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The 4th Hokage was running through the trees, as quickly as he could. He finally made it to the cave, where the 3rd Hokage was. He set everything up, creating a sealing circle, and finally placed the bundle that had been in his arms in the centre of the circle. The 3rd looked at the 4th.

"Are you sure about this, Minato-kun? The jutsu you plan to use... It will kill you, you know. She will never know you, and if she learns what you did, she might hate you." he asked. The 4th nodded, and placed a kiss on the infant's, that had been in the bundle, forehead. He then looked at the 4th.

"Make sure to take care of her. I just hope that they see her as a heroine, not a monster..." he whispered, and took off into the night. He appeared before the 9 Tailed, the demon named Kyubi. As he summoned the Chief Toad, he sealed the fox into the infant in that circle, at the cost of his life. The 3rd looked at the infant.

"Naruto Uzumaki... You will live a harsh life, but I will be here for you, little girl..." he whispered, and took the crying infant into his arms.

"I will take you in as my own granddaughter."



"Lady Naruto, get back here!" screamed the ninjas that were chasing the 12 year old girl in front of them. She smiled back at them.

"If you can't catch someone who's not even a Genin yet, you don't deserve to be called nin!" she cried, right before she was picked up. She turned her head to look at the one who had picked her up. It was Iruka-sensei. She smiled, and tried to squirm her way out of trouble. "Heh heh, ne, sensei? Mi-" she was cut off by Iruka's scolding her.

"You shouldn't be wandering around when you should be studying! You haven't passed the exams once in the whole 3 years you've been here, and now you think that you can skip out of class? What would the 3rd think?" he exclaimed. Naruto hid her face beneath her bangs at the mention of the 3rd. Ever since she was an infant, she had been raised by the 3rd Hokage after her parents died during the Kyubi attack 12 years ago. For some reason, no one wants to talk to her, much less be seen with her. For that reason, she moved out of the Hokage's quaters and into her own apartment, so that people would stop thinking that he was taking pity on her. She had never seen outside of the vilage, which is where she knew she was meant to be. On adventures, traveling around, not stuck in some dingy old classroom with students that were younger then her! She looked up at Iruka, tears clearly seen in her azure blue eyes. She glared at her sensei, who was taken back by the sudden change in her attitude. Normally she would just struggle and not pay attention to what he said, but this time was different. She looked like she wanted to cry.

"How would I know what that old man thinks? I haven't spoken to him since I moved out." she said, and disappeared. A log appeared in her place. Iruka's eyes widened.

"Substitution...? But how...?" he whispered, stunned by Naruto's determination. But what stunned him the most was Naruto's voice when she mentioned the 3rd Hokage, like something happened that she didn't want to remember...

He would have to talk to the 3rd about this.


"Lord Hokage, Iruka wishes to speak with you." said the Anbu, who was kneeling before the 3rd Hokage. 10 years of having Naruto running around the village didn't help him age at all. If anything, he looked older then he did 3 months ago. His hair was baldng in some parts, you could tell by the loose strands of hair everywhere in the room, and he had twice as many wrinkles as he did 3 months ago, which was when Naruto moved out. At least when she was living with him, she was held tightly under his influence, but now that she moved out, she was wild and untamable. It had caused the Hokage to age many years in a few short months.

"Send him in." he said. He was in no mood to dilly-dally, Naruto was still running around. Iruka walked in, and bowed to the Hokage.

"Lord Hokage, it is about Lady Naruto." he said. The village called Naruto Lady Naruto around the Hokage because she was considered a monster in the royalty, and everyone feared her powers. Well, everyone that knew about the 9 Tailed Fox insident 12 years ago. The 3rd sighed.

"I am afraid that she won't be tamed, no matter what we try. Please, continue." the 3rd said. Iruka nodded.

"Naruto was skipping class again today, and this time, when I caught her, she seemed to pay attention to what I was saying. When I was done, she looked like she was about to cry, and said she didn't know what you would think of her now, because she hasn't spoken to you since she moved out. Then, the extremely shocking part, was that she used a perfect substitution jutsu and replaced herself with a log, escaping. I think that what she has been learning the past 3 years has been good for her, it's showing her exactly what she needs to do in order to become a ninja." Iruka said. The Hokage's eyes widened when Iruka mention a jutsu. Naruto never bothered learning jutsus before, so why now? What was so different now?

