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Sasuke took a slight longer to get ready than he probably should have that morning. Naruto pushed it off as him being grudgy since she woke him up by pretty much jumping on him, but then the fact that he seemed to be avoiding her, the fact that he couldn't look her in the eyes today was slightly unnerving. Naruto looked up at Tazuna, who seemed slightly more nervous than before.

"So what's this evil asshole merchant's name? You missed out on that fact yesterday." Naruto asked bluntly. Tazuna sighed, and looked down at Naruto.

"His name is Gato. He may be a shipping merchant, but he is the bigest underground dealer that Wave has ever heard of." he said. Naruto suppressed a growl, while the Kyuubi didn't even bother trying to hold its growl back. Tazuna looked down at the angered Genin. Sakura looked surprised.

"Gato, as in Gato Shipping Company's CEO? The billionaire merchant?" she asked. Naruto didn't keep her growl down this time.

"That bastard of a merchant nearly ran me over one day, and when the Uchiha Police tried to arrest him for it, he insisted that I ran out in front of the cart, when he nearly ran over the side shops on the road. I think that was one of the few times in my life that everyone backed my version of the story, rather than someone else's. Needless to say, ojii-sama banished him from entering and trading with Konoha for the next 15 years. He still has 7 years to wait before he can come back, and Konoha was his biggest money-maker. People would kill for his boats, because they're top notch." Naruto explained. Sakura suddenly found that the ground was very annoying, and started glaring at it. Sasuke looked to the side, he remembered his father talking about that day, the way he had been cursing suggested that he really cared about Naruto. Kakashi let out his own little growl, he had been one of the ANBU stationed near Nartuo at the time, and was one of the people who vouched for her story under Ibiki's supervision. He swore to himself after that day that, if he could help it, he would never lay a foot on T&I grounds ever again. Tazuna looked at Naruto, a slight glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"If we have to kill Gato, I claim his head." Naruto hissed, marching on faster than any of the others. Sakura and Sasuke widened their eyes. That's right. If anyone was going to kill Tazuna, they might have to kill those attempting Tazuna's life in order to complete their mission.

"In that case we get his body." Tazuna said to Naruto, finally getting along with the young blond. Kakashi looked out a bit, remembering the day that happened.


A 4 year old Naruto was walking through the streets, wearing a bright orange t-shirt with a black swirl on the front, a black skirt, and orange flip flops while her hair was held back in a braid. Everyone on the street ignored her, no one wanted to anger the Hokage by upsetting his granddaughter, and everyone hated her because of her burden. Kakashi was sitting on the roof of one of the stores across the street from Naruto, watching her as she walked on. He was ordered to follow her in case any of the villagers decided to go against the law and talk about the Kyuubi being sealed in her. So far, the last time someone called her a demon was 2 weeks ago, and they were arrested and executed publically for breaking the law. Since then people took the Hokage's law a bit more seriously, just glaring and making Naruto's life miserable in a way that no one would complain. Things like ignoring her, refusing to sell her things that she should be allowed to buy by saying that she didn't have enough money, little things that can have warnings given out. Kakashi would later henge and go into the same store to buy whatever Naruto had been trying to buy for her, and drop it off in her room in the Hokage Mansion. Usually she had been trying to buy clothing, books, or something of the sort.

"LOOK OUT!" came a scream from down the street, behind Naruto. Kakashi's eye widened behind his mask as he watched a cart riding right towards Naruto and several other stands on her side of the rode. Adrenaline struck him, nothing like it was in the movies. Instead of everything slowing down, everything sped up, and Kakashi's brain stopped working. His body moved without having to think, instincts that he hadn't used since the last S-ranked mission that he went on 3 years ago activated, for the past 3 years he had been guarding and watching over Naruto. Sending chakra to his feet, he launched himself at Naruto, knowing that if he didn't make it in time Naruto could end up in the hospital, where she was probably in the most danger. Many medic-nin in Konoha hated Naruto due to the fact that when the Kyuubi attacked, so many people were injured and died, most of the blame being pinned on the hospital because it was their duty to save 90% of the people that arrived through their doors. The majority of the assasination attempts that happened to Naruto happened in that very hospital. Kakashi landed in front of Naruto, wrapped his arms around her, and rolled out of the way of the cart. He made it just in time, the cart collided into a freshly abandoned stand that Naruto had been standing in front of. After the smoke from the collision cleared, a short, stumpy, and pudgy man exited the now trashed cart, looked around for Naruto, pointed at her, and glared.

"YOU!" he screamed, walking towards her. Naruto looked up at him, tears in her eyes from being so scared of being run over. "YOU CAUSED THIS! IF YOU HADN'T RUN INTO THE ROAD-"

"I'm afraid that LADY Naruto didn't run into the road, your cart nearly slammed into her." Kakashi interviened. Many villagers that witnessed the crash started shouting in agreement, one stating that even the young monster of Konoha wouldn't be so stupid as to run out in front of a cart. The man looked around, glaring.

