Daddy's duty.

Victoria Creed sat at the kitchen table scribbling. Mommy had gone out shopping with Momma Nikki and Vincent and her daddy was babysitting.

"Argh ya fucker!" Victor cursed, slamming his beer down on the kitchen counter. He was watching the Hockey on the large LCD TV on the kitchen wall.

"AH!" Vicky squeaked. "YOU SWORE IN FRONT OF ME! That's a dollar to me" She grinned, pointing her tiny clawed finger at him. Victor growled and dug into his pocket, his eyes still watching the TV. Giving his five year old daughter a dollar every time he swore was his wife's idea. It was designed to help him hold his tongue, and give Vicky some money to spend when they went out. Sadly for Creed, at the rate his team was losing, he'd need to go to an ATM in order to pay his daughter by the end of it.

"Gimme a goddamn break frail..." He muttered and handed her a dollar. The little girl held the note up to the light and smiled before putting it on her cuddly tiger which had a zip up pocket in the back. Victor scowled.

"Its real prettykitty..."

"I know. But momma said I gotta check." She said, going back to her colouring.

"Oh she did, did she?" He muttered and glanced from the TV to her and then back.

"yep." She confirmed. "She said you're a dodgy geezer, so I have to check."

Victor made a mental note to slap Lottie when she got home.

"I wouldn't cheat ya like that pretty kitty. Ya know that." He told her, swigging his beer.

"Yea ya would!" She argued back. "Like that time when you said I could have some gum and then when I picked some, it was an empty wrapper!" she pouted.

Her father smirked at the memory. "That was a joke Kitten." He told her plainly.

"It was mean." She said leaning over the table to take a Hello Kitty cupcake her mother had left out for her to snack on.

"It was a JOKE." Victor said again with a little more force. He twitched and growled as the puck was passed from player to player, but not getting very far before it was stolen by the other team.

Vicky Licked the frosting off the cupcake and ate the little rice paper Hello Kitty face as she glanced over to the TV, watching the game. She had no real interest in it. Not that she did with her mothers football/soccer games either. But both seemed to think it was important for her to have their team's shirts. As far back as she could remember her daddy had always brought her the up to date Hockey jerseys. Same for Lottie. She'd always brought Vicky the Birmingham city football clubs season shirts. They were only worn if she went to games with her parents, but she had lots. Funnily though, neither parent took an interest in the others sporting interests. Vicky figured it was because they came from different places.

"Oh ya jackass! Ya fuckin' stupid-!" Victor yelled suddenly.

"DADDY! NO!" she yelled over him, scaring her kitten that lay on the chair next to her.

Victor buried his face in his hands and roared, the sound muffled greatly. Once he'd regained his composure, he looked over at Vicky, who was glaring at him, her hands on her hips.

"That's five dollars." She huffed.

"Five?" Victor looked horrified. "How'd it get ta five? I only said Fuck an' Jackass!"

"That's four right there." Vicky said smartly. "And you gotta give me a dollar 'cos you roared and momma said you shouldn't 'cos it scares me and kitty!" she pouted, holding the kitten up.

Creed pulled a face, but bit his tongue, reaching into his pocket to get his wallet...AGAIN.

When he'd placed the money in front of his daughter, who took it gratefully, he turned back to the TV and saw it was half time.

"Goddamnit, we're never gonna make tha finals playin' like that." He growled and headed for the fridge.