"What worries me is that Naruto is taking things too seriously, and that she is going to be hurt in the near future. Many of the people in this village fear and hate her because of what's inside of her, and that they only respect her because they fear my wrath if they don't. I think she's decided to stop hiding behind me, and to start living for herself. That would explain why she is so determined to learn these jutsus now, or maybe she knew them the entire time but was putting on an act for us, so that she could act like that little infant that she was when I took her in. I know that she never wanted to change, that she wanted to remain that little girl that's defenceless and has the person playing the role of her grandfather to protect her. I know for a fact that when she moved out 3 months ago, it was because she heard gossip between 2 exseptionally cruel women who hated her because she lived with me. That gossip she hear was that I only took her in out of pity. I understand Naruto, and I understood her parents as well. She is the lost child, noot knowing where to go. I knew that would happen, and that is why I took her in." the Hokage said. Iruka's eyes widened. The 3rd Hokage really did understand Naurto, but who were her parents? Obviously they must have been incredible nin if the Hokage understood them well. But why did people hate Naruto? Did they fear that she would turn against the village?

"I understand now. She..." Iruka paused, tears stinging his eyes. "She is like me." The 3rd Hokage nodded at Iruka's decision, and Iruka stood up.

"Go, and get Naruto back into class." he said. Iruka nodded, and wiped away the tears that stung his eyes.

"I'll go find her. Most llikely, she'll be at..."


"Aw, sensei, how did you find me?" Naruto whined, struggling with the ropes that tied her together. She was sitting in front of the class, facing Iruka. He smiled at her.

"You're predictable, Naruto-chan. If you're upset, or happy, or angry, or hungry, or even when you aren't hungry, you're at Ichiraku Ramen Shop. You need some variety." he said. Naruto pouted, and it took all Iruka had not to squeeze the life out of the little girl and say she was too adorable. He settled for a faint blush that could barely be detected by these kids. She was just too adorable!

"But Ichiraku Ramen is the best ramen in all of Konoha... Do you expect me to go with any less?" she asked him. Iruka shook his head.

"I meant there is more to life then ramen, you know..." he said, and turned back to the class. "Since Naruto-chan has finally decided to grace us with her presence- it's useless to use a jutsu when you can't use hand signs, Naruto-chan -we'll be going over the jutsu we were learning today, the clone jutsu. Naruto, pay attention. This is the jutsu that you always fail at." he said. Naruto pouted again, and narrowed her eyes. Iruka used the jutsu, and suddenly there were 2 of him. "Tihs jutsu is useful for tricking enemies into trying to figure out which is you. Or, in other words, distracting them." Iruka said in his sensei voice. Many people 'oohed' and 'aawed', but most were silent. This was nothing new to Naruto, she knew how to do it, her chakra just refused to let her do this one jutsu. Something in the back of her mind told her that it's too simple, and that she needs to learn an advanced version of it in order to have it work. That was why she couldn't do it. She knew that it wasn't meant for her.

"But sensei, how am I supposed to do something that isn't meant for me?" Naruto asked suddenly. Iruka froze. "I mean, all the other jutsus are harder then that one, and I can pull them off easily. But this one is too simple, and something keeps telling me not to do it. Is it wrong for me to listen to the part of me that's been right all along?" she asked. Iruka looked at her, eys wide with fear. It was talking to her, telling her what to do? It practically had her in the palm of it's hand.

"I see... Then you just ignore it and do it, because you want to pass, right?" he asked. Naruto nodded, and smiled at him.

"That makes sense, sensei! Thanks!" she said. Iruka smiled sadly at her. If only she knew what that part of her was, she would never listen to it.

The bell rang.

"Alright everyone, remember, exams are tomorrow!"


"You mean that the plan isss ready?"

"Yes, m'lord, she will be in our hands shortly."



"...and finally, Naruto Uzamaki!" Naruto stood up to go and take the exam, ignoring the people whispering behind her back.

"Did you hear? She failed twice already!"

"I doubt that she's gonna pass this time."

"My sisters were talking about her, apparently she's a monster!"

"No way!"

"That would explain why she loves ramen so much, it replaces the blood that she whould be drinking!"

It was always the same. When they announced her name for her to take the exam, people would always start whispering about her. She learned to ignore it, but it still hurt, knowing that they all hated her. Naruto entered the exam room, and saw that Mizuki-sensei and Iruka-sensei were standing there. She smiled at them, and passed all the jutsus. Finally, it was time for the final jutsu, the one that mattered the most to her. The clone jutsu.