"How DARE you all choose the brat over me? I am Gato, of Gato Shipping Company! I can cut off all of my ships to Konoha! Don't you dare put her over me!" he screamed, his face turning a light violet. Kakashi felt his rage building, and stood up. He grabbed Gato by his collar, putting his masked face close the the hideous, pudgy face of the multi-billionaire.

"How dare YOU threaten Konoha because of YOUR ignorance? And how dare YOU insult the Hokage's granddaughter in front of one of the people who cares for her the most?" Kakashi growled at Gato, who paled and started sweating.

"I-I didn't know, I-I-I swear it!" he said, trying to back out of what he just said. Kakashi growled, grabbing the back of his collar, preparing to drag him, fighting tooth and nail or not, to the Hokage to get te proper punishment for him. He looked over at Naruto, who was staring at him with wide, innocent eyes. Kakashi felt his heart mealt at the sight, and he held his hand out towards the little girl.

"Come on, you can trust me, I'm just taking him to your grandfather." Kakashi said gently. Naruto's eyes lightened slightly, looking at Kakashi's Dog mask.

"Ojii-sama?" she asked, waiting for a response. Kakashi nodded, and Naruto looked at his hand. She smiled up at Kakashi's mask, and grabbed his hand. "Ok, Doggy Boss Man!" she said brightly. Kakashi smiled and chuckled at Naruto's nickname for him. He was lucky that none of his squad was here, or else he would never live it down. As Kakashi led Naruto and dragged Gato to the Hokage Mansion, he saw Itachi and Shisui Uchiha smirking at him, both mouthing 'Doggy Boss Man?' Kakashi started to cry- manly cry! -behind his mask.

The feared Dog would now become the laughing stock of the ANBU. Great. Just what he needed.


Kakashi nodded at whatever Naruto was saying, even though he knew that it wouldn't lead to any good for him. Naruto smiled up at him, before marching forawrds once again. The group of 5 neared where they would rendevous with a group of fishermen who were willing to smuggle the nin and Tazuna across in their storage containers, under the fish they caught. Sakura was completely disgusted with the concept, Sasuke was disgusted but refused to believe that he wouldn't be doing this if it didn't lead to something good at the end, Kakashi was completely fine with hiding among dead fish, Tazuna was used to this, this was, after all, how he escaped Gato in the first place, while Naruto was estatic. She had hidden from villagers that were trying to hurt her in dumpsters, landfills, sewers, anything disgusting, she had hidden in it. She still remembered the one time that Itachi Uchiha, back when he was still loyal, found her neck deep in sewage water. She had been, minus the stench that didn't seem to want to come off until her bath was doused with at least 5 bouquets of different roses, completely fine with hiding there. After the first 10 minutes of hiding in that water, the smell went away. Up until she tried to get out. Then it came back full force, and Itachi had to use a scent genjutsu on her to mask it until they got to the Hokage. Needless to say he was pissed at the fact that she was forced to hide in a sewer on her very own birthday.

The group split into 2 smaller groups. One container held Tazuna, Sakura, and Sasuke, while the other held Kakashi and Naruto. According to how Tazuna described Gato and Naruto and Kakashi's memories of the fat old shrimp, he would send the most powerful mercenaries after Kakashi, considering that they dubbed him to be the most powerful, just because he was a Jounin. Gato wouldn't think for one minute that Kakashi still held a grudge against him for how he tried to pin the blame for his fault againt Konoha by ignoring the speed laws on Naruto. As the boats went off into the thick mist, Naruto turned to Kakashi.

"So... I'm the Fourth's daughter?" she asked. Kakashi froze, looked at her, and eye smiled.

"Now, what would give you that impression?" he asked, chuckling nervously. Naruto glared at Kakashi.

"First off: I figured it out when I was 5. If you were told that both your parents died in the Kyuubi attack, then had to walk past a picture of the Fourth, who you just so happen to look like the female copy of, everyday of your life, then you'd figure it out soon too." Kakashi sweatdropped at her simple logic. She pieced it together all because of small, miniscule things that most people wouldn't focus on. "Also, I heard about my entire heritage last night. Just so you know, I'm a pretty light sleeper, but you would know that, wouldn't you, Doggy. Boss. Man?" Naruto asked with a smirk. Kakashi looked at Naruto, knowing that, for a fact, she knew every detail about him following her around since she was little. Kakashi sighed.

"So you finally drop the mask I taught you to make." he said, flashing back to when he taught her that little skill of hers that's been polished and perfected since she started at the Academy.


A 4 year old Naruto, who would be 5 in 7 months, was standing in front of an ANBU Kakashi and an ANBU Itachi. The Hokage had given them a mission to help Naruto create a mask that would help her appear to be a slight idiotwhen it came to the Academy. The teachers were told that Naruto was only entering the Academy at a younger age than most because it would keep the civilians off her back. If she was training to become a ninja, they couldn't do anything to interfere with her training, it would be treason against the Hokage and the Shinobi Council. Surprisingly, it was Hiashi Hyuuga that suggested that she should enter the Academy early.

