artie nods, "Nice, nice."

The room fills up soon enough with a variety of people. There's this one Asian girl who keeps talking to nothing beside her, and her boyfriend doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with that. Quinn leans over and tells him helpfully, "That's Tina. She can talk to ghosts."

"Oh," Blaine says faintly, because apparently Tina's busy talking to the dead. Cool.

"That's Mike," Quinn continues, "He's kind of elastic. Like in The Incredibles? He's also a really amazing dancer."

Blaine watches as Mike throws a bouncy ball in the air, and stretches his arm three feet behind him to catch it.

Quinn smiles at him. "Then there's Mercedes," she points to a pretty girl sitting beside a tall blonde boy, "She's got something called a sonic scream. Other than that, she's got a killer voice."

"Sam," she points to the boy beside Mercedes, "He can control water. It's kind of creepy, actually. Sometimes he won't even realize it, and there'll be water swirling around his head."

Quinn points out the blonde girl Blaine saw Santana with earlier. "That's Brittany. She can multiply herself. It's a little weird because we can never tell which Brittany is which and—"

"Woah, woah, woah," Santana marches into the room, ready to kill, "Anderson, I thought we were friends. Why didn't you tell me you were a fellow freak?"

"I, um, I just met you?" Blaine says uncertainly. A flame erupts into Santana's open palm and Blaine shrinks back.

"That's what I can do," she says, closing her fingers around it. "Now show me yours."

Blaine disappears for the millionth time today, and then reappears. Santana nods appraisingly, before going to sit next to Brittany. Quinn pats his shoulder.

That's when another boy walks in. Blaine can't help but stare, because this boy? He's kind of amazing. He wonders if his power is like, enhanced beauty or something. Mr. Schue coughs awkwardly. Quinn's smile widens.

"You're gay, right?" she asks quietly, and Blaine nods slowly. "Good."

Before he can ask why, the boy speaks. His voice is soft, but everyone around him quiets.

"Sorry I'm late," he says airily. He sits on the other side of Mercedes and crosses his legs. He turns to Blaine, looking disinterested. Blaine feels like he should be offended, but the only feeling he can manage right now is totally awestruck. "You're probably tired of hear this, but what do you do?"

Blaine gulps. "I can turn invisible."

The boy raises both eyebrows. "Wow, I'm jealous. I've been wishing I could be invisible all my life."

Blaine's a little startled. The boy turns away from him and turns his attention to Mercedes, and the talking resumes. Quinn nods a little. "That's Kurt. He's a little blunt, but he's been through a lot," Quinn smiles sadly. "He's telekinetic. You know, he can move stuff with his mind."

"Woah," Blaine says, "That's awesome."

Quinn raises an eyebrow. "Not when you're on his bad side."

"How was your first day of school?"

As soon as Blaine walks through his front door, his mom attacks him with a million questions. All he really wants to do is go to sleep. "It was fine, mom."

"Nothing bad happened?"

Blaine looks at him mom, takes in her tired eyes and hopeful smile and says, truthfully, "Nope."

When he walks into school the next day, he's immediately cornered by Rachel and Mercedes. He backs up a little.

"Hi, Blaine!" Rachel chirps, and Mercedes grins.

"Hi," Blaine says.

"You should sit with us in lunch today," Rachel says, all honest eyes and bright smiles.

Blaine nods. "Okay."

Rachel claps her hands together and squeals a little. "Oh, good! We're gonna be great friends."

Blaine nods weakly.

Blaine stands, invisible, in front of the choir room. He'd showed up early for Glee—and he still wasn't positive if it was an actual show choir or just a cover up—but all he'd found was Kurt Hummel standing in the middle of the room. He'd disappeared at once, because frankly? Kurt scares him a little.

Kurt's looking around the room appraisingly, glancing at the door every so often. He finally relaxes a little and turns to stare at a chair. It starts to float. Blaine's probably never going to get used to this.

Kurt lifts a hand up. The piano keys start to play a song by themselves, and the papers tacked to the notice board start ruffling. The chairs all float a few inches above the ground while the piano stool flies across the room. Kurt lifts his other hand, and Blaine watches the pencils in the cup fly and get stuck in the ceiling. Blaine's not too familiar on how this whole thing works, but it's plain to see that Kurt's powerful.

Blaine has a very long history of downright clumsiness. During Warbler practices, his dancing consisted of jumping on furniture, which he would eventually fall off of. His clumsiness also has a very long history of striking at inopportune times, like last year at sectionals. And right now.