'Don't do it.' the part of her, the one with the creepy voice, said. 'We will learn a stronger version of this jutsu soon, you must fail though...' She listened to it. In order for her to become Hokage, she must first master every strong jutsu that she can!

"Clone Jutsu!" she exclaimed, and used the jutsu. The clone that turned up was a pale clone that lumped on the floor, who's eyes were Xs. Iruka sighed.

"I'm afraid you fail again, Naruto-chan." he said. Naruto's eyes watered, and her bangs covered her eyes again. Her hands clamped into fists.

'It may hurt, but he fruit of our labor will pay off soon...' the voice whispered to her before fading. Mizuki-sensei spoke up.

"You know, Iruka-san, she did summon up a clone..." Naruto's eyes widened with hope at what he said. Then Iruka-sensei went and crushed her hopes again.

"All the other students were able to make living, breathing, and talking clones. Naruto-chan's is less the worthy of passing. I'm afraid we must fail her, or else every other student that failed will want a second chance." he said. Naruto looked at Iruka-sensei.

"How many others failed, sensei?" she asked. Iruka's eyes widened at her question. He looked down.

"2 others, Naruto-chan. Although they couldn't perform any of the other jutsus, they mana-" he was cut off by Naruto screaming at him.

"Then why can't I pass? You know for a fact that I can't do this jutsu for my life, and I would never use it in the first place! Why is it so important for me to be able to use this jutsu when I know there are more powerful jutsus out there, waiting for me?" she screamed at him. Iruka stood up, and started screaming back at her.

"I'm not letting you pass because you aren't worthy of becoming a ninja! You slack off, skip class, and you don't even bother practicing! Why should you be allowed to pass when others like you fail without question? Youre' being a brat, Naruto! I don't understand why the Hokage sticks up for you, you monster!" he screamed at Naruto before he thought about what he was saying. Naruto's eyes widened at what he was saying, and the tears started streaking down her face before anything else. Iruka's eyes widened. According to the 3rd Hokage, the last time she cried was when she saw her father for the last time, which was the day she was born. For her to start crying now, it meant that he must have crushed her.

"I hate you." she whispered. Iruka's eyes widened. Did she just say what she thought she said? "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you! I HATE YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU, IRUKA-SENSEI!" she screamed at him, tears running down her face like waterfalls. Irauka's eyes widened to the point where he couldn't open them anymore. She really... hated him? Naruto took off running, out the door, and into the hall. She was caught by the Hokage, who had come to congratulate the people who had passed. She looked at the Hokage, and wrapped her arms around him, sobbing into his cloaks. The 3rd looked at Iruka, who ran out of the room after Naruto. He looked at Iruka, his eyes filled with sadness, and he shook his head at him.

"Let's go, Naru-chan." he said to Naruto. Naruto held up her arms, wanting to be carried. He picked her up like she weighed nothing, and she wrapped her legs around his torso, her arms around his neck. She was still crying into his shoulder. He looked at Iruka, and said one thing that struck everyone in this room like they had been sliced by a sword. "I'm disappointed in you, Iruka-san. You knew, for a fact, that Naru-chan meant more to this village then anything else. You knew that she was like a granddaughter to me, and yet you go and make her cry like this. Like I said before, she hasn't cried since the day that she was born. For you to make her cry like this is quite an achievement, Iruka-san. Do you feel proud now?" he said coldy, and walked off with Naruto. Iruka fell to his knees, and stared in wonder at how one girl could change that kind man into an ice cold warrior. It was a wonder that no one would be able to explain.

A shadow flickered from the exam room, and disappeared back into the room.


The 3rd looked at Naruto where she was sleeping on the futon. She had fallen asleep crying, you could tell by the red streaks that ran down her cheeks. Her blond pigtails were spread out messily, one of them covering most of her face. Her skin was tanned, and she had strange whisker scars on her cheeks. She was wearing a black tank top, an orange shrug, and orange capris with black ninja sandals. She had a single black band around her one wrist, which had a tooth from a bear that the 3rd Hokage killed to protect the little girl. The 3rd smiled warmly at the memory, and ran his hand through Naruto's hair as she slept, recalling that one memory.