The Hyuuga Head stated that he had watched Naruto running and hiding during mob chases and prank sessions. He was one of the ANBU that would occassionally chase her, and he willingly admitted that her stealth skills could defeat his advanced Byakugan. His exact words had been, if Kakashi was correct, that "She can completely mask her Chunin level chakra reserves without any training, she just appears to be a civilian with her ability to blend in. That, and she somehow developed her own version of the Henge already that completely transforms her into the shape of what she's going for. The only difference with her chakra and a civilians is that her charkra coils are slightly larger, and for a 4 year old, untrained girl, that is incredibly impressive."

"Ano, Doggy Boss Man, Weasel Under-Boss Man, what are we doing here?" the little Naruto asked. Kakashi sent the prodigy Uchiha an amused look under his multiple masks, which the Uchiha sensed and replied with a 'hmph'. Kakashi then turned his attention back to the little blond in front of him.

"Well, Lady Naruto, your grandfather asked us to teach you how to create a mask." he said. Naruto's confusion just rose, and Kakashi knew this. Itachi chuckled slightly, knowing exactly what she was about to say. He had a 3 year old brother at home, after all, and Naruto just helped him deal with Sasuke's immaturity and impatience.

"But I already know how to make masks like the ones you two wear! Why do I need to learn again?" Naruto asked, slightly cocking her head to the side in innocent confusion. Kakashi chuckled, and Itachi chuckled louder. Naruto puffed her cheeks in frustration with the 2 ANBU men in front of her. "Stop laughing at me! It's not funny!"

"Maa maa, Lady Naruto, we don't mean physical masks." Itachi said, only fuelling Naruto's confusion. Before she could speak up, he continued. "We're going to teach you to mask your emotions and fake how you really think and feel." he explained. Naruto's mouth formed a comical 'O', her eyes wide with excitement, then clouded over with confusion again. Kakashi sighed just at her expressions. It would just make it that much harder to hide what she's really thinking. Although, if they could incorperate it to just to hide her true potential...

"So you mean you're gonna teach me to be like Doggy Boss Man here," Naruto pointed at the masked Kakashi. "And say the opposite of what I think?" she asked. Itachi's eyes widened, and he looked from Naruto to Kakashi. Kakashi shook his head.

"Lady Naruto, I believe that instead of teaching you to just hide what you think, we'll also teach you how to hide your potiential." he asid, causing Naruto to look confused once again. "You see, the civilians in this village would try to hurt you if they found out that you already can perform a new, modified version of a Henge. That fact alone would make them terrified of you, and make them want to hurt you more. We'll teach you how to hide what you're thinking, but also to use what you feel about something to your advantage. Most people think that shinobi have to be emotionless to be perfect in the field, but by using our emotions we can hurt just as much, if not more, than if we were emotionless." Kakashi explained. Naruto's eyes widened, and she nodded.

"So you're gonna teach me how to control my emotions?" she asked, and Kakashi nodded.

"That's the easiest way to put it." he said. Naruto smiled up at Kakashi and Itachi.

"Yay!" she squealed happily, and jumped around in circles. Kakashi and Itachi just stared at her, and started laughing.


Naruto snorted.

"I'm insulted that you actually thought I was a dead last. Did you think I was that forgetful?" she asked him. Kakashi scratched the back of his head, chuckling lightly.

"I never said that. All I said is that you dropped the idiotic, dead-last mask. You know, the Hokage was starting to wonder when you would drop it." he said, smiling under his mask, his eyes shaped like upside down 'U's. Naruto snorted again, and looked at the wall.

"I'll drop it after this mission. If anyone asks about it, this mission was hard on all of us, and I'm willing to bet that it's gonna change every person involved in it, one way of another." she said, a wistful tone in her voice. Kakashi winced slightly, the last time she had that tone Itachi betrayed the Village and slaugtered his clan, leaving only Sasuke alive. Aftre that her mask became an almost permanent feature, she practically dedicated her life to cheering others, and Sasuke, up from their depressions.

"If this mission is as serious as it seems to be, then one of you, or all three of you, will experience your first kills." Kakasih said lightly, looking at the wall. He couldn't bring himself to look at Naruto, who didn't seem to find anything but the opposite wall interesting.




Sasuke was secretly fuming. Why couldn't Sakura have been put in the same fish container as Kakashi instead of Naruto? This entire time Sakura has been making the most disgusted expressions at the fact that she was surrounded by fish, and would almost silently rant about how Leaf Nin shouldn't have to hide in fish, that they should be able to walk around normally. Sasuke sighed, and tried to control his anger. Sakura really was a civilian girl at heart, no matter how hard she tried. He knew, for a fact, that some people in their home Village had to hide in much mre disgusting things in order to stay safe, even though she was supposed to be untouched by the Village.

