Disclaimer: All characters belong to Cassandra Clare.

Author's Note: This takes place before Jace and Clary found out that they were brother and sister.

Time: City of Bones

P.O.V: Clary

Genre: Poetry and Angst

Date Finished: May 13, 2011

Fierce protector, a hero among men,

He pushes demons back into the lion's den.

Musicality gifted and talented,

He can possibly play everything that's ever been written.

Suffering throughout his life,

While he controls the knife.

He's strong, stronger than he ever knew,

Put the evil in its place that's past due.


He makes it look like he's having a blast.

He's not having one,

He wishes that this was done.

It's just his nature.

He wouldn't change if he could,

He's just Jace.

And he's just the way I like him.