Naruto was running through the forest, completely lost. The 3rd had decided to follow her, because that girl ran into trouble wherever she went. She was 5 years old at the time, and she was wearing a cute black dress with orange pocka dots on it. The 3rd had never figured out why she liked the colours black and orange so much, it was a conundrum to the 3rd. He darted from tree to tree as Naruto ran, looking around as she went. She bumped into something brown and furry, and recoiled from it, stepping back an landing on her butt with an 'oomf!' She looked up at what she bumped into, and it turned out to be a bear. The bear stood on it's hind legs, glaring down at Naruto. Her little, sky blue eyes widened, and she screamed out, running from the bear. Unfortunately, the bear had decided to play chase. She ran as quickly as she could, and said the one thing that brought the 3rd into action.

"Ojii-sama, save me!" she cried out. The 3rd felt the need to help the poor girl, and threw off his Hokage robes, revealing his ninja gear underneath. He jumped in front of the bear, and Naruto stopped and turned around. "Ojii-sama!" she cried out, relieved that someone was here to save her. The 3rd looked at her, and her hair was in a single ponytail today, her faint fringe brushing against her forehead. The 3rd felt strength coming from just looking at the way she looked at him, like he was a hero. He grabbed the bear, and flipped it over his shoulder. The bear got up again, and swiped at the 3rd. The 3rd did some hand signs, and held his fingers up to his lips.

"Phoenix Fireball Jutsu!" he exclaimed, and shot fire balls at the bear. It roared, and tried to get rid of the fire that was burning it. The 3rd took this opportunity to grab his kunai, and ran up to the bear. He stabbed it in the forehead, and landed right before Naruto on one knee. The bear fell behind him, and as the 3rd opened his eyes, he saw that Naruto had collected his Hokage robes. He put them back on, and picked up Naruto. He whistled, and 3 Anbu came up before him.

"What is it, Lord Hokage?" the one in the front, with the wolf mask, asked. The 3rd looked at him, and indicated to the bear behind him.

"Take it, and have a rug made out of his pelt." he said. Naruto nudged his shoulder, and the 3rd looked at her.

"Ojii-sama, can I have a bracelet made from a tooth from the mean old bear?" she asked. The Hokage smiled at her, and kissed her forehead.

"Of course, but what for?" he asked. Naruto smiled brightly at the 3rd.

"So that I can remember this for ever and ever!" she said brightly. The 3rd laughed at his granddaughter, and nodded at her.

"Now, let's go home." he said to her. Naruto nodded, and they left the woods.


To think, she still wore that bracelet from all the way back then. The 3rd smiled again, and patted Naruto's head one more time before he went to do some more paper work. He closed the door, and let Naruto sleep some more. He walked away and into his office, as quietly as he could.


Naruto woke up at sunset. She rubbed her eyes, and recognized that she was in her room at the Hokage's place. She smiled, and got up. That old geezer really loved her, he even tried to spoil her. But Naruto knew that he wasn't really her grandfather, she knew that from the start. And yet, she loved him like he was her grandfather. He was the first person to care about her, even though no one else in the village loved her or even cared for her. Whenever they saw her, they would back away and try to keep their children away as well. She never had any friends, and as a result, when she got into school she tried to make everyone laugh so that they would like her. But that was all in vain. Another year has passed, and she still hasn't passed the exams to let her become a Genin ninja. She pulled her shirt up, and looked at the scar that was on her stomach. It had hurt when she had carved it into her skin, but it had been worth it. Once she showed it to the one person who was like her, they had become best friends for life. They still wrote letters to each other, and they still laughed about things that Naruto would do. The scar was on her lower belly, right above her left hip. It was kanji for the word love, like her friend had scarred onto him by his father. It made her feel like they were right next to each other, even though they were miles apart.

Naruto put her shirt back down, and walked out of her room. She walked down to the Hokage's office, and opened the door without knocking. She hated how she was short for her age, she was only as tall as the other kid in this place, the grandson of the Hokage. Konoamaru. And he was 9, for crying out loud! She always was teased, every year, by the kids because she was shorter then the rest. She oened the door, and smiled at the Hokage, who was siting behind his desk, working on paperwork. He siled over at her.

"Naru-chan, what brings you here?" he asked. Naruto smiled at him.

"I wanted to thank you for what you did for me today. I owe alot to you, and I think that by staying here I can get it down faster. And I wanted to let you know I'm going out for a walk." she said, smiling at her grandfather figure. The Hokage nodded at her.

"Of course. You wouldn't want to stay cooped up for the entire day, even if you were sleeping. Go ahead, but don't be too late now." he said. Naruto nodded, and closed the door. She smiled as she ran out of the Hokage's place, and went straight to Ichiraku Ramen Shop. She walked in, and the old man smiled at her.