That girl was Naruto.

He remembered one night, Itachi came home smelling like the sewers. When his father demanded to know why he stunk, he explained that, in order to stay safe the the (civilian)Villagers, Naruto Uzumaki had hidden herself neck deep in sewage water. It was that day that Sasuke started to consider himself lucky, even though he was a member of the most Elite Clan and was always protected, that wouldn't stop someone from inside the Clan from attacking the rest of them. He was lucky because the Village adored him for doing nothing, for just his namesake. Naruto was hated just because she existed. That just wasn't fair.

" -I mean, what's with the idea of hiding amongst FISH? It's completely unsanitary, for us and the people that are gonna eat these fish! Oh my kami! What if we eat these fish? What if-" she rambled on, and Sasuke snapped.

"Shut up!" he hissed, his eyes burning slightly. "Do you want us to get caught? And besides, there are people in our Village who've hidden in worse in order to survive against the Villagers." Sasuke growled out, reminded of the list of things that his brother had found Naruto hidden in. She really was a master at hiding, she could easily becaome a Kagejutsu Mistress.

Sakura shut up at that notion, apparently she didn't think that the Villagers would dare to attack one of their own. If she really believed that, then she was an idiot. Even family can attack each other. Even family can kill each other.

And all for power...

NO! Sasuke shook his head once again. He couldn't just focus on the past anymore. He has to rebuild his clan, he has to gain vengeance. He would have so many children, children with black hair and cerulean blue eyes...


Sasuke ducked his head under a few of the larger fish to hide his crimson face. He had really fallen for her, hadn't he? Even though he could tell that she was hiding what she was really thinking, he had fallen in love with her. Her eyes were so expressive, her hair just glimmered in the light, her skin was so pure and unblemished, even though she was hated by everyone... Her eyes shone with an innocence that couldn't be copied, she really, truly saw the best of everything, and even with her past, she still tried to see the best of things...

Then there was the dream from last night. He has burst out crying because a woman had been murdered in cold blood by a man that was insanely in love with her, a man who looked like him and a woman who was identical to Naruto, except she didn't have Naruto's adorable whisker marks...

And then there was that message, who was Madara? Sasuke knew he had heard the name before - he might've hear it multiple times, even - but he couldn't place his finger on it. What was so important about that man that his ancestor would give it to him, and only the name? What did he have to do with Naruto?

None of it made any sense to him! Well, except why the Uchiha and Hyuuga clans have been at war for so long. But the Uzumaki Clan, what did that have to do with any of this? He distinctly remembered his father mentioning the clan name, and how it was important for Naruto to find her inheritance, but WHAT inheritance? Wasn't Naruto clanless? Wasn't she poor? It didn't make any sense...

And he doubted that it would make any sense for a while, either.


Once they got onto land, Naruto and Kakashi seemed to purposely be separating themselves from each other, walking on opposite ends of the group. Sasuke and Sakura looked at each other, confused, before going along with the plan and surrounding Tazuna while they walked. The mist that covered the water that they had just crossed continued onto the land, making Naruto believe that Wave Country should have really been named Mist Country. Wait, there was already The Village Hidden in the Mist, so that cancels out the idea of Mist country. Eh heh heh heh...

"Sensei, how much farther until we're in Tazuna-san's Village?" Naruto asked, looking over at Kakashi. Said man's head jerked up unexpectedly. He rubbed the back of his head, and looked at Naruto, his eyes like upside down 'U's.

"Well, after about a 20 minute walk through this mist, we should be at the Village outskirts, near Tazuna-san's place." he said, and as they continued walking, the mist ominously grew thicker, to the point where the group could barely see anything past a foot in front of them.

"Stay together, you three, and keep quiet. If we can't rely on our eyes to see, we need to listen to find out what's around us." Kakashi whispered to the group, all of which nodded and closed in around the bridge builder, who was looking back and forth nervously.

"The fog isn't usually this thick... Keep your ears open, something's wrong..." he muttered, moving so he was slightly closer to Kakashi than the Genins. Naruto nodded, vaguely remembering the Hokage once mentioning Bloody Mist's secret technique, that led to their infamous Silent Kill Strategy. She wasn't sure what that was, but all she knew was that if Gato hired someone from Bloody Mist to get rid of Tazuna, then this meant serious business.

Because almost every assassination mission that Bloody Mist took on, they succeeded. They have never failed.

Suddenly, there was a crack in a nearby bush. Sasuke, who was extremely nervous, sent a kunai flying into the bush. Instead f it hitting a person, a white bunny appeared.

"Sasuke-kun, you almost hit that poor rabbit!" Sakura hissed, looking ta the poor thing. Naruto was staring at the rabbit, horror filling her veins. That rabbit was white, a winter colour.

Or the colour of a domestic house pet.

