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1 - Jealousy

He is out. He is out again. Which one is it? Nancy? Cathy? Penelope? Don't know, don't care, they're all commutable, forgettable. So why losing time with these dumb heads?

What does he want?


Is it not enough that I ask him to help me with my work, not that he is such a good detective but he is skilled when it comes to socialize with people, and he is a good doctor, anyway he should feel lucky to have me.

What is he searching outside?

Sherlock threw a book across the room.

That was the exact moment John chose to open the door and the book crashed on the wall close to his head.

"Sherlock..." He said eyes wide opened "What are you doing? Are you throwing books at me?"

"Don't be ridiculous, I was throwing a book at the wall" Sherlock almost screamed.

"Of course, that makes sense, why am I asking?"

"You're back early." The detective said in an accusative tone.

"Well, yes, Christina has to get up early tomorrow." John sighed

"Oh, Christina!"

John frowned, Sherlock was quite aggressive and he didn't like it.

"What is it Sherlock?"

"What?" The brown man stood up sharply.

"You're acting like I've done something offensive to you, so what is it?"

Sherlock stood there, right in the middle of the room, staring at John. What was the right answer to that question? "I'm jealous!" Maybe not that one.

"You're what?" John folded his arms and frowned.

"Oh John don't play dumb , I said, I'm jealous. Jealous of the time you spend with all these females, all the things you do with them..."

"The things?"

"Jealous of the smiles you wear on you're face when you come back from you're rendez-vous, sometimes you even sing!" Yes, now he was yelling "That's intolerable John, unbearable, I just can't stand it anymore!"

"What do you mean jealous?" John wasn't sure to understand.

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" Sherlock took two long footsteps and stood right in front of John. He grabbed his waist and pulled him close. Without letting the blond haired man understand the situation he kissed him hard pushing him so his back hit the wall right where the book had crashed a minute ago. John tried to push him away but the tall man held him tighter one hand on his back, the other one tangled in the blond mass of hair tugging painfully. John pushed again, harder and this time Sherlock's body moved away a little. He managed to turn his head and broke off the kiss, or the attack, whatever that was.

"Bloody hell Sherlock! What the fuck was that?" Yes, he yelled too. He took a step back away from the brown haired man who looked, let's say, possessed, at that moment with his dark eyes, his red lips, his posture almost feral.

"I want you John!" Sherlock growled "I want to have you, possess you, be inside you. I want rough sex with you. You've been in my mind for too long now I want you around me. Now!"

"That's insane..." Sherlock was moving really slowly, eyes on his pray, and John expected another attack really soon. He was studying his escaping options. If Sherlock was half dangerous as he looked he would have to use violence to reach the door. That was absurd. "Sherlock you're out of your mind?"

"I knew you'd say something like that." Sherlock said still in alert "What's insane in this? That you can reach me like you do? That I'm completely turned on every time I see you? That I'm furious that you've never thought I could be a good match for you?" Sherlock made a pause here and John kept on watching the room from the corner of his eye to find a way to escape. "That you put all these conquests of yours under my nose..." the detective moved just a little and the blond haired man in front of him clenched his fists "and expect me to be okay with it."

"You are scary, right now, you know that?" John frowned "What do you want from me?"

"I just told you, I want you !"

"You can't have me. I don't want to give myself to you and I won't let you take me without my consent."

Sherlock's face froze suddenly.

"What? I'm not, I won't..." Sherlock took a step back suddenly aware of his aggressive posture "I'd never..."

"You won't what? You'd never what? Wasn't it what you just suggest by you're posture, the way you forced this kiss on me, the words you used..."

"I don't...I don't want you to fear me..."

"No you just want to fuck me hard, right here, right now."

"Yes I do"

"I don't!"


"I'm going out." Sherlock moved closer again "Don't!"John said throwing his hands in front on him, his look was angry and Sherlock didn't dare to move or say anything. He looked at the blond haired man's back as he left the apartment and slammed the door behind him.

"You know what I think?" Harry said between two mouthful of beer "I think it must have been really sexy," John looked daggers at his sister "even if scary as hell, of course !" She took another sip of her beer, looking away. Silence fell for a moment. "No really," the short woman added "having someone telling you he wants you that much, kissing you like that, it's sexy...don't deny it."

"Firstly : it's not someone, it's Sherlock and, secondly, as sexy as you thing this is, I really don't share your point of view. That was brutal and it made me feel like a deer on the headlights, and you know I can't stand that."

"Yeah, I know. But do you find him attractive?"

"Well yes, I mean no...Harry, that's not the matter."

"Yes it is." daggers again.

"All right, he his really handsome, I can't deny it."


"So what? I'm not attracted to him!" John frowned "I'm attracted to women!" He mumbled

"Yeah, so do I!" Harry smiled and John chuckled. "What are you going to do?"

"Well, I thought I could sleep on your couch tonight"

"Of course you can." Harry looked at the golden beer in her glass "I can't help myself thinking Sherlock has been the most important thing in your life since you came back from Afghanistan. He his your roommate, you kinda work with him and he is your friend. John, you don't even use your cane anymore and you seem... happy."

"He might have a good influence on me, or may not. It doesn't make me want to fuck him."

"Yeah, yeah, maybe..."

"Surely, Harry, surely."

… … …

God how could Harry have such an uncomfortable couch John asked himself after spending half an hour turning from side to side to find the right place to sleep. He was half drunk and really tired but couldn't sleep. To be true the Sherlock episode was one reason he couldn't sleep. Well, it was the only reason he couldn't sleep, the couch was just a good excuse.

What would happen tomorrow? He had to go back to 221B, it was his home but what would Sherlock do? What would Sherlock say? What would Sherlock look like? Oh John please, what are you expecting him to look like? He will look exactly the same. It's the vision you have of him that changed, not who he really is, or his black curly hair or his full mouth or his piercing blue grey eyes... not his handsomeness...Fuck, he his handsome, so what? God Harry what did you put in my mind? There are a lot of people I find handsome, I don't chase them to fuck them. Right, part of them are beauty queens or actors who belong in the fantasy realm but the other part is reachable. Sherlock is reachable, okay, I know that, now...but he is not my type. No, not my type.

I should sleep. I'm drunk. I'll think tomorrow, yes tomorrow...

John finally fell asleep.