"Long day, Naruto-chan?" he asked, setting a bowl of ramen before her. She smiled at him, and nodded.

"You know if I come in late that it was a long day, jii-san." she said simply, and started slurping the food as quickly as she could. Once she was finished, she put the bowl down, and got out her wallet. The old man widened his eyes.

"Only one bowl? Did something happen to you today, Naruto-chan? Usually you have at least 5 bowls." he said. Naruto smiled at him, but the smile was sad.

"I sorta got into an argument with someone close to me, and our relationship, the tiny one we had as sensei and student, crumbled." she said. The old man looked shocked at her.

"Not Iruka-sensei?" he whispered. Naruto nodded, and the old man nodded back.

"In that case, your food is on the house. I know how close you were to Iruka-sensei, you were practically his daughter. If you say that your relationship crumbled, then it must have shattered." he said. Naruto looked down at her lap.

"You're tellin' me." she muttered. The old man nodded, and Naruto was about to leave when she heard a familiar voice.

"Naruto-san, what are you doing here? I would have thought that the Hokage would have kept you inside all day." said the one sensei that Naruto wasn't mad at, which was Mizuki-sensei. Naruto looked at him, and something seemed a little off. There was a look of confusion in his eyes, but also a look of hope. What was the hope there for?

"Please, Ojii-sama knows that he can't keep me locked up for more the 5 hours at a time. Why do you think I keep skipping class?" she asked, leaning against the counter. The old man shooed her off of the counter, and she scowled. Mizuki raised a single eyebrow.

"Ojii-sama? Don't tell me you're calling the Hokage by that name again." he asked. Naruto blushed and looked away from Mizuki-sensei.

"It slipped out." she muttered. Mizuki laughed, and Naruto looked up at him.

"Come on, I wanna talk to you about something." he said, and held out his hand. Naruto considered it for a moment, and then took it.


"So, Mizuki-sensei, what did you want to talk to me about?" Naruto asked her sensei. Mizuki put his hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"It's about why Iruka-san is so tough on you." he said. Naruto groaned and turned away.

"Not this again. I'm told every year, after he fails me, by so many different people, that he's tough on me bacause he cares. I don't give a shit if he cares anymore! He can just go die in a hole for being so heartless." she said. Mizuki understood exactly what Naruto was saying. 'Iruka-sensei called me a monster, and that hurt me too much. I don't want to talk about it.'

"You see, Iruka-san is alot like you." he started. Naruto looked at him over her shoulder.

"What do you mean?" she asked. Mizuki chuckled.

"Well, he grew up without parents too. He lost his parents around the age you were when you started taking the exams to become a ninja. After that, he just started bacoming the class clown, trying to keep himself from crying all the time because he missed his parents so much. He even failed the exam a few times, just like you." he said. Naruto rolled her eyes.

"And this has to do with being tough on me how?" she asked in a bored voice. Mizuki laughed at the girl's attitude.

"Well, he doesn't want you to see things the way he did. That's why he called you a monster, because you were being selfish when he was thinking you were lucky. The 3rd never took him in like he took you in, and that resulted in a slight pang of jealousy. He didn't really mean it, you know." Mizuki explained. Naruto turned back towards him.

"So , how do I pass the exam? I think it's official that I can't do the Clone Jutsu for my life." she said. Mizuki smiled at her.

"Well, there is another way..."


Iruka was awoken by someone banging on his door.

"IRUKA! IRUKA, OPEN UP! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!" screamed Mizuki, who was the person banging on his door. He grumbled about stupid people, and got up to answer the door. He opened it to see Mizuki in his full ninja gear.

"What is it, I'm tired after today." Iruka said, rubbing his eyes.

"Naruto's stole the Hokage's Scroll!" Mizuki cried out. Iruka froze, his one eyes that didn't have his hand on it widened. If Naruto got caught with that scroll, without returning it, then that could mean...



Naruto opened the scroll, and took a look at the first jutsu.

"Aw man, Shadow Clone Jutsu! But I can't even do the Clone Jutsu!" she whined, holdig her hand to her forehead.

'This is the Jutsu I was telling you about. Don't worry, just keep trying...' said the creepy voice that always was right. Naruto nodded, and looked up at the stars.

"I sure hope Ojii-sama read the note..."


"This is an outrage!"

"I knew we couldn't trust her!"