It was then that Naruto and Kakashi both heard it. Naruto, because of her heightened senses due to being the Kyuubi's host. Kakashi, because he was an ANBU for so long that he was always listening for these sorts of things. They both heard a strange whirring sound, like a blade being thrown through the air...

"GET DOWN!" they both screamed, Naruto grabbing Sasuke and Sakura, Kakashi grabbing Tazuna. Just as the group ducked, a Kubikiribocho went flying right through where their torsos just were moments ago, and lodged itself into a tree. Naruto spared the area one quick glance before she checked to see if her teammates were alright.

"Sasuke-kun, Sakura-chan, daijobu?" she whispered, keeping her eyes off her teammates and on their surroundings. Who knew who would attack, and when.

"Naruto-chan... Why are you talking like that?" Sakura whispered back, confused by Naruto's use of the Old Tongue. Sasuke wasn't fooled, though. He knew exactly what was going on.

Naruto was a Genin, new to the ninja world. But Naruka was a full fledged warrior, who assisted the Sage of Six Paths in defeating and sealing the 10 Tails, or Juubi. She was channeling Naruka, simply because it would keep everyone safer.

"Saraundo Tazuna-san, kyoka sa rete imasen o kaishite daredemo, tatoe sore wa watashidesu ka Kakashi-sensei." she said, pulling a kunai out of it's holder. Sakura looked at Sasuke for a translation, hoping he understood her.

"She said to surround Tazuna-san, and don't let anyone pass us, even if it was her or Kakashi-sensei." he whispered back, repeating Naruto's actions and pulling out a kunai, as well as several shuriken. "And she's right, this won't be like that group of amateurs that we faced earlier, this guy is probably a Jonin, or higher." he said musingly. Sakura gulped, and did the same as her teammates, pulling out a kunai.

"Well well, isn't this a surprise." said a deep, growling voice from where the Kibikiribocho was. Naruto and Kakashi spun around to face the person, to see a pale man wearing grey ninja pants, bandaged sandals, and bandages covering his lower face, similar to Kakashi's mask. His hitae-ate was turned to the side of his head, but Naruto could still make out the Mist symbol on said forehead protector. "3 Genin, my target, and the infamous Copy Cat Nin Kakashi Hatake." he said, pulling out s simple black book. He tapped it tauntingly. "There's quite the bounty for your head, Copy Cat. Let's see, what does this say..." he muttered, opening the book. "Oh, it appears that you were an ANBU Captain at 12, youngest ever, that's impressive... You have one Sharringan eyes that was transferred to you from Obito Uchiha during the last war, looks like if I manage to make you use that you consider me a threat to the mission... Well," Naruto could also see that man's shark-like grin at this point. "That's exactly what I am. Hand over the bridge builder and you can all walk away alive."

"Jibun no namae o tsukete!" Naruto shouted, her blue eyes becoming cold, hard, and blank. "Watashitachiha yaku korosu tamenara dare ga shiritai!" she screamed. Sakura once again looked at Sasuke for a translation.

"She told him to name himself, she wants to know who they're about to kill." he muttered. The man must have heard either understood Naruto or heard Sasuke, because he burst out laughing.

"Girl, you're too cute. You really believe that you ca-" he was cut off when his cheek was cut. His eyes widened as his hand touched the blood dripping down his face, staring at Naruto in shock. "You cut me... Without moving..." he muttered, before his eyes reflected his maniacal grin. "I think..." he and the Kubikiribocho disappeared, jst before Naruto was grabbed and disappeared, reappearing in front of the man, near the waterfront. "That this'll be fun." the man finished. Kakashi spun around, his uncovered eye wide with shock.

'I never saw either of them move... But how?' he thought, contemplating the possibilities in his head. There weren't many that he could think of, and they few that he came up with weren't exactly all happy-go-lucky for his team. 'If he can move at that speed, then who knows what he can do!'

'Ichigo!' Kyuubi called out to its host. Naruto's head barely moved, just slightly moving up to meet the man's eyes. Remember what I've been teaching you? Now's a good time to put your skills to the test and SEE IF YOU CAN SUMMON IT!'

'Niney,' Naruto thought back. 'Shouldn't I try to summon it for the first time when I know my life won't depend on it, you know, LIKE IN TRAINING AND NOT IN BATTLE?' It took the fox a while to answer.

