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:: The End ::

.: The melody that keeps me going is the beating of your heart against mine :.

"How's your arm?" Aqua leaned back against his chest and lightly traced her fingers over Terra's arm.

He smiled; entwining their hands together before kissing her hair. "I think I'm closer to recovery."

"I can tell." She giggled and tilted her head at him. "Your playing has gotten stronger again."

"You motivate me, Aqua." Terra joked; his blue haired fiancé joining him and comfortably rested in his arms.

Terra lightly brushed her side with his thumb as he tipped his head on the back of the balcony rail. They wanted some alone time after attending Zack and Aerith's finally awaited wedding and the banquet – which was still going on. After settling a date, the raven haired male was determined to marry the girl (or angel as Zack called her) of his dreams because of an 'epiphany' he had during one of his missions. It took Zack a year and a half to realize it, but Aerith didn't hold it against him; not when he was finally home.

Just watching the ceremony alone had Terra thinking about his future with Aqua. One day, they would be walking down the same aisle…

"What are you thinking?"

Aqua broke his reverie and Terra simply blinked. He ripped his eyes away from the party inside the banquet hall – in which Zack was surprisingly sober and the best man, Cloud…not so much – to look at his blue haired fiancé. Her eyes illuminated under the moonlight and Terra sometimes asked himself what he had done to gain Aqua's trust and affections. He withheld a laugh when he saw the confusion dancing on her face. It…reminded him of the first time they met when they were children.

Amazing, watery eyes; surreal, blue hair; and an innocent face that wanted to know her place in the world. It was those features that drew him to Aqua in the first place…and he would never let that go.

The brunet answered, "You."

She hummed – seemingly expecting his answer – before placing a hand over her mouth in amusement while gazing inside the hall. "Axel and Saïx are hitting it off."

"You'd be surprised. They were pretty tight when we were kids." Terra grinned; watching as Axel trapped Saïx in a headlock. Larxene and Demyx were with them; the former laughing excessively whereas the male blond tried in vain to keep his amusement off his face.

Aqua shook her head. "It'll be good for him; he's been brooding ever since…that."

Terra cringed in remembrance before sinking in his spot. "Don't remind me. I was expecting your father or Master Eraqus to…you know, react, but Saïx went psycho when he found out."

"He calmed down—"

"After three days. It's been three months and Saïx still wants to maim me…or worse."

The blue haired violinist took his face in her hands and scolded, "Terra, that shouldn't matter; you and I share something special now." She looked down glumly and whispered, "You don't…think so?"

He stared at her momentarily before he reached up and held Aqua's delicate hands in place. She hesitated to look up, but Terra's light squeezing prompted her to glance at him. Terra gradually smiled and rested their foreheads together. "It's not that. I just wonder if I'm…adequate enough to provide for you."

Aqua shook her head; Terra watching her expression brightened considerably. "Always. We're doing this together now, Terra: you and me."

He nodded with a close of his eyes before slowly opening them. Gazing deeply into her eyes, the brunet leaned forward when they were interrupted. "Guys!"

Dropping his head on Aqua's shoulder in a mixture of disappointment and annoyance, Terra turned his attention to the doors and saw Ventus grinning cheekily. Inwardly rolling his eyes, Terra growled, "What is it, Ventus?"

The blond – ignoring Terra's snap for his own enjoyment – replied while pointing over his shoulder with his thumb. "The band's about to play and we can't start without you, Terra!"

"Don't make them wait." Aqua beamed. "It's your first performance in a long time after all."

"…I can't win with you two." Terra sighed though he was smirking. Glancing at Ventus again, he informed, "Tell the guys I'll be there in a moment."

"Roger!" Ventus turned on his heel and disappeared back inside; his shouting audible. "Sora, Axel's coming! Run away!"

Terra was quiet for a moment before he absentmindedly asked, "…What did Sora do?"

Aqua answered lightheartedly. "Sora and Kairi are dating."

"What?" Terra gaped, staring wide-eyed at his fiancé. "How come Axel didn't tell me?"

"Because," Aqua replied airily, "he didn't want you teasing him for becoming an overprotective brother when he's been teasing you since forever."

"…Oh sweet revenge!" Terra suddenly grinned mischievously and Aqua slapped her forehead in exasperation.

She got up from her seat on the bench and tried to pull Terra to his feet. "Anyways, let's go. You have a show to do and I promised Aerith and the girls I'd sit with them." Aqua was held back when Terra guided her gently to stand in front of him between his legs. She blinked at his actions and looked down at him. "Yes?"

Terra gazed at her form against the moonlight seriously before beaming affectionately. After so many years apart and struggling to keep with they've become, they finally reached the stars…together. He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face lightly against her stomach after kissing it lovingly.

Aqua's fingers ran through his hair teasingly as a countermeasure to his little actions. "What are you doing?"

He answered with a blissful close of his eyes. "I need a little luck before I play onstage." He focused on Aqua again; her hands resting on his shoulders as she simpered delightfully at him. Terra smiled back. "And I'll get that from my two lucky charms: you…and the baby."

Terra knew this wasn't the end of the road for them; it was just the beginning of another journey…

And it was riding on the wings of a brand new melody.

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