"We need to get that scroll back!"

Iruka was looking at all the other ninja who were waiting for the Hokage speak. They were all in his office, all here because Naruto stole that scroll. The 3rd opened his eyes, his pipe leting off a thin trail of smoke.

"We must find Naru-chan, and when you do find her, bring her back to me!" he said, crumbling a piece of paper in his hands.

'Naru-chan... I understand why, now. Please don't do anything rash...'


Iruka ran through the forest, sensing Naruot's chakra. He got up behind her as she rerolled the scroll, and grabbed her by the back of her shirt.

"What do you think you're doing, Naruto?" he asked. Naruto looked up at him.

"Iruka-sensei! I did it! I mastered a technique!" she said, so proud of ehrself. Iruka was confused. What was she proud of, that she stole the scroll?

"What do you mean, Naruto-chan?" he asked, letting Naruto down.

"Mizuki-sensei explained it to me! All I needed was to master a technique from this scroll, and I would pass the exams, right? I can become a ninja now!" she exclaimed. Iruka's eyes widened. Mizuki...? "He even showed me this nifty hiding place to train! Look, isn't it cool?" she asked, spinning around, while holding the scroll. What she was talking about was a run down barn covered in ivy, surrounded by trees in it's own little grove. It was quite beautiful, but that wasn't important right now. Iruka knelt down before Naruto, and grasped her firmly on the shoulders.

"You mean to tell me Mizuki showed you all this, and told you to steal the scroll?" he asked. Naruto blinked.

"I didn't steal it. I left a note to Ojii-sama telling him I was borrowing it because of what Mizuki-sensei told me about the other way to pass the exams. Isn't that okay then? If Ojii-sama knows about it?" she asked. Iruka's eyes widened, and he realized what was going on. Why the Hokage had the paper in his hand. Why he seemed so furious.

"Naruto-chan, Mizuki lied to you. He is using you!" he said. Naruto's eyes widened.

"What he said is true!" said a voice from behind him. Both Iruka and Naruto looked up and saw Mizuki, with 2 giant shurikan tied to his back, in full ninja gear. "I did use you, but not as much as that old man you call 'Ojii-sama' is!" Mizuki called out to Naruto, mimicking her voice when saying her nickname for the Hokage.

"When did you get here, Mizuki?" Iruka asked. Mizuki grinned at him.

"Just in time for you to say that I'm using poor, little monstrous Naruto." he said to his comrade, and turned to Naruto. "Haven't you ever wondered why everyone is scared of you, why everyone hates you? Haven't you wanted to know the secret that has been hidden from you for 12 years, from the old man no less?" he asked. Naruto narrowed her eyes at Mizuki.

"What secret?" she asked. Iruka stared, shocked at Mizuki.

"Don't say it, Mizuki! It's forbidden!" he screamed. Mizuki grinned like this was all part of the best game of his life. Naruto looked at Mizuki, confusion etched on her face.

"Tell me! What secret?" Naruto demanded. Mizuki nodded, and spoke.

"You know how 12 years ago, when the 9 Tailed Fox attacked the village? Do you know how they stopped it?" Mizuki asked. Naruto shook her head. Mizuki grinned. "They sealed it within a newborn baby. You. You're a monster, Naruto Uzumaki! You have a demon in you! That's why everyone's scared of you! You practically killed half this village, including Iruka-san's own parents!" Naruto's eyes widened in horror, tears reaching her eyes. "The 4th Hokage sealed the demon in you, and the 3rd Hokage ordered that no one speak of the demon sealed in you! You're precious 'Ojii-sama' was hiding this from you since the day you were born!" he screamed. Naruto looked at him.

"No..." she whispered. "No... No! Ojii-sama loves me! I'm his adoptive granddaughter! Stop lying to me!" she screamed at him. Iruka's eyes widened as more tears spilled down her face. She didn't want to doubt him. She wanted to know that her grandfather loved her. "Otou-san loves me too!" she screamed. Iruka and Mizuki became confused. Otou-san? Someone actually adopted her, and that man was a child of the 3rd Hokage? She actually was the adopted granddaughter of the 3rd?

"And now, I'll get rid of the monster that has plagued our village for 12 years!" Mizuki screamed, and flung one of his giant shurikan at Naurot. She slipped while trying to escape, falling on her back. She saw the shurikan coming at her, and she closed her eyes, preparing for the impact.

The impact that never came.