'...That's actually kinda smart...' it replied, and faded as Naruto started dodging jabs that the man was aiming at her. Naruto was glad for the training that Kyuubi had been putting her through, the sadistic slave driver. Training her chakra reserves and control, teaching her how to control up to 2 tails of his...hers... its youki(demon chakra), helping her with kenjutsu ('Uzumaki are seal and sword masters, and you will be included in that grouping!'), teaching her human and demon Fuuinjutsu ('Demon sealing is stronger and more complete than human, but more difficult to learn! So, you will be learning it!'), and finally improving her taijutsu by correcting her form ('YOU FIGHT LIKE THIS IS A STREET BRAWL, NOT A SHINOBI BATTLE!'), strengthening her ('Most people have to choose between speed and strength for training, but if your legs are strong, then you're fast! If you get enough momentum, then you can practically pierce through anything! So why settle for one or the other?'), increasing her speed, her accuracy ('HIT THE TARGET OR I'LL KICK YOUR ASS, ICHIGO~! KYA HAH HAH HAH-hagh... Hairball, heh heh..."), and taught her a jutsu that makes her hair as hard as diamonds ('Just 'cause I like long hair. Oh, and you can kill enemies with this, too. Pretty useful, if I say so myself, a weapon that not one shinobi expects a kunoichi to have.')

"Anata no kĊgeki..." Naruto whispered, her bangs covering her eyes. "Osoidesu..." The man's eyes widened, before he started attacking with an almost blurry speed. Kakashi finally managed to grab Naruto, and bring her back to Sasuke and Sakura.

"Stay here." he hissed, before turning back to the man. "Feeling pretty strong, Zabuza Momochi, Demon of the Bloody Mist?" he growled. Naruto's eyes widened when she realized exactly who she had been fighting. The man, now named Zabuza, turned to Kakashi. Everyone could practically feel his sneer.

"That Genin of yous... The blonde one... Is she really a Genin?" he asked. Kakashi's eyes widened at the question.

"Of course she's a Genin, she graduated from the Academy a month ago!" she screamed back. Zabuza chuckled, a sound that none of the Konoha nin wanted to hear ever again.

"I'm asking because her eyes... Are the eyes of a hardened warrior..." Zabuza said, staring at Naruto, who was being hidden behind Kakashi's arm. "Eyes like mine..." he said, almost thoughtfully. Naruto's eyes widened slightly, before narrowing into bright blue slits.

"What did you say?" she hissed, glaring at the man with every ounce of hated in her body. Sasuke and Sakura were staring at her in horror, Tazuna looked like he might either soil his pants or faint(whichever came first), and Kakashi was looking at her with a sad eye.

'Naru-chan...' he thought solemnly, before turning back to Zabuza. "Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, guard Tazuna-san." Almost immediately Naruto and Sasuke started shouting complaints at the job. "The mission is to protect the client, and that's what you'll do. After all..." Kakashi turned back to Tazuna, lifting his hitae-ate. "This mission just went from C-rank to A-rank, what with one of Kiri's A-rank missing nin getting involved." Kakashi's once covered eye opened, revealing an active Sharringan eye. Everyone could tell that Zabuza grinned from the insane look in his eyes.

"Ah, I'm so proud that I'm worthy of Hatake's one Sharringan eye." Zabuza said, mock bowing. He looked up again. "Hopefully I can get that eye of yours as a prize, hang it on my wall, you know, just like how I'll toss this hitae-ate." he said, holding up Naruto's forehead protector. Naruto's hand automatically flew up to her forehead, just simply feeling skin there, no metal of the forehead protector that she worked so hard to earn. She growled, reaching for a kunai. Kakashi didn't miss this, though.

"Naruto-chan," he said with a warning tone. Naruto looked up at him, confused. "I promise, I'll get your headband back. Just remember, stick together and do what I say. Those who don't follow the rules are scum, but those who abandon their teammates and friends..." Kakashi trailed off, turning his attention to Zabuza. "Are worse than scum." Zabuza laughed, throwing his head back, his stomach buckling.

"Was that a crack at my Genin exams, the reason that Kiri earn the title of Bloody Mist Village?" Zabuza asked. Kakashi didn't respond, he only charged at Zabuza. The clashed, kunai against Kubikiribocho, and continued fighting, metal against metal, until Zabuza jumped back, forming hand signs. Kakashi formed his hand signs at almost the exact same time as Zabuza did. Zabuza growled in frustration as a result. "So that's why they say that you've copied over 1000 jutsus, you copy while they're performing them with that eye of yours!" he growled at Kakashi. Naruto raised her hand, confusion etched upon her face.

"But there aren't even 1000 jutsu, Zabuza-teme! There are only 893 jutsu!" she said. Everyone stopped and looked at her. Sasuke and Sakura sweatdropped at the sight of her, Zabuza and Kakashi both sighed.

"Naruto-chan... How do you know that?" Sasuke asked, but Naruto was too deep in thought to even answer him.

"Unless you're counting bloodline limits and techniques, then there's 945. And then there are also kinjutsu, and for each Village having their own kinjustsu scroll... Then, per Village, it averages out at around..." Naruto paused, doing some math in the dirt. Everyone stared at her, completely lost in what she was doing. "Then there are about 776.65 justsus per Village!" Naruto said brightly, smiling up at everyone. Zabuza sweatdropped, staring at Kakashi.

"Does she do this... All the time?" he asked. Kakashi nodded.