Blaine leans forward a little too far and manages to trip over absolutely nothing. He bangs against the door and falls against the locker beside it. The noise it creates echoes in the empty hallway. Everything in the room drops with a loud crash as Kurt freezes. He turns around slowly. Blaine's face is bright red, even though nobody can see him.

Kurt's eyes narrow when he sees no one is there. "New kid," he spits.

Kurt raises his hand, and the door slams shut.

As it turns out, glee club is an actual show choir, made up entirely of mutant kids with awesome voices. Blaine feels like he's in a bad horror movie. And, unlike the Warblers, who were practically royalty at Dalton, glee club at McKinley was a huge joke. That would take some getting used to, being the scum on the bottom of the jocks' shoes.

Blaine's sitting in between Quinn and Santana and Mr. Schue's talking about preparing for sectionals when Rachel's hand shoots in the air. Mr. Schue makes the universal sign for wait a minute and continues. Rachel's face grows impatient and her arm starts waving back and forth, very nearly smacking Puck in the face. Mr. Schue sighs, finally, and says, "Yes, Rachel?"

Rachel beams and sits up a little straighter. "I think you've forgotten something very important. Blaine will certainly make a lovely addition to our glee club, what with him being a mutant and being extremely good-looking—"

"And gay," Santana adds flatly, eyebrows raised.

Rachel blushes a bright red, and beside her Finn is gaping. Blaine scratches the back of his head awkwardly. "It's not like we'll turn you away if you can't sing—"

"Zizes can't carry a tune to save her life," Quinn says kindly, patting his hand. Lauren raises a fist in her direction menacingly. Quinn doesn't even blink.

"Will you stop interrupting me?" Rachel demands shrilly, and she looks about two seconds away from stomping her foot dramatically. "As I was saying," she huffs, "I think it would be in the club's best interest for Blaine to audition, just like we all had to."

Mr. Schue nods slowly. "It is only fair," he says, turning to Blaine, "Is that alright with you?"

"It's fine," Blaine says, eager to stop any possible fighting. "I love singing."

Mr. Schue beams encouragingly and gestures to the front of the room. "The floor's yours."

"Things have changed for me," Blaine finishes, strumming the last few chords on Sam's guitar.

Everyone is silent for a few seconds, before Rachel shoots to her feet and starts clapping wildly, exclaiming, "Finally, finally, someone to keep up with my talent! Oh, the duet possibilities!" Finn, understandably, frowns, and if his claps are a little reluctant, well. Blaine doesn't exactly blame him.

Santana's smiling a little proudly, nose turned up. Brittany beams and whispers, "I didn't know elves could sing that well," in awe, and Blaine's not sure if he should be offended. Instead, he opts to take the guitar off, hand it back to Sam—"That was awesome, man, really. You can use my guitar whenever, dude."—and take a little bow. He sits back down and Quinn pulls him into the tightest hug ever. He gently pries her off him with a smile and reminds himself that she has super strength. Oblivious, she grins back and pats his hand. Hard. That's going to take some getting used to, having her as a friend. He figures she's probably worth it, though.

"Well, well, looks like we've got a new star," Santana practically purrs, tugging at one of his curls sharply. Blaine vaguely wonders why the two closest friends he has at McKinley are both slightly abusive.

"Male lead," Rachel hurries to correct her, suddenly looking very worried. Finn opens his mouth to protest and Puck laughs a little too loudly.

"Alright guys, settle down," Mr. Schue says, but he's beaming. "That was awesome, Blaine. Welcome to Glee Club!"

Kurt stands up gracefully and leaves the room, leaving Blaine feeling hurt and a little stupid.

Dinner is quiet, only the clank of silverware on plates and the rustle of napkins against fingers. Blaine chews on his pork chop slowly, carefully avoiding any eye contact with his mom across the table. He hears her set her fork down and sigh, feels her staring at the top of his head. He shoves another piece of meat into his mouth when she finally speaks.

"You haven't told me much about your new school," she says, hopefully, and Blaine stops chewing to shrug.

"Not much to tell," he says, voice muffled. He swallows and catches her eye for a second.

"You've been coming home late," his mom prompts, "Hanging with friends, maybe?"

Blaine pauses, sets his fork down and bites his lip. "I, uh. I joined Glee Club."

His mother's face lights up and she says, "Oh, wow, honey, that's great! You've got such a beautiful voice, it's a shame to waste it. Tell me when your next performance is."

Blaine nods jerkily. "Yeah, mom. I will."

end of chapter one.