Naruto peeked out, and saw that Iruka had taken the blow, and the shurikan was sticking out of his back. Naruto's eyes widened larger then Iruka thought was possible, her eyes were almost entirely white. Iruka smiled sadly at Naruto.

"The 9 Tails may have killed my parents, but I never blamed it..."


"My okaa-san and otou-san are fighting!" a mini Iruka screamed, while being dragged away from the battle between the 9 Tails and the Leaf Nin.

'After my parents died, I became the class clown, trying to fill in that empty void that they left...'

A mini Iruka was falling into the stream during class, and the rest of the class was laughing at him.

"You're so funny, Iruka-kun!"

'I failed test after test, and finally the 3rd spoke to me.'

"I know that you're upset about your parent's death. They were noble ninja, and they died like true warriors, in battle. I think that you need to learn that things are more precious then you could think, Iruka." said the 3rd, who was holding a bundle in his arms. Iruka was kneeling before him.

"But Lord Hokage, it isn't fair! No one else lost their parents, and they pretend to understand me! It isn't fair!" mini Iruka complained to the Hokage. The bundle in the Hokage's arms whined, a little pure sound. The Hokage shushed Iruka, and bounced the bundle in his arms. It giggled, and the Hokage held out the bundle to Iruka. He took it, and it turned out to be a little blond baby with bright blue eyes.

"This is Naruto Uzumaki. She was born the day of the attack. Her mother died giving birth, and her father died fighting. She will never meet them, and I know that her life will be hard. No one cares for an orphan, especially an infant like Naruto. And yet, why does she smile?" the Hokage asked. Iruka juggled Naruto in his arms, and she giggled, reaching out to grab his face.

'You brought me out of that, Naruto-chan. You were the light in my darkness.'

"Nii-tan!" she exclaimed. Iruka's and the Hokage's eyes widened, for those were her first words. Iruka smiled at Naruto, and kissed her forehead.

"Because she knows that these times will pass." he whispered, and let Naruto grab his finger. She tried biting it, and Iruka laughed. "I'll be your Onii-chan from now on, Naruto-chan." he whispered.

'That's why...'


"That's why I'm gonna protect you to the end!" he said. Naruto was crying, and she wiped the tears that were running down her face.

"Thank you, Nii-tan..." she whispered. Iruka smiled at her again.

"Run." he whispered to her. She looked up at him. "Run, Naruto-chan. It's the only chance that you'll live."

"Hey, what're you 2 talking about there?" Mizuki asked. Iruka looked over his shoulder at Mizuki.

"NOW!" Iruka screamed. Naruto got up, scroll on back, and ran off. Mizuki growled.

"Looks like we're gonna play a game of cat and mouse. This'll be..." he grinned like a Chesire cat. "...fun..." and he took off.


Naruto was running through the trees, and Mizuki caught up to her. She turned around.

"You ain't gonna catch me!" she exclaimed, and stuck her tongue out at Mizuki. He growled, and sent his second shurikan at her. It hit her right shoulder, and she fell down. As Mizuki followed her, she transformed into Iruka, and the scroll transformed into a log.

"She's a monster. Why do you protect her?" Mizuki asked him. Unknown to either men, Naruto was leaning against the tree that Iruka was also leaning against, listening to every word that they were saying. "There's no point in it. The others will hunt her down soon enough, and you'll be dubbed a traitor."

"Monsters crave blood and flesh without second thought, they desire to kill. That may be the 9 Tails..." Naruto's face fell at Iruka's words. He really did think she was a monster. "But that's not Naruto-chan." he said boldly. Naruto perked up. He was on her side, after all!

"What do you mean? It's obvious that the 9 Tails controls her." Mizuki said.

'LIES!' screamed the 9 Tails, which was the creepy voice in her mind. 'I like you. You're stronger then my last host, you have a stronger heart.'

'I'll take that as a complement.' Naruto said to it. It chuckled.

'Oh, that is a complement, alright.' it whispered before it faded again.

"Naruto-chan is kind, and forgiving. She loves everything, and what she doesn't understand she asks about. Monsters would leave what they didn't understand the way it was, and then ignore it. She does not crave blood, she only desires to protect the people close to her, and even the people she's not so close to. She is a ninja at heart, not a monster. The 9 Tails may control her in the future, but that would only be to protect Naruto-chan. She is not a monster, no matter what you believe." Iruka said, defending Naruto. Naruto's eyes watered, ans what she heard next would have killed her if she had not reacted in time.