"She's earned the title of Knuckle Head Ninja for a reason." he said, almost proudly. "She acts just like her mother, too." Zabuza's eyes narrowed. Was that why her actions seem somewhat familiar?

"Alright then, Copy Cat... Hidden Mist Jutsu!" Zabuza cried out, and the mist just kept getting thicker and thicker. Kakashi jumped so that he was in front of his Genin team before the mist got so thick that he wouldn't be able to see a foot in front of his own face.

"Stick together, and don't get scared! Zaubza is known for his Silent Killing style!" Kakashi ordered. Naruto understood the underneath to the underneath of what he was saying: I'll protect all of you, even if it costs me my life. Sakura looked around nervously, her gut instincts telling her to tuck tail and hide.

'BAKA! Do you think that Zabuza'll let you live just because you proved to be a coward? He'd probably kill you just for the heck of it!' Inner Sakura screamed, a raging fire of determination blazing behind her. 'So stick your ground and ignore whatever your instincts are telling you, THEY CAN BE WRONG TOO SOMETIMES, DAMMIT!'

'...How did you get fire in here?' Sakura wondered, a faint sweatdrop taking its place. Tazuna spared her a single glance, confused about the sweatdrop, before Zabuza started talking again.

"Neck, heart, liver, spinal column, temple, there are so many ways to kill you all without anyone being the wiser... That is, until they find the body..." Zabuza's disembodied voice rang out through the mist, followed by a menacing cackle, Killing Intent(KI) making Sakura go weak at the knees. She was terrified. She was just simply a Genin, born into a civilian family, straight out of the Academy! She wasn't ready to face something like this!

Sasuke was in better condition than her, and if he was feeling the same, he didn't show it. Sasuke grew up in a shinobi clan, and he watched his brother leave Konoha after murdering said clan. He was more prepared to the outside world, more prepared than Sakura could ever be. And Naruto...

The way Naruto fought Zabuza, the way she was standing - her eyes were cold, her face straight, it was almost as if she was an entirely different person. Sakura thought about it for a moment. Then again, Naruto had been hated since Sakura could remember, she would be taunted, mocked, the only people that were close to her were her few loyal ANBU guards. Sakura remembered seeing Naruto in the arms of one of those guards, her face slightly cut up. Her mother and father dragged her away before she could even realize what had happened, and to this day, she still didn't know what happened to that innocent, crying blonde in the arms of that shinobi.

"Don't. Do. Anything." Kakashi said, glaring at Naruto. She had brought out a kunai, and looked like she was just about to charge headfirst into the mist. Naruto bit back a growl in response, her bloodlust making her antsy.

"Why don't you give me a sacrifice before I kill the bridge builder... That blonde would make a good protege..." Zabuza said, taunting Kakashi with his cackle. Kakashi's eyes narrowed, glaring at the impenetrable mist.

'I can't see anything beyond a foot... This mist is chakra induced, so how to clear it...?' he thought, contemplating the different wind jutsus to use before settling on a relatively easy one for him to control.

"Wind Style: Great Breakthrough Jutsu!**" Kakashi announced, blowing away the mist. Once the mist cleared up, the groupt of 5 wwas able to se Zabuza standing, waiting for a battle.

"So, you managed to get through my mist. But, Copy Cat, I'm afraid that won't stop me from destroying that team of yours!" Zabuza said, Kubikiribocho aimed at the Jounin. Kakashi narrowed his eyes, and charged at the missing nin. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's wrist, reminding her to stay out of the battle. Inside Naruto's mind, Kyuubi chuckled.

'Heh heh heh, so, Ichigo-kit, you really want to kill someone?' the fox whispered to its host. If Naruto could, she would have glared at her forehead.

'I don't want to kill, I was to battle. I want to fight. There is a difference between them, you overgrown fox.' she growled back. If it could, Naruto knew that the Kyuubi would've held it's hands... uh, paws up in surrender.

'Alright, alright, no need to bite about it...' Kyuubi said, before the giant mass of chakra fell asleep. Naruto wanted to sweatdrop at the snores that Kyuubi was letting off, and the mumbles about fishcakes, of all things. Instead of charging in to assist her sensei, Naruto was stuck with her teammates, watching their sensei fight the nuke-nin, the missing nin. Suddenly, both Kakashi and Zabuza jumped back, both running through hand signs.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!" they both screamed. Zabuza looked at Kakash's Sharringan, calculating what just happened.

'Looks like his Sharringan is developed enough that he can copy exactly what I'm doing just as I'm doing it, then do the same thing only milliseconds afterwards. Smart, but the drawback is...' Zabuza watched as his water dragon, which was larger and stronger than Kakashi's, blew right through the enemy's and nearly knocked Kakashi into the water. 'Is that the original will always be stronger, better, than his.' Kakashi's eyes narrowed, and he allowed himself to get hit with a kunai to his jugulars, only to disappear into water. 'A water clone? But when...' Zabuza didn't have much more time to think, for the real Kakashi had stabbed him in the temple with a kunai. Kakashi stood there and watched as the Zabuza his clone had been fighting turned into water, stating that a clone had been fighting a clone.

"Since that was a clone, that means that the real Zabuza is somewhere..." Kakashi didn't manage to finish his sentence, though, because the real Zabuza tackled him, knocking the silver-haired cyclops into the water with him. 'That was a Naruto-move... Just how reckless is Zabuza?' Kakashi got to the surface of the water, gasping fo air, when he noticed it. 'This water... Wyhy is it so... Oh, SHIT!' Kakashi thought, just as the Zabuza appeared in front of him, going through hand signs.

"Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu!" Zabuza screamed, the water around Kakashi rising up with him, trapping the apparently infamous man in the water. "There, now the only way for you to get out is when I let go," Zabuza said, indicating to the hand that was on the prison of water. "And that'll only be when you're dead." the man said, and Kkashi stared into those dark, bloodthirsty, and excited eyes, wondering if this was truly the end.


A/N: Right there, that would be an amazing cliffhanger for the next chapter, but I love my readers too much(seriously, you guys would be the ones who could save me from killing myself just by saying that you'd miss me^^), so I decided to continue. You're welcome!


"Alright, sword boy, let's fight!" Naruto screamed at Zabuza. Sasuke sweatdropped as everyone stared at them. He may be able to hold her back, but he can't do anything to shut her mouth... At the moment. "I wanna be able to bring that Kubikiribocho of yours back to Konoha and say that I killed Zabuza Momochi, Demon of the Bloody Mist!" Naruto screamed, pointing a kunai at Zabuza with her left hand. Sasuke, getting pissed off at her 'all brawl, no brains' attitude, grabbed both her wrists and held them behind her back.

"Dobe," Naruto's head swirled around to stare at him for the insulting name. "Do you wanna get yourself killed? 'Cause if you do, then Sakura and I will make sure your unconscious when we get Kakashi-sensei out of that prison." he hissed in her ear, one hand holding her wrists - which, he noted, were very tiny - while his other arm was wrapped around her waist, holding her back. Naruto lent forwards, unknowingly gaining the attention of all the men in the vicinity.

"I don't care what he tries, I'll kill him before he kills my sensei!" Naruto spat out. Sakura remembered what Naruto mentioned after she punched the rosette, that Naruto told Mizuki that if he laid one hand on Iruka, she would kill him. Was Naruto protective of her senseis?

"Naruto-chan..." Sakura muttered, determination flooding through her. She pulled out a kunai, facing Zabua while keeping close to Tazuna.

She would Help Naruto in any way possible.


Zabuza looked over at the silver-haired man that he had trapped.

"Are you sure those kids aren't too younger for those sort of things? I mean, she's practically bent over for him..." Zabuza muttered, a faint bloody nose visible through his mask. Kakashi's entire face flushed a bright pink at the image of Naruto under Sasuke. He could practically read the words in the air in front of him:

Naruto's face looked absolutely gorgeous in Sasuke's eyes, all bright and pink as his hands roamed her bare body, tweaking her breasts in a most pleasurable way, his tongue dancing over her perfectly tanned skin. Her head was thrown back as she moaned, Sasuke's tongue bringing her all sorts of highs that she had never experienced before

"Naru-koi," Sasuke murmured, his voice husky with lust. "Are you sure you don't want to go... Further?" he purred, reaching for his belt, wanting to release himself from the far too tight pants he was wearing...

Kakashi flew back to the edge of his prison, a powerful nosebleed tainting the water, making it turn pink. Zabuza grinned at the sight of blood.

"So, a fellow perv..." he muttered, bringing out the orange novel that Kakashi was almost always seen with.

Unknown to them, Sasuke and Tazuna were having similar thoughts. Sasuke's face was the brightest of reds as he tried to keep his "little buddy" calm. Tazuna's face was flushing, an extremely faint nosebleed coming on.

Haku, hiding behind a tree, got an eye full of Naruto's position against Sasuke, as well as a good view of her rather large cleavage.*** Haku'a face turned bright pink behind his mask as he realized that he just simply wanted to grab her and ravage the blonde kunoichi. He immediately looked over at Zabuza, who was, no surprise, reading that erotica novel that was the bane of all women.

Meanwhile, Sakura was looking from male to male, noticing each of them were blushing. She shook her head.

"Testosterone..." she muttered, not understanding men at all.

All the while, Naruto was completely and blissfully unaware of the reactions the men around her were having.


What Naruto said to Zabuza that pissed him off: Your attacks... Are slow...

** Is that even the right Jutsu? I have a list of them, but my iPod is dead, so... ^^"

*** I'm pretty sure that, in the Naruto world, a large bust means large chakra reserves, so yeah, Naruto's got a bust a cup size large than Hinata's got now... Let's say she has a C-cup.

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