"Then I'll just have to kill you first. It'll be easy to cover your death, I could say that you were helping her steal the scroll. She's probably outside of the village border, which means that she's a traitor to our people. You helped her escape. It is my duty then, to kill you." Mizuki said, and brought out a kunai. Naruto growled, and jumped out her hiding place, kicking Mizuki in the face. He fell back at least 5 feet, and looked at Naruto. She was looking at the ground, the scroll in her hand. Her bangs covered her face.

"If you EVER..." Naruto growled. "... touch MY sesei again..." she clenched her fist. "...I'LL KILL YOU!" she screamed, and flung the scroll behind her to Iruka. He caught it, and Naruto did a strange hand sign that Iruka and Mizuki had never seen before.

"What're you gonna do to me then, little monster?" Mizuki sneered at her. Naruto glared at him, and said the words that would put both men in awe.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" she screamed. There was a poof that surrounded the entire grove that they were standing in, and when it cleared, there were at least 100 of the messy, beaten, and angry Narutos everywhere, even standing on the tree branches. Mizuki looked around in horor, while Iruka looked at the Narutos in awe.

'That's an extremely advanced jutsu! She learned it all by herself? Perhaps she was right, that she was meant to learn this jutsu only, not the clone jutsu...' he thought, proud of his imoutou. The Narutos growled, and lunged for Mizuki at the same time, not allowing him to speak. They beat him over and over, and when they all disappeared, there was a bloody and beaten Mizuki lying on the ground, and a messy and tired Naruto standing before him.

"How... could a runt... like that monster... beat me?" Mizuki asked himself before he fell unconsious. Naruto turned to Iruka, and smiled at him, before collapsing. Iruka shot up, and ran over to her.

"Naruto-chan!" he cried out, and caught her before she hit the ground. She smiled up at him, and asked a single question.

"Are you alright, nii-tan?" she whispered, her voice hoarse and cracking. A thin trail of blood ran down from her mouth, and Iruka's eyes widened at the amount of damage that she had taken by using up so much chakra. Did he teach her to know he limits?

Ah. Right. She skipped class that day. 3 years in a row.

"I am, thanks to you, Naruto-chan." he whispered back to her. She smiled warmly at him, and her eyes showed nothing but relief.

"Thank kami-sama, because if you weren't, I would have killed Mizuki-sensei." she whispered, and her eyes slowing started closing. She fell asleep in Iruka's arms, like she would do when she was a baby. Iruka smiled at her, and patted her head, running hi hands through her hair.

"You never change, Naruto-chan."


"Sensei, what was that surprise that you wanted to give me?" Naruto asked. She had finally woken up, and was as hyper as ever. The sun was starting to rise. Iruka smiled at Naruto. Even though he smiled, he felt a little down. Naruto had stopped calling him Nii-tan like she had earlier that night and stuck to sensei.

"Close your eyes, Naruto-chan. Then you can get your surprise." he said to her. Naruto grumbled about something, yet closed her eyes like she had been told. Iruka put something on her forehead, and patted her cheek.

"Can I open them now, sensei?" she asked. Iruka nodded, and then realized that she couldn't see him.

"Yes you can, Naruto-chan," he said to her. Naruto opened her eyes, and felt her forehead. Her eyes widened as she realized that Iruka had, in fact, given her his ninja headband.

"Sensei, what does this mean?" she asked. Iruka grinned at her, and cupped her face with his hands.

"Congratulations, Naruto-chan, you pass the ninja exams with flying colours." he said. Naruto's eyes widened, and she grinned at her sensei.

"YATTA!" she said, punching the air, and jumping into said air.

'Told. You. So' the 9 Tails told Naruto.

'Shut it, Niny.' Naruto replied.

'A nickname? Then I guess I'll call you Ichigo.' the 9 Tails said to her. Naruto mentally cocked her head to the side.

'Doesn't that mean strawberry, Niny?' she asked the demon. It chuckled, and the chuckle sent chills down Naruto's spine.

'The way it is written means "One Who Protects". It perfectly suits you, little Ichigo.' it replied, and faded once again. 'Goodbye for now...'

"Naruto-chan?" Iruka said. Naruto smiled at him.

"YOU', SENSEI!" she screamed, grabbed the scroll, and ran off in the direction of the town. Iruka stood there, dumbfounded, realized what she had said, and took off after her.

"I can't afford that much, Naruto-